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Pony Bundle: Two 1966 Mustangs

Pony Car Bundle

What’s better than a pony car with tons of extra parts? How about two pony cars with extra parts? Sure I would rather have two complete running and driving Mustangs, but this package deal seems like a great buy for anyone looking for a project. You get two solid 1966 Mustang Coupes with enough extra parts to restore both and if that isn’t enough to get your attention the seller also has two 302 V8s they are including in the deal! Be sure to take a look at this duo here on eBay in Cabot, Arkansas. Thanks goes to Jim S for the tip!

Pony Project Duo

As with most unfinished projects, these two found their way to their current condition after the previous owner decided to attempt restoring them about 25 years ago. They started striping the cars apart and acquired many of the needed replacement parts. The seller claims the original 289s are still present and are both in running condition. They also had two 302 blocks rebuilt, but the seller doesn’t know if any modifications were made to them and doesn’t provide any explanation as to why the previous owner acquired these engines. Hopefully they had just planned on installing them as upgrades and not because of mechanical issues.

Mustang Parts Trailer

The list of included parts is an impressive one, but most of the parts are in need of restoration themselves. After sitting for 25 years, some of the restored parts may need to be redone. The seller hasn’t unwrapped the motors or some of the other major components, but hopefully they were protected from moisture and debris. There are so many parts the seller had to load them on a 16 foot trailer to haul them all. As you can see, there is a little bit of everything and plenty of duplicates to fix more than just these two cars.

White Pony Car

The seller claims both cars are solid, but admits they both will need rust repair performed. The seller describes the white car as being the only pony car, but I’m not sure what they mean by that as both cars have 289 V8s. Perhaps they mean that the white car is a GT, which would definitely make this a much more interesting buy. I don’t see any sign that this is the case, but take a look for yourself and let me know what you think they mean by saying it’s the only “pony” car in the bunch. I’m not a fan of buying other people’s unfinished projects, but you really can’t go wrong with a Mustang. They are simple to work on, parts are cheap, and there is a ton of information out there about them. So would you tackle this bundle or would you restore one and use the other as a parts car?


  1. Jason

    typo in first paragraph: “1996” should be “1966”

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  2. Heath

    Looks like the ‘pony car’ feature he was referring to was the white one having the deluxe pony interior option. The parts list includes ‘pony interior screws’, and with the photo of the back seat with the pony interior I’d bet this is what he was referring to.

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  3. dave

    wheres a 1996

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  4. Rich

    I’d restore 1 and fund the restoration with the other car and parts.

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  5. Carl Beck

    Looks like a great project for some Mustang Lover, if it could be bought for not much over the $6500.00 starting bid. You would have to love both the Mustang and the restoration process itself. Great hobby if you are willing and able to pay for it. Of course there are commercial shops out there – that might be able to throw these back together – and turn a small profit as well.

    At least there are lots of aftermarket parts to support a project like this as well.

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  6. Alan (Michigan)

    Mustangs = good projects. and I like the seller’s way of listing this stuff.

    But what I really drool over here is the garage space. A whole lot of room, and a ton of natural daylight!

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  7. MikeW

    Looks like original Mustang trailer hitch, but overall, way to much money. Not worth over $4000 at most. Stick to the fastbacks and convertibles if you want to turn a profit.

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    • Shilo

      Very true. Even “K” code GT’s are cheap IF they are Coupes. Too bad and not fair, but alas they are not worth much.

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      • MikeW

        I see they sold for $6500, but no feedback given, so the buyer may not have paid.

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