Pole Barn Stored: 1966 AMC Ambassador

1966 AMC Rambler Ambassador

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This 1966 AMC Rambler Ambassador here on eBay has been stored for the better part of the last 35 years in a Wisconsin pole barn. It appears surprisingly clean for such a long slumber but the seller hasn’t made any attempt to start it. But with only a $1,900 Buy-It-Now, it could be worth the risk if a big sedan has been on your wish list.

1966 Rambler Ambassador

The Ambassador’s primary purpose was as a comfortable conveyance that provided reliable, steady cruising. To my eyes, the front end always stood out as a bit polarizing, with its stacked headlamps hidden inside the extensions of the fender. I’m not sure white-letter radials came standard, but it gives this example a slightly sporting appearance.

1966 AMC Rambler Ambassador Engine

The seller provides no information about the engine and claims to not even know whether it’s a V8 or inline six. My eyes discern the air cleaner that came on 287 V8s but I’ll leave the final ID to our more seasoned AMC experts. It’s slightly disconcerting that so little is known about the mechanical systems – perhaps this is a find discovered by the individuals responsible for closing out an estate? You would think that if this is the same owner who parked it in the pole barn, they’d know more about what they were selling. As the saying goes, you can be anybody on the Internet.

1966 AMC Ambassador

Regardless of the lack of info, the body does appear quite straight with obviously less than perfect paint. For the price, however, this seems like a low-buck investment if you’re hankering to drive what many businessmen and traveling salesmen likely piloted in the 1960s. Is this a Rambler for the gambler in you?

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  1. Roseland Pete

    The outside seems to be in pretty good shape. I wonder if you can still get parts for these old AMC products?

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    • RON

      parts are no problems for AMC’s These cars ae some of the best cars ever made. they were the only US automakers that had coil springs n the seats besides Caddy in these years. extremely good riding and handling. this series 65-66 ambassadors came with 6 or 8. Most often the v/8 was a 327. No not a Chevy ut AMC and everybit as good as the Chevy in my opinion. my first ever new car in 68 was an AMC and dollar f dollar was probably the best car I ever bought, with exception of subsequent used ones I prefer the 68- the early 70’s ambassadors by body style and luxury and they were available with about 4 or more engine combos including the highly desirable 401 offered in the Javelins which the Alabama State Troopers ran with the 401 and highly tuned suspension in I think 73-74 as their Patrol cars. Needless to say when they caught you and they would, you didn’t get a back seat ride!! I love AMC’s they were like Studebaker which I own as well they would build about any combo you wanted . I missed a beautiful 72 AMBASSADOR 2dr hardtop with all the options recently . The 304 was the tough v/8 that was in the Jeep through the early 2000 era which is why AMC acquired them in the end to get the Jeep. I think it was o3-04 along then when Chrysler went to their current v/6 Like the Studebaker Drivers Club AMC has a large following clubs in most states and an International meet in some state each year

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      • Brian

        Glad to see another AMC fan! Alabama Javelins were 71-72. Chrysler kept using the 360 not the 304 and it was until 1989. It was the last mass-produced carbureted V8. (If the 304 was used until the 2000’s we would have had a fuel-injected AMC motor, which would be awesome, AMC was bought out in 1987) Chrysler bought Jeep because they were reliable, in-demand vehicles. The engines were only part of the reason. Besides the 360, the AMC 258 straight 6 was also retained and revamped as the 4.0 the Jeep fans love. That’s why its so many 4.0 stroker motors are built using parts from the 258.

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    • Jacob

      It’s not at all hard to find parts. That has to be the biggest misconception about AMCs. Even with these 1st gen engines, the hardest part to find is a 4v intake. I’m restoring a 65 Marlin and finding parts is so much easier than others make it out to be.

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  2. Charles H.

    I would guess a 287 or possibly a 343 cu.?

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  3. Jim Mc

    Not enough photos, but even based on the scant few I think at $1900 this is a great deal and it’ll go to some lucky buyer before the day is done. Nice car, would love to have it myself.

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  4. piper62j

    Sweet machine.. I always liked the styling on this model and that body looks to be in very good shape.. It’s a keeper…

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  5. jim s

    if you lived close this is worth doing PI on. seller is taking offers. nice daily driver if no rust and if it does not need to much to get back on the road. nice find.

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    • Jacob

      Unfortunately AMC used nylon timing gears on these V8s, I’d be surprised if this car didn’t have 2+ inches of slop on the chain.

      Bent valves aren’t uncommon.

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  6. Jacob

    Yup, it’s a 287, no doubt. All 327s were painted red (except for very early ones, certainly not on a 66) The only difference between the two engines are bore (3.75 and 4.00)

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  7. John D

    My father bought a brand new 66 Ambassador 990 while living on an airbase in Germany. It was shipped to Bremehaven and had the most beautiful tourquise
    interior. Women would take off the shoes and wriggle thier toes in the carpet while my dad and I would oggle thier legs, me from the back seat.From the V.I.N its a 66 Ambassador 880 with a colum mount 3 speed auto with a low comp. 287 2V.

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  8. HoA Howard AMember

    My grandfather, living in Milwaukee most of his life, had several Ramblers and was proud to drive them, as they were made there. A car like this was the last car he drove. After they took his license for a fender bender, he used to sit in it in the back yard and listen to the ball game and smoke cigarettes. This is a great find, and not the most popular model, and not many thought of keeping a mid-60’s Rambler. They didn’t last long in the salt as it was. Last of probably the best AMC cars to be made, as with most 60’s cars. Ramblers are my favorite cars. Great find, and well worth it.

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  9. George

    Definitely an 8. Can’t they count plugs? Besides, I don’t think they had a V6, only inline 6s.

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  10. PaulieB

    Gone by noon.. Nice one too.

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  11. MartyMember

    My best friend in high school had one of these in the 1980s. His had an interesting feature; the back of the front seat would lay down all the way flat, even with the bottom half of the back seat. It was kind of like having a full size mattress inside the car! He said it was awesome to have out on a date, and his girlfriend never complained about it being a four door…

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  12. DENIS

    I had a number of these Ramblers…always bought 3 spd with overdrive….had early ones with 327s….won lotsa drag-races…local Sheriff also drove ’em…also had a 287/twin-stick, but wasn’t that quick. My final one was a ’65 2 dr hardtop..327/stick…it was bad-ass

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  13. Lee

    I just found a 1966 2 door Ambassador for 3500.00 in excellent condition throughout. Probably a good deal?

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  14. Eric

    I can’t believe it. I just bought this exact car pictured here. I purchased it in Wisconsin two weeks ago for $1,700. It is now a running and driving car. It has a 287 V8 and it is an A/C car.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonStaff

      Congrats, Eric!

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      • Eric

        How do I post a picture?

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