Before & After Possibility? 1950 MG TD

What’s this? An old T-Series MG that someone doesn’t have an unrealistic idea of what it’s worth? Cor blimey! (as my very British father used to say) This cool looking, somewhat tired find is in Bessemer, Alabama and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is a lowly $2,600 without a reserve right now. Get off that couch and go place a bid!

Apart from the pictures, the only things we know about this car is that (1) it’s a barn find, (2) the engine turns over freely, (3) it’s a 1950 model, and (4) it has a clear title. It’s pretty obvious that there’s some rust and paint issues, and the ajar door in this shot has me wondering about the condition of the wood frame for the body; the door openings and alignment can be one of the first places to show wood rot.

The two-tone color scheme, while not being factory, is obviously an imitation of Al Moss’s famous MG TC–one of the most famous MGs on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. That at least hints that this car was once owned by a true enthusiast of the marque. Apart from some surface rust, the metal parts of the body shell look pretty good. And that extra grille surround isn’t bad to have, either.

Things look a little rougher under the hood, with some obvious rust issues on the right of this picture in the cowl area. I’m hoping the fact that the under hood area doesn’t look completely ransacked means that it was running well when parked.

This close up of the interior illustrates that restoring this car will be a labor of love, not sense. But that might just be the ticket for you, and with what will probably be a very low initial investment, if you can handle long term/low quantity money flow, I think it could make a great project. The design is certainly simple enough that you can do almost all of your own work, with any woodwork to the body framework the only thing I’d be worried about (but I’d give it a go!). I know a bunch of you are thinking why not spend more to get a good car to start with, but not everyone can, and even if it might cost more in the long term, think of it as just making payments on the car. Besides, how many of you get the chance to show this kind of “before” picture along with your “after” pictures?

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  1. Big Al

    Definately restorable but not me

  2. jdjonesdr

    If I were 20 years younger I’d be on this like stink on sh…….. well, you know.

  3. Jack Quantrill

    My first car in 1956 was a ’52 TD, for $750! Yellow, with plaid top and tire cover.

    • Patrick McC

      So there were plaid tops! My grandma’s dream car is a TD and she tells me how she used to see them back in the day in San Francisco with plaid tops. I need to research into that!

  4. KEN TILLY Member

    The extra chrome radiator surround is the best part of the deal but I doubt it would
    fit a TD as it comes from a TF.

  5. Jeff

    I live near Bessemer and can possibly take a look at the car if someone is seriously interested.

  6. Jeff

    Run Forest Run

  7. Clay Byant

    This is the type of car that doesn’t have acres of area to restore, fairly simple and good for a lot of sweat equity. A couple of years with the money spread out and a person has something you don’t meet yourself in coming down the road.If I was younger………………………….

  8. Ben T. Spanner

    :I worked on these in the late 1960’s. They weren’t worth much, slow with poor weather protection. In 1971 or 1972 I was in my hometown in Northestern Ohio and saw a note on a bulletin board advertising one for $600 or so.

    It was in solid shape with good wood body framing. The head was off. I bought it and trailered it 2 hours South. I put the word out to my fellow british cars junkies.

    One friend worked at an MG dealership and told me to pick up all of their TD parts, as they were cleaning out the store room. They were free. The stash included a radiatior grill and surround and new red interor panels. There was a used rear axle assembly. The dealership owner asked for $30 for the rear end and nothing for the new parts.

    The word was out and I soon had bidders on the entire lot. It was gone in a week.

  9. Dave Croydon

    Great car for the money. The engine alone is worth more than the asking price.
    These are good fun cars and quite easy to restore as well.

  10. mike

    this is what it could become today

    Like 1

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