Post-War Project: 1946 Chevrolet Pickup

This is a pretty handsome old work truck.  You can tell that it has been used, but not abused and will make a great new project for someone.  This 1946 Chevrolet is for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $8,100 and is located in Apex, North Carolina.  It’s amazing that old trucks like these are still out there and being found, ready for rescuing.

Before World War II ended in the summer of 1945, the automotive industry was focused on the war effort.  1946 was the first full year of automotive production after the war and began the trend toward larger vehicles that could accommodate growing families throughout the baby boom.  Trucks like this were used for farm and work, often until they were worn out.  That’s what makes them so rare and valuable today.

The ad states this truck was found in a barn after being stored since 1980.  It looks like it is in great shape and will make a really nice project for the new owner.  The only other information in the ad says that the truck does not currently run, but is not locked up.  The nice thing about trucks of this vintage is they are not hard to get running again.  All you need is spark, fuel and air and they will usually fire right up.  If this was my truck, I would get it running and stopping well and drive it.  How about you?



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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love this truck! To me it would be a driver-restoration without a doubt. Clean it up, drive it and fix it when you can. I wouldn’t change a thing, right down to the 216 Stovie. It’s good for 55 mph and I don’t mind driving 55. If others want to drive faster they can either get on the road earlier and reach their destinations before I even get on the road or they can follow me…

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    • Rube Goldberg Member

      I like it too, and would leave it as is, however, and not to sound like a broken record ( that dates me), there’s no way I could justify paying EIGHT GRAND for this, and it doesn’t even run. I’m going to say this every time on one of these over priced antiques, they are ruining it for people that would enjoy this, but can’t justify spending $10g’s ( when running) when the old lady wants the bathroom redone, or that new hip you’ve been hankerin’ for. Guess who is going to win on that deal? Not the old $10K dollar pickup. Some spoiled brat , with a ton of cash will restomod this thing, for sure.

  2. david giotta

    definitely a keeper. clean it up a little at a time, make it safe, and have a blast!

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    This is one of those vehicles that if it’s structurally sound, other than ensuring the mechanicals are in good shape and a bit of a clean up, it should be left alone and enjoyed.

    Most of my collection of two-wheeled vehicles is like that, and it’s how I prefer to buy the four-wheeled variety, as well.

  4. glen

    I can’t read what is on the door, but I’m wondering if it was a Fire Department vehicle. _ _ F D? This is more appealing to me, than that AMC Hornet Sportabout.

    • Pete

      I made out S.S.R.D. Southern States Rail Dept is my guess. or SSRR

  5. Lawyer George

    I agree with Rube. This is nice truck which is in reality not worth $2500.00. For reasons that escape me people are willing to pay $10K almost regardless of condition.If a person wanted to restore it to stock I can’t see it being much less than an additional $20K for a minimunilist job.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      There are many of us here, that would love to putt-putt into town or across town in this, the way it is. ( and for the record, even 55 in this for any amount of time, is,,,let’s say, trying.) If it is to remain like this, it would take one of us to keep it as is, like you say, for $2-3g’s, tops, and just have fun with it. That would be doable for many, me included. That’s just not the case today, and the seller, isn’t looking for us, they want the person that will sink $20-$30g’s into this, transforming it into something completely different and put it in a garage under a cover, and probably will sell that restomod truck in a few years for a 1/5th of what they have into it. I just don’t see how people can lose that kind of money, and we lose another cool old ORIGINAL truck. That’s the real shame.


    Reminds me of MacGiver’s truck! Love the waterfall grill.

  7. Doug

    Would sure love this truck. Like others have said here get her running, driving and stopping safely and smile big while driving. Just too much money for me!

  8. Philip

    Back in the middle 70’s, I bought a 46 Ford PU, 100hp V8, 4 speed (granny low). I redid the brakes, repainted it, tuned up, etc., and drove it as a truck. I took it to the original owner who was still alive, and showed it to her. It was her and her husband’s first truck. They ordered it, and when it came in, there were no bumpers on it, just wooden boards. She said that later, Ford sent her steel bumpers. It showed low mileage on the odo, and I asked her about that. She said they drove the h**l out of it, and used it for everything on the farm. They did take care of it though, as it wasn’t rusted out or banged up. The speedo went to 60mph only.

    I sold it in the early 80’s for $3500 to a truck driver.

    • Marty Parker

      Philip, my Dad had one identical to this. It was what I learned to drive in. Rather tricky learning to double clutch that non-syncro transmission. It was geared high for that day in time. Would peg that 60mph speedo in 2nd (actually 3rd) gear. I’m sure the speedo was a little happy, as they all were back then.

  9. gaspumpchas

    Correct-the hi price sure takes the fun out of it,the workingJoe who would love to own can’t afford to. Everyone thinks they have gold.thank Barrett Jackson and Me-cum…..

    Good luck to the new owner…

  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Personally I like the fact that rich people got involved in remanufacturing/rebuilding these older vehicles. If it weren’t for that we’d still have a bunch of broken down junk where there is now some beautiful cars and trucks from a time gone bye. Back in the early 70’s I owned a 41 Chevy half ton pick up. It had a 392 Chrysler Hemi and 3 speed on the floor. No speedometer because that trans didn’t have a place for a drive unit. I liked the truck but I kept breaking u-joints. Kind of miss that old heap though, this one would make a nice replacement.

  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    That looks more like the sign on the door is Forest Service..

  12. KKW

    I’m no “chiv” fan, but this truck looks to be in pretty good original condition, hopefully someone keeps it that way. The price is obviously too high, but that’s the way it is these days, somebody will dish it out. The same thing happened to land, as long as people are willing to pay high prices, the prices will keep getting higher.

  13. Kevin Lee

    Not positive, but the letter outlines on the door looks like SEED to me.

  14. Vermonter1953

    Some of you are saying $2500 to $3000. If you find one in this condition for that price, please let me know. I’m sorry I sold mine.

    • Kinmont Willy

      Did you sell it because you found yourself upside-down after the rebuild?

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      • Brian in VT

        I’m not sure why that turned upside down but no, I thought I wanted a 48 Fleetline.

  15. John Holt

    Even 500 dollar fenders wont justify that price, looks like its in pretty nice condition tho, but still,,,, someone has just fallen in love with it

  16. Pete

    Sadly I was no more than 5 miles away from this truck, Someone beat me to it and it was sold before I even saw the ad. The reason it brought this much is because like most NC vehicles it is solid and mostly rust free. Like 99% think about that for a 1946 truck. How many are you going to find like this in this condition? The buyer has about a month to get it up and running before the Charlotte Autofair. He can take it there and get 15K for it or better. That thing has serious curb appeal. NC has a huge antique car collector population.

    Also this truck belonged to a part of the Southern States Rail Road, see the decal on the link Giving it a hysterical tie ( No pun intended ) Bahahaha

    • Brian in VT

      Well worth that money. I’m not sure why these people are saying it is a $2500 truck.

      • KKW

        Well worth 10grand? It’s not even running!!! It’s definitely a $2500 dollar truck

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