Power Wagon: 1966 Dodge Monaco Wagon

This isn’t officially a Dodge Power Wagon but this 1966 Dodge Monaco Wagon is one powerful wagon. This gorgeous, loaded wagon is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $8,600 and the reserve isn’t met! This baby is located in Henderson, Nevada.

Any time that a station wagon has 325 horsepower it’s a power wagon in my book. This car is in amazing condition but let’s get the rust out of the way right now so we can concentrate on the rest of this impressive car. The seller says that there are a “Few Blemishes in Paint See Pictures of Hood, Roof and Inside of Passenger Bottom Door“. The rest looks like surface rust to me but even with being a lifelong California and Nevada car it wouldn’t hurt to check it out first.

This car looks like the nicest example that I have seen in years and it appears to be loaded, too. I don’t know how cars like this survive for five decades but obviously there are quite a few of them that do. The seller says that this one has “90% Original Paint – No Accidents.” Here is a YouTube video¬†showing a 1966 Monaco wagon.

The loaded part starts here and not just the power windows, which are not always seen even on a Cadillac or Lincoln from this vintage, but a Dodge?! I love it. This car also has “Power Seats – 9 Passenger – Front & Rear A/C.” The seats look perfect all the way through this beauty.

Speaking of beauty, look as this beautiful 383 cubic-inch V8! I would have never guessed that this engine was over fifty years old. If only I looked half that good and had 100th the power. This one has a 4-barrel carb which means that it would have had 325 hp, that’s more than enough to scoot this survivor wagon along very, very nicely despite it’s 4,400-pound weight. 0-60 in 8.1 seconds is nothing to sneeze at even today. Have any of you seen a Dodge Monaco wagon this nice and this loaded with options?

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  1. Steve R

    Nice looking car, it sold for $12,000.

    Steve R

  2. Mark

    Nice wagon. Always thought those 66 wheelcovers were sharp…..design theme carries over to the gauges….

  3. dgrass

    I love it too Scotty. Did these ride as good as they look?

    @Mark, those wheel covers fit well with the rest of the design.

  4. Derek F

    Total time machine.

    And in such wonderful condition, you can really appreciate the design content and concept- often lost on dilapidated or heavily modified cars.

    And well bought.

  5. Old Car Guy

    Gone, it seems like this site is becoming Barnfinds Gone before you even read the listing.

  6. jb cool mo

    absolutely stunning

  7. Miguel

    I love these wagons.

    I am fascinated by the tail lights on wagons.

    I love to see how the designers took the sedan lights and made them work for the wagon.

  8. Katherine

    Scotty, Contact me please. I have a 1971 Plymouth Cricket in Missouri that’s been garaged for 30+ years. It needs a new home. I was hoping you’ve got some connections.

  9. r spreeman

    Very nice car, appears to need very little.
    When I was 18 I worked at a gas station and a customer GAVE a 66 New Yorker wagon to a stupid kid who worked there. It was quite solid and very loaded including bucket seats and leather. I’d love to have been the one it was given to.

  10. Rube Goldberg Member

    This car hits a nerve. When I was a kid,the old man had a wagon like this, not a Monaco, but same color. We pulled our travel trailer with it. It’s the car that almost burned to ground on Monteagle hill in Tenn. It was a hot day, pulling a 14 ft Shasta, the Dodge was slowing, with smoke trailing out the back, about half way, it gave up, and we coasted to the side. What happened, all the oil in the trans boiled out the dipstick tube, drenching the hot motor with oil, and when we opened the hood, extra oxygen and Whooom, big fireball. If it wasn’t for the camper fire extinguisher, it would have burned to the ground. After it cooled, the old man got a ride to the top, got some more oil, poured it in, and didn’t have a problem the remainder of the trip. A testament how strong that Torqueflite was. The old man never bought a Chrysler product again.

  11. Nick

    Interesting car, especially with all those options. It’s very rare to see anything from those days fully loaded. I think people were worried about electronics breaking down, as well as the expense. I’m sure this car would be fun to ride around in.

  12. Ben T. Spanner

    Back in the mid 1970’s I wanted a cheap truck, and went shopping for a very used full size station wagon with fake wood, and a roof rack. The winner was a 1966 Chrysler Newport wagon with tis body and a different front clip.

    There was no market for these and we merely visited new car dealers; and they all had someting similar on the back row. A Dodge dealer said hae had 2 1965 or 1966 full size wagons, one red over black, and the other black over red. I had to take BOTH for $450. I bought the Chrysler for $300; one owner 100,000 miles well maintained.

    Maybe the most fun I ever had shopping for a used vehicle.

  13. yes300ed

    I noticed a single exhaust. That would make this a 2bbl 383. 270hp (gross).


      not all ways the case had a 67 fury 383 4bbl it had single exhaust.

  14. Jubjub

    Sharp wagon. Mopar wagons had the best greenhouse and D pillar treatment. Only outdone by the glass top GMs.

  15. chrlsful

    sold 12K$
    like the on dash rearview, paperbrd headliner, & 2 climate cntrl vents in the stepped roof 4 da back.

  16. Gay Seattle Car Nut

    Sweet looking car. I’ve always loved Mopar cars of the mid-60s. I hope it goes to a good owner.

  17. Waynr

    Having had a mid-60s Chrysler there is a problem driving these today. ( and yes I know that I am anal when it comes to how a car handles). You need GOOD sized tires to carry the load and most of these cars have 14 X 5″ wheels. They were ok when new and bias ply tires. As the sidewalls were stiffer and provided more stability than a “fat” radial. In the past on my car and a few customer cars. I have been able to get white or black spoke 14X7 wheels and use 225/75R14 tires. They just fit with room for the factory wheel covers and make all the difference in the world for handling and control. No more rolley, polley, waddle down the road Chryslers. It makes for a very nice driving car.
    Just my 2 cents worth of info.

  18. Maestro1!

    I hope it goes to a good home.

  19. Danton J A Cardoso

    Didn’t the Brady Bunch have one pf these as the family truckster?

  20. Litespd

    My folks had this same car when we were kids, although it was white with a red interior. First car we ever had that had air conditioning.

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