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Preservation Class: 1928 Chrysler Imperial

1928 Chrysler Imperial

This dual cowl 1928 Chrysler Imperial caught my eye because the title mentioned that it was a Pebble Beach preservation class contender. That may not mean much to you, but if you have ever attend the Concours that is held in California every year, then you know that it’s something special. This mostly original vehicle was purchased new by the second owner’s Aunt. It was kept at the family’s summer camp and young William was allowed to drive around the dirt roads. She knew that he really liked the car so she left it to him in her will. William drove it for many years, but eventually parked it in 1955 and there it sat for 40 years until he decided to get it running again. You can view it here on eBay or just keep reading to learn more.

He had $20k worth of work done in order to make it a safe driver once more. Many of the mechanical systems were rebuilt and new paint was sprayed on the hood and wheel, but everything else was left alone. Just finding a car this old has become a real challenge these days, let alone one in mostly original condition. After completing all the work, William enjoyed the car for many years before selling it on the current owner. He has also enjoyed it, attending many Concours events and driving tours. The car reportedly drives very well and even has a surprising amount of power. Apparently, this Chrysler was the most powerful production car available when it was new!


Although it’s not exactly 100% original, it is still close enough to have been accepted at many Concours events. No mention is made of any wins, but this fact does add to its credibility. The only negative of it having attended all these shows already is that they may not invite you back if you were to purchase the car. That may not be a driving force for most of us, but event eligibility is a big deal to some people. The seller mentions that they did not attend everything they were accepted into, but they obviously hit all the big shows. Either way, I hope this Chrysler goes to a good home and that it can be enjoyed now and preserved for another generation to experience!


  1. grant

    This is a beautiful car, but I have a question. At the risk of exposing my own ignorance, why would a new owner have issues showing the vehicle? There is a finite number of any car ever made, and they are going to be transferred at some point. Is the show car world that snobbish?

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    • The Walrus

      The events that matter to those with the scratch to purchase a $100K project car are very selective. Those in that club care more about their reputation than the actual car. Most individual cars are invited to an event like Pebble Beach one time. Occasionally they get a second invite if in a particular year the show features the specific make. Of course this car would be welcomed by regular folks at local car shows and even somewhat selective regional shows. Unfortunately, the big shows that matter to those in the market for this car, where the car must be invited, won’t call a second time.

      That being said, the early Imperials were second only to the big rare makes like Duesenberg. Certain Cadillacs were Imperial’s equal, but most Cadillacs of the day were generally equivalent to Chryslers. Imperials were something special. When restored, cars like this can bring enough to make the needed $150K restoration investment worthwhile. The question would be does someone want to risk that investment. Its a precarious question for any prospective buyer of this particular car.

      • grant

        Well then that makes some sense, I guess. In my naivete, I assumed these events were about the cars, not well heeled overgrown kids one upping each other. Sad.

  2. JD Sport

    This car should not be messed with. Simply Beautiful ! Gerry

  3. Mark E

    I’m not going to get into this discussion. I’m just going to say that for a car you’re trying to sell for nearly $100k they should be using photos that are at least a step or two above Craigslist quality! For God’s sake, if you want to show off a dual cowl phaeton, you get it OUTSIDE with the TOP DOWN to show off the features like the second cowl, windshield, etc. But then again maybe he doesn’t care. Maybe he HAS to list it for sale. Maybe he figures that he has demi-god Jay Leno’s approval he doesn’t NEED good pictures. Maybe…??

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very nice! I like it when the owners drive their cars around and don’t let them become a massive conversation piece. Cars like this are too much car for me; I’d be like a fish out of water driving one of these around. But I can still admire it from a distance, and drive home in my Mom ‘N’ Pop variety relic.

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  5. gunningbar

    This is about cars.. not sniping at individuals.

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