Porsche 356 Barn Find–Rusty But Mostly Complete

Situation: you’ve always wanted a Porsche 356, but prices have gotten out of reach. You don’t want a fiberglass, Beetle-based replica. What other options are there? Well, after an investment in body shop classes at the local community college, a plasma cutter, welder and a lot of metal forming, you might return this 356 to the road. Or, you can buy lottery tickets and hope for a professional restoration! This 1963 356 true barn find is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is listed for sale here on eBay, with a buy it now of $23,500 and bidding not that far below that figure.

The car was found in Tennessee at some point in the past, and there is a clear Michigan title in the seller’s name. However, as you can see, there’s a lot of issues with the body shell. However, it looks almost complete; apart from bumpers the shell looks to be all there. Ok, at least the original panels are in place, just not all in completion!

Here’s what you’ll be facing. Of course, far worse 356’s have been restored, so it can absolutely be done. But is it something you want to take on (or pay for someone else to take on)? That’s a lot of rust!

The engine is completely disassembled but is complete apart from pistons and cylinders. The block is just off screen to the left in this picture, but is in this one in the auction listing.

Here’s the inside of the car. The headliner, seats, dash and carpet are all there, and the original key is in the ignition!  And all those painful to find original pieces, like the gauges, handles and trim are there. There’s actually only 31,740 miles showing although I suspect it’s been around once.  Has a 356 been your dream car? Could this be a long term answer to those dreams? Let us know!

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  1. Tony

    This old porshe is just a big ole heifer bull, standing under a mesquite tree… but seriously, it’s one huge undertaking. Best of luck with the restoration

    • Dave Wright

      What is a heifer bull? You must be a city guy.

      • Al

        Maybe its an efferbull.

  2. Tommy

    Had one as a kid, blast to drive. held on to it for a long time, but not long enough. sold it 10 years ago for $250. and it was much better than this! what a jerk.

  3. Peter Rettig Member

    Does anyone care anymore ?
    I’m tired of the bubble-finds.
    The higher it goes the deeper we get.
    I’d prefer to see some imagination/innovation with these posts.
    Not the trite/expected or ho-hum MoPar power box stuff.
    …just saying
    Lift your expectations/imagination…

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Considering there are 41 people watching the auction, Peter, someone *is* interested in the car.

      • Peter Rettig Member

        41 waychers=how many buyers ?
        We allkick the tires.

  4. D. King

    I’m thinking this one is half-way to being a convertible. Cut the A pillars–the rust will take care of the rest!

    (Sarcasm, in case you couldn’t figure it out.)

  5. Mikey MO

    So someone​is going to pay some else lots of money to save a car like this only to stick it back in to barn or trailer it every where hell if I’d restore a car like this I’d drive it everyday​ it is sad to see people of the past didn’t care much about cars like ones of these vintage that they allowed cars to get to this state of sadness

  6. Sid Member

    Good it is not a boat

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