Pretty Cats: 1976 Jaguar XJ6C And More

At first glance, this 1976 Jaguar XJ6C looks like a really nice example of the relatively rare two door version of the XJ6 platform. Second glance, too! What’s even more interesting is that this car is part of a collection of nine XJ6Cs and XJ12Cs the seller has! This particular one is being auctioned off here on eBay, where bidding is up to $6,800 as I write this. It’s located in Newbury Park, California, despite the Washington state license plate.

The true hardtop coupe profile of the XJC models is best shown here from the side. While never the commercial success Jaguar hoped they were, the coupes were and are distinctive and classy. I think I see a repainted door here though, or at least some mismatched paint. It’s still a beautiful car, though!

Unfortunately the 5 mph bumpers necessary to sell this Jaguar in the USA at the time really hurt the appearance, especially in the rear. It’s as if they just bolted on a huge chunk of rubber–which come to think of it, is exactly what the British Leyland engineers did for MG’s and Triumphs!

There are a few issues on this side of the vinyl roof, and the seller did a good job with this picture of showing them to us. I don’t know if that trim piece will be hard to find or not, or if the seller just removed it to show the damage underneath and still has it (there are wax witness marks that indicate it was removed recently).

The seller tells us it has 71,000 miles, and given the condition of the interior I can see that. The Nardi steering wheel, while not original (and I don’t think the walnut shifter is either) is a nice add in my opinion and fits the character of the car well. The original finish is starting to come off the dashboard, but I have see phenomenal results from careful home removal of the old finish and application of new.

Here’s the famous 4.2 liter XK inline six. Nothing but good things to say from me about this engine.

Here are some of the XJCs this seller has in stock–I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than two together at the same time before! What do you think of this red one? Does one of the others appeal more?


  1. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    Thanks for posting this beautiful car! This I would love to have and refurbish. I can paint and install vinyl but the dash would have to be handed off. Silver is a classy color on these but I would like red better, it is just sportier.

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  2. Mark Hoffman

    I wouldn’t mind having the blue one.

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  3. Robert Stoll

    Given a choice I’d always go for the V12. Must be one of the rarest Jaguars. Thirsty, but you wouldn’t do great distances with such a beauty anyhow.

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  4. dirtyharry

    One of the best looking Jag’s ever made. I can’t tell you how many were converted to a small block, so it is nice to see an unmolested example. I am surprised these don’t bring bigger numbers than they do. These may be a bargain today. I never thought people would pay huge numbers for a 190SL or other euro cars. I would love to see a full restoration on one of these and this looks like a wonderful starting point.

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  5. Mercuryman

    When I was 15, one of these came up for sale in our local paper. $4000. Pewter silver with a black roof. Xj6C. I had been saving money for years to buy a cool first car. I love Jaguars, always have and the coupe is the most elegant car of its era. Was going to be mine! Unfortunately, on the way to buy it my Dad decided to stop in and visit some work mates who lived nearby. I got to see the new owner drive away in that beautiful car. Years later I got to work on that car at the JAG/ BMW dealer I worked at. Bittersweet first drive in that car. At least the man that bought it loved it too. My first car was a 73 Triumph GT6. Loved that car too. As close to an E Type as I could find. I wish I could afford this car. Don’t care about the colour, beggers can’t be choosers. I hope it finds a good home

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  6. Rustytech Member

    The 2 door hardtop is a body style I wish more companies still made. It was one of the best ever. This car looks great! I don’t think I’d worry about the trim piece or the vinyl top, just strip it off repair and paint the top. I wonder how many holes one would have to close up if one decided to lose the extra rubber on the bumpers? There are wood kits as well as veneer kits available to do the dash, and they aren’t too difficult if you follow the instructions carefully. It has always puzzled me why these didn’t sell better than they did, as it’s a gorgeous car, but then there have been plenty of gorgeous cars that didn’t sell as their manufacturers projected they would.

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    • Eric 10Cars

      I believe that reliability was the issue and cost of repair. Unless you’re a DIY’er the early XJs could be a problem. They also suffered from the Jag reputation from the other earlier sedans. Beautiful designs, and that 4.2L six was practically bulletproof if you took care of it. Great engine. B-W trans could be an issue. Would rather have the XJ6 than the XJ12 despite the latter’s greater rarity and value.

      People talk a lot about the SBC conversion on all Jags, but it is a non-trivial job to do the conversion correctly…and most don’t pass muster. The 4.2 is a great engine when proper care is taken.

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  7. Jdoc

    Owner has it advertised in Hemmings for $19,995.

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  8. Coventrycat

    Lovely cars. It looks like BL used the same plastic snaps to hold the vinyl top trim on as they did on Spits, etc. for tops and tonneaus. First day under 70 degrees they break.

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  9. Woodie Man

    On my bucket list…… though I want an earlier one without the 5mph bumpers. Also I want one with a sunroof. One of the prettiest Jags made in my humble opinion.

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    • Ross W. Lovell

      Greetings All,

      Woodie Man, pretty sure they only made one with a roof.

      Have seen several with sunroof, but from a later model.

      Might have a hard time finding the original one, opt for getting one put in.

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      • Woodie Man

        Hmmmm…..seems to me I’ve seen a metal one in San Diego years ago… well as the folding canvas type……cant remember the name of the company that did those though. Might have to put some chrome bumpers on it as they werent made until 1975 lol…..all with 5 miler at least here in States.

        heres an Australian website with some interesting info:

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  10. Mercuryman

    I used to work on my cars at my Dad’s machine shop and one day while I was working on my GT6 a local metalworking artist who was renting a welding bay started a conversation. I told him about missing the XJ6C and my love of E types and he said he had a spare 65 coupe he would give me. Hammy was a practical joker so I didn’t give it much thought. Years later I was invited to a pig roast at his house and we started talking again about cars. He chided me about the coupe. I told him I thought he was joking about it. He said “I never joke about cars” and took me down to his drive in basement. He had sold the coupe to someone for $5000 and the guy didn’t even unload it before selling it for $20,000. That made Hammy so mad he vowed to never sell his other cars. I saw pictures of it. A beautiful rust free car, worn but loved. Complete and drivable. Then he showed me the rest of his jags. He had a gold 61 Roadster that he bought new when he emigrated from Hong Kong and two red 65 Roadsters. All beautiful cars. He raced the 61 at mosport for years. I lost track of Ham and forgot about his cars. Last year I was selling a corolla and the man that bought it saw my shop and my cars. He said he had just bought a classic Jaguar from the estate of an eccentric artist…. He had bought the 61 from the Hams son. He kept his vow. The two 65s were willed to his children and the 61 was to be sold to an enthusiast to restore, not sell. My new friend bought it for $20,000 u.s. with spares. Now, soon, I will be restoring that car. Thanks Ham. Rest in peace

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    • Eric 10Cars

      That’s a really great story, Merc! I’m sure you’ll do right by the 61. Wouldn’t you like to see the 65s again?

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  11. Adam T45 Staff

    I absolutely love these. The only problem for me is that they were built at a time when British Leyland was imploding under a welter of supplier problems and industrial action. As a result their Quality Control lacked only two things: Quality….and control.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love one of these in my garage. The great thing is that almost any problem can be rectified with newly manufactured parts (including wiring looms and relays). The car would not be a 100% genuine factory original if these parts were used, but it would be a reliable vehicle.

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  12. Mercuryman

    Eric, I would love to. I’m not sure what condition they are in but when I am done we are going to see Hams son. I have wondered how hard it was for him to sell it. It was his dad’s favourite car. I know there are pictures of the kids in the car at the mosport paddock. Btw, I would dearly love to find out what happened to all of the cars I used to have too. Oh the memories

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  13. David Miraglia

    I’ll take them all…

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  14. Tom S.

    Whenever I see one of these cars, an image like this flashes through my mind’s eye. Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C at Mallory Park. Internet photo.

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  15. Brakeservo

    That many Jags in one place – oh the humanity, er I mean oil stains!

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    • Jeffro

      That’s not an oil stain. The car is just marking it’s spot!

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    • Adam T45 Staff

      Jags don’t have oil leaks. They have factory-installed automatic under-car corrosion inhibitor systems!

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  16. Mercuryman

    I was waiting for someone to mention the Broadspeed cars. I used to have a very grainy VHS tape of one in action. I wore that tape out. I think there is utube video of that car running at spa. Sounds amazing!

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  17. Tacoma, Washington

    Lovely looking car. I’ve heard of the XJ6C, but I’ve only seen one in person. I don’t know why it’s so rare compared to the sedan. Obviously not as many 2 doors were sold in the USA as were the 4 doors were.

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  18. Bruce Best

    My family owned the V-12 chrome bumper XJ-12 short version of this car for many years. It was surprisingly reliable. We never had a single problem with it outside of the heater not being that great but that was a design flaw. We had is serviced once a year and them put about 10 to 15K on it before it went in again. The only time it failed us was when the short about an inch long water hose in the center front top of the engine broke. Not expensive to fix but took an entire afternoon to get all the stuff out of the way to replace it.

    I have driven a V-12 Ferrari just a couple of times but I must have put over 40K on that Jag and I can assure you there is a difference in how a V-12 feels over a V-8. More like a Jet engine in the way it feels.

    As for the coupe the handling and performance are about smack in the middle between the V-12 XKE and the XJ-12 and for the day those were very good levels. The big problem is that the shape is not as sleek as either the XKE or the XJ sedans. They are good cars but very tight in the back seats without much of an improvement in the style. Certainly not as good as the Mercedes 560SEC.

    That being said if you get one plan on spending 6 months going over every system one by one and then when you get everything checked out properly have a ball. These are amazing drivers especially on the highway. The 6’s are good the 12’s are much better except when it comes to draining those twin gas tanks in the rear.

    I can tell you that if you travel over 100MPH for any kind of distance you can see the gas gages move. These are the only cars I have ever seen do that. It’s your money and your ticket so do as you wish just be safe and keep them on the road they are a thing of beauty.

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  19. Fast Eddie

    Mercuryman, if you are in Ontario, Canada, go to your local DoT license office, and, for $12, they will give you a printout of all the cars you ever owned, that they have on digital file. I just got mine a few days ago, and it went back about 25 – 30 years.

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    • Mercuryman

      Thanks Fast Eddie. I will do that. I have always wondered about my past cars.

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  20. Woodie Man

    Heres one with a sunroof………..

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  21. Woodie Man

    Inshallah for the internet :)

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  22. Woodie Man

    lol heres another pix of the sunroof

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  23. Brakeservo

    Back in the’70s in southern California. When a customer wanted a sliding metal sunroof in their Jensen Interceptor we brought them to a place in Orange County by the name of American Sunroof Co. No reason they couldn’t have done some Jags too.

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