Pre-Hilux: 1967 Toyota Stout

This rarely-seen Toyota Stout pickup has recently emerged from barn storage and actually appears to be stored on a farm. Located in Arizona and wearing California plates, there’s some hope that rust is minimal despite the propensity for early Japanese metal to disintegrate. With a Buy-It-Now of $3,000 and located here on eBay, this could be a project with some upside provided rust isn’t hiding underneath. 

From this angle, it’s clear the Stout no longer wears original wheels and its paint has essentially been burned off after years of high-desert sun exposure. The California sunset license plates provide another indication as to when this Toyota stopped being roadworthy, and the seller vaguely mentions that it doesn’t run but that the engine will turn over. Cabin glass appears to be intact, which is likely darn near impossible to replace at this point.

The Stout sported a variety of four-cylinder powerplants over the years, ranging from 1.5 to 2.0L of displacement. Modern powertrain swaps are appealing with the seemingly endless supply of 22RE motors available, and would also offer the potential to upgrade from the original 4-speed to a 5-speed box. The engine looks dry but neglected; surprisingly, the hood insulation pad is still attached. Whether the paint in the bay and door jambs is original is unknown, but it does match the exterior.

The interior sports all the trademark signs of being a rough-and-ready farm truck, but aside from a coating of dust, looks largely intact. The upholstery will almost certainly need attention but the originality factor is high, including the factory-correct steering wheel and door panels. The $3,000 BIN seems reasonable for a rarely seen vintage pickup that would likely net a decent return if bodywork is kept to a minimum and an affordable paint job can be completed; however, the potential for engine replacement and rust are two areas of concern.

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  1. Blyndgesser

    I’m concerned about rust, given how much of the right rear quarter panel appears to be made of Bondo. Or Play-Doh.

  2. daniel wright

    There is a large and poorly done patch panel right behind the passenger door.

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    Drove past a newly-franchised dealer in (I think) Wenatchi, WA back around ’67. I remember asking Dad what kind of trucks those were. Dad muttered something about pushing all of them back into the Pacific and nothing more was said—until that fateful day when I showed up with a brand new Hilux. Think the wife is good with the cold treatment? Try a Navy vet. Anyways this looks like a pushrod motor, probably an early Land Cruiser with a couple of cylinders chopped off. It might be a worthwhile restoration project. I tend to think that parts might be about as easy to come by as that rusted out shell of a VW Samba that was featured in Hemmings a week ago.

  4. Gay Car Nut

    This looks like a great restoration project, and/or a restomod.

    • Marshall

      I believe I have only seen one of these. And the one that I did see years ago was the same color as this one.

      I take that back. Now I remember that’s the one I saw had separate bolt-on turn signal pods mounted on top of the front fenders. And I think that it was a 1974 model. In my opinion, this truck with integrated front turn signals looks much better than the one that I saw.

      BTW, at first, I thought you said “rusto-mod”.

  5. CJay

    A V6 Buick engine would make this scoot!!!

  6. Gay Car Nut

    I can see a 20R engine powering the Stout. Or a 22R engine.

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