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Porsche Killer? 1967.5 Datsun 2000 Roadster

This 1967.5 Datsun 2000 roadster is a desirable transition year model that the seller claims only 500 examples of came to the United States. It was parked in his barn in Missouri in 1987 on a farm he owned and was only removed in December of 2019 following the sale of the farm property. The rare roadster now resides in Texas, and while it certainly looks like a major undertaking, there’s a lot of good bits that come with the car, and the seller references a history as an SCCA track car wherein a previous owner “…raced the hell out of it.” The seller doesn’t question its track day past, going so far as to call it a Porsche killer. Find the Datsun here on eBay with an $8,000 Buy-It-Now and the option to submit a best offer.

The 1967.5 designation may make the Datsun seem like an obscure collector car only cherished by the most dedicated enthusiasts, but the list of the unique features is fairly extensive. It’s purely cosmetic in nature, but you can see why the model year makes such a difference: it came with the best design features of the earliest models and the later cars. A low windshield, steel dash, and trim of the earlier models combined with the wider fenders of the 1968 model, giving the mid-year 2000s a very unique look. The production cycle was quite short, and only 1,000 cars are believed to have been built. Does that look like a period aftermarket exhaust to anyone else?

The seller notes the Datsun was bought by friends of his in Arizona, who purchased it from the original Kentucky owner that used it for racing purposes. Today, the Datsun remains surprisingly solid (for a 2000 roadster, at least), with only a few spots of rot-through noted in the driver’s side floor, near the pedal box and under the seat. Some more advanced rust can be found elsewhere in the body, including both rocker panels as well as the frame mount points “…at the forward aft wheel wells,” according to the seller. The bumpers are missing along with the soft top, but the front bow and frame are said to be in excellent shape.

The engine is an A-cam mill with the desirable seven quart finned aluminum oil pan. It is not the numbers matching unit, as that engine grenaded after breaking a rod. The Datsun will come with numerous spares for completion, including this nicely preserved set of bucket seats. Other spares that the seller is throwing in include NOS right window frame and glass; NOS door window handles; timing chains; heater core; trunk gasket; throttle cable; and more. One other major part that will have to be fixed or replaced is the vertical structural panel between the trunk and front seats, as a previous owner cut two speaker holes in it – not great for structural integrity. Overall, a very rare and desirable specimen of Datsun’s classic roadster.


  1. Howard A Member

    I get opposition on this, but I always thought of them as the Japanese MGB. Not sure what the seller is talking about, I think a 911 would eat this for lunch, but they were good cars, probably many peoples 1st encounter with a “Datsun”, that wasn’t some tinker toy from Japan. Naturally, I think the seller is optimistic, but hey, why not, it’s a nice find.

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    • James HGF

      Tampopo trailer hopefully will work this time.

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      • James HGF

        Lovely, the Tampopo trailer link wiped out original reply. Must have been my error…so:

        The 67-1/2 Datsun is a First Class noodle chef compared to the earlier Sports 1500’s & 1600s which are a basic trainee sushi wrappers. The 68+ 2000s were easily a match fro the TR250 and MGC (Watch the superb 1985 Japanese spaghetti western featuring truck drivers, Goro and his younger sidekick Gun, to get the reference – Rotten Tomatoes – critics – 100%)

        The 1500 introduced about the same time as the MGB was well…Okay, but in ’65 a 95 hp, 1.6 version replaced it – that’s better. However mid year 1967 the new Sports 2000 entered the market with a 2 liter and 5 speed gearbox. They had a 8,000 rpm tach and a “who are you kidding” 160 mph speedometer. The essence of the new car was its’ SOHC 1982 cc engine that on the factory Hitachi/SUs pumped out 135 hp at 6,000 rpm. But the sweetest part for SCCA racers was the high performance kit with a pare of Mikuini/Solex carbs along with a Solex “B” camshaft which bumped horsepower to 150. Also added to this mix was a seven quart finned aluminum sump. Factory assisted race teams won C and D production battling the likes of Triumphs, Porsches, and Sunbeam Tigers.

        The car offered is indeed special, not a piddler to hang around with everyday MGBs. Seller has updated listing with a bit of pizzaz noting the optional high performance kit. Regardless there are no underbody photos showing extent of chassis/body corrosion, but the Make Offer option stands.

        Tampopo for the truck driver in all of us.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    This would make a great Vintage race car. Still have to fix up the structure and install a roll cage but they are fast enough to have some fun with. They aren’t 911 fast but fast enough.

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  3. Arthell64 Member

    More in the 912 range of performance. These are neat little cars.

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  4. mrobin

    I’m not a Datsun 2000 expert (but I like them and follow them) I have had a dozen MGB’s. IMHO this is not a $8000 car, maybe $800 ?

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    • Junior Samples

      Someone must have disagreed with you….I no longer find it listed on eBay?

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      • Rich

        Still there. Looks like the description was updated

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  5. banjo

    A friend of mine bought ad restored a 2000 “Solex” several years back. I was in to British cars and had a TR4A. He took me for a ride in his Fairlady and I was very impressed at the acceleration of that 2 liter in a sardine can the size of a MG Midget! that little thing went like stink!!! and handled extremely well too. it changed my opinion of them. and I know there is a following having seen the Datsun club at Watkins Glen Vintage Fest over the years. I’m sure this one will command a bit of a premium being that it is pretty much the holy grail of the Fairlady series, and not an easy one to find.

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    • sb

      If you think a TR4A is the same size as a midget, you’ve never been in a midget.
      A midget is significantly smaller.
      Midget: 1600 lbs 137 in x 55 in x 48.5 in
      TR4A: 2200 lbs. 156 in x 58 in x 50 in (LWH)

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  6. Paul T Root

    My brother bought a 67 1/2 1600 when he was 15 for $300. Got it running, and had it for 10 years or so. Bought another 2000 with solexes that was an autocross car, and made into a full SCCA race car, swaping in the 1600 (H prod instead of F prod). This was the mid-80s. Properly setup, that 2000 with solexes where very fast.

    The posting doesn’t show the engine, and he glosses over the state of the engine. Which is disappointing. But it is sold already.

    Fun cars, but as to being a Japanese MGB, not near so solid, and believe it or not, more primitive.

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  7. Paul T Root

    I think he was saying the Datsun Roadster was the size of a Midget. But that’s not right either.
    2006 lbs
    155.7 x 48.9 x 52.2

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  8. Stephen Coe

    Someone is having a very bad Dream

    • Lowell Peterson

      A nightmare is when you are a victim in a dream?

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