Pony Project: 1972 Ford Mustang

Scotty GilbertsonBy Scotty Gilbertson

If you’ve been looking for a project car, and you’re a fan of this era of Mustang, this one is for you. This is a 1972 Ford Mustang and it’s a 302 3-speed manual car. It’s located in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area and is on craigslist for $5,300. Hagerty is at $5,200 for a #4 fair condition car in this configuration and $7,500 for a #3 good condition car.

The seller says that it looks like original red paint, but a few sentences later they say that it was “rust repaired about the rear fender wells” probably sometime in the 1980s and they used Bondo. It probably looked good for a decade but then has deteriorated to where it is now, definitely in need of being fixed correctly.

This is a hardtop model, but it’s not a Grandé edition with vinyl roof, bummer… Ford also offered the Mustang in a SportsRoof and a convertible body style. The doors on this car supposedly “close good” which can be a concern with these big, heavy doors. They mention that the floor boards are good, but then say that there is a soft spot on the driver’s side rear floor and that the trunk is solid. If this has been a Wisconsin car for the last 45 years, I would expect to do a fair amount of welding on it once you strip it down to bare metal.

The interior looks fairly solid, but the passenger door panel appears to be missing and there’s no mention of that. That is one incredibly important reason to always get an inspection on any vehicle that you’re looking at online, especially if there’s not an overload of good photos showing every square inch. And, we all know that it’s a rare online ad that has a wealth of great, detailed photos. And, even if there are a ton of great photos, you still can’t tell, so, get an inspection! The seats have a few tears in them but you should be able to track down an upholstery shop to match that pattern. The back seat looks perfect. And, there’s the 3-speed manual!

This is Ford’s 302 V8 with a two-barrel and around 140 hp. There isn’t much info given on it other than this car has 75,000 miles and it runs and drives good. There will be a lot of bodywork and rust repair to do on this one. I would want to see the underside for sure. Have any of you owned a 1971-1973 Mustang? What do you think of this one, is it worth restoring?

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  1. Boss351

    If this indeed a 1972 Mustang – Beware – this one has a 1973 Mustang front clip on it. Fenders, grille assembly, bumper all 73 model. These will rust real bad on the rear quarters if not stopped. Replacement sheet metal is now available for the 71 to 73 model years. Owned 2 of these model years in the past. (1973 302 coupe for 27 years and 72 convertible for 11 years that were automatics not 3 speed) They handle the highway much better than the earlier Mustangs with a much improved steering system.
    Price is too high IMOP. Worth more in the $2K range since it is from WI.

    • Mike H

      I caught that right away too; the front of this car is from 1973 and not ’72. The vertical front signals were the very first giveaway.

      • racer99

        That and the passenger’s side pic shows the front clip plainly with a different color. Agree that the price is too high.

  2. 68 custom

    so why no pics of the trunk if it is solid? I am thinking this one is real rusty seeing that it came from Green Bay.

  3. Chebby

    Why do people think that anything with eight cylinders is a muscle car?

    • jwinters

      yea, I like how he says “that great musclecar sound” I bet it sounds great with the 2 barrel, low compression and single exhaust haha

  4. edh

    Nothing good comes from Green Bay.

    • Billy

      You keep telling yourself that, maybe it will make you feel better. Green Bay is an awesome place! They have this super good amusement park on the lake called Bay Beach, cheap rides ran by local young people during the summer. There is a real wooden roller coaster, a replica of the one Elvis loved in Memphis. The botanical garden is to die for. Hifi Heaven will set you up with a great stereo or home theater. The national railroad museum is there, also a great living history museum called Heritage Hill. I hear they might even play some football there, too, but its only a rumor.

  5. Don

    Why is every old mustang red?I

    • Pete H.

      Not all Mustangs are red.

  6. Clint

    I’m sure the torque boxes and the cowl are shot.

    I parted out a 73 just like this one in green. When I pulled both doors (the hinges were in great shape), the dern thing almost broke in half.

  7. R.P.

    I owned five different big body Mustangs. A ’73 fastback, a ’72 Grande` and three different ’72 hardtops. All of them good solid cars, easy to drive and maintain. The only thing I didn’t like was that, at the time, if you wanted to replace the ball joints you had to replace the entire control arm because you couldn’t get the ball joint by itself. I would have to say my favorite of them all was the light blue Grande` with the dark blue vinyl top, blue denim seats and the 351C with the C6 behind it.


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