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Was Plum Crazy: 1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

It appears someone mixed and matched parts on this Challenger. The majority of the car is a ’70, but the front clip is from a ’73. Also, the engine is in pieces, with part of it in the trunk. On the upside, this is a 383 car that was originally painted Plum Crazy Purple! Restoring this one is going to be a big task, but just think about how great you’ll look behind the wheel! Find this project here on eBay in Rio Linda, California with bidding to $6,200 and no reserve.

1970 Dodge Challenger Engine Parts

I still remember the first time I saw a Plum Crazy Mopar as a boy. My dad followed it to the gas station to talk to the owner. We found out they were on their way to Sturgis, SD for the rally and has been drive for the better part of 3 days. Even after spending that many days in what I can only assume was noise and exhaust filled cabin, the interior was grinning ear to ear. I can’t say I blame them!

Plum Crazy 1970 Dodge Challenger

I’m not sure I would be grinning while sitting in this one, at least not in its current condition. The seller admits the car was in some type of front end accident, hence the mismatched front end. A family friend owned it previously and had started rebuilding the engine, but they weren’t mechanically inclined, so as soon as the seller got a hold of it they pulled the heads to make sure it was done right. Sadly, that’s as far as they got. It’s been sitting ever since and will likely need everything rebuilt again. It might be a big project, but boy would it be a fun one!


  1. Van

    I’d rather have one like this.
    It’s a blank canvas to do what you want.
    It’ll never be a numbers matching serviver.
    I do like the plum crazy though.
    I’d go restomod, no rules.
    Modern Hemi, big brakes, late model Challenger seats.
    No matter how many times you blow it up the value won’t change.

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    This seller is a total idiot. First he pulls the heads off a rebuilt motor and leaves them off for twenty yrs? Then he leaves it outside to the elements? Then to top it off he loses the keys and has to break in to the car.
    What a clown. I wouldn’t buy anything from a numbskull like this, as you know the comedy of errors doesn’t end there. You’re in for some other rude surprises, if he lost the keys he prolly lost the title too.

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    • AMX Brian

      That’s how I got one of my parts cars. It was a 74 AMX Gold with tan interior. The car had traction bars, autometer, etc. stickers, a 4.11 posi and a 360 2 bbl intake. Sad part was that the head had been unbolted and left that way. The block was hydro-locked for god knows how long.

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  3. Neil G.

    A certain radio talk show host loves to talk about the backward people living in Rio Linda, Ca. Based on AMCSTEVE’s comments, he might be telling the truth.

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      What is this show you speak of? I have never been to this area of the country but is there a nuclear plant there or perhaps a high use of lead paint in the past or inbreeding?
      What’s the deal?

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      • grant

        It’s a rather bombastic talks how host who was relevant in the 90’s. He likes to say “see I told you so.” Use the Googles, lol.

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      • Neil G.

        Rush Limbaugh

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      • Keith

        Sadly these antics aren’t restricted to the Rio Linda area. They seem to be infesting large portions of our country.

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  4. Fred W.

    Boy, is the talk show host RIGHT.

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  5. JW

    Graveyard Cars might pick it up and restore it to original condition while using the front end on another project, better than being crushed.

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  6. Chuck Brand

    Later grille, but the side markers indicate the fenders are ’70-’71.

    I love these cars, but this particular car? Meh…

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  7. Mr. Bond

    That mirror will sure look good on it when it’s done!

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  8. Tyler

    Sold for $8600. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see more than a $2500 dollar car as it sits. Somebody has deep pockets, it’s gonna cost 20 grand or more to restore this car right or restomod it.

    As a teenager in the early 80’s, I owned a 70 Challenger, orange with white vinyl top & white interior, 383, 4 speed with pistol grip shifter. Being young & stupid, I hated the interior & after a few months traded it off for a red big block 70 Chevelle SS. I kept it for less than a year before trading it for a big block 68 Camaro SS. I still have that Camaro, but I would give anything to have that Challenger back now. Oh to go back in time…

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  9. Aaron Whipple

    I had 1970 plum crazy 340 4 barrel pwith 3 on the floor. Special order from the factory by my folks. Changed color to sparkling burgundy in 1974 1978. Motor was balanced and blue printed and given to me I drove it till 1981 when I removed the vinyl top to repair rust and change the color to silver metallic with black stripe.i wrecked it in 1982 sat for a year I got back on the road then blew the motor in1984.my mother sold it on me while parked next to their house while I was out of the area trying to make $$$ for a motor replacement. I would love to find that car.

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