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Pretty In Pink: 1987 Citroen CX Wagon

c front right

This pretty in pink Citroen is in Miami and listed here on craigslist. Thanks to Scott W and his sense of humor for passing this along! There were very few of these imported, because adjustable ride height was illegal due to bumper height law passed in 1974 (Can you imagine Miami without low riders?). The $6,900 asking seems pretty reasonable if you’d like something with a long pink nose. The unique styling is due in part to Peugeot taking over the company in 1976. There was even a 3 axle version called the Loadrunner that was a very popular commercial vehicle in France.

left rear c

Based on the pictures, this CX appears to be a very nice car, except for the color perhaps. The interior appears especially nice! Citroens have always been very comfortable cars to drive, even if things are a bit odd. For example, they don’t believe in self canceling turn signals. It will likely be a devoted Citroen lover who will adopt this, uh beauty. And just think, you’ll never see another one like it and it will easily put all the pink Mary Kay Cadillacs around to shame with it’s oddball styling and vast utility!


  1. Avatar photo wynkin

    Very comfortable cars but do not pull away until up to height or the brakes do not work!

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  2. Avatar photo Mike R

    Lady GaGa fans rejoice… :-D

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  3. Avatar photo fred wilharm

    Looks like a french ambulance for sissies.

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man

      isnt that redundant?

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  4. Avatar photo Walter Joy

    The 6 wheeled Loadrunner reminds me of that 6 wheeled Toronado seen a few weeks ago on here

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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    In South Florida—–probably owned by a fan of the Miami Beach Art Deco district. They like pink there.

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  6. Avatar photo Charles H.

    In one word…..”NO”!!

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  7. Avatar photo Will

    Here’s the saved ad so everyone can see if it gets deleted.

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  8. Avatar photo Patrick McC.

    This is how the conversation went down at the dealership with the salesman:

    “Yes’sir, I’m sure that’s the color I want. No, sir, no need to pay extra for useless accessories like self-canceling turn signals.”

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  9. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Not being familiar with the model, it looks to me like the steering wheel only fastens at one spot. Is that stock?

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    • Avatar photo Walter Joy


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  10. Avatar photo George

    The turn signals don’t cancel? The perfect Miami car!!! (or anywhere in FL)

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  11. Avatar photo Howie B

    I knew I saw this car from somewhere!

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  12. Avatar photo GOPAR

    It would be the only one at the car show!

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  13. Avatar photo Steve

    Once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it.

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  14. Avatar photo MikeH

    Interesting in that he tells us the Prestige he has for sale has 38K miles, but he doesn’t mention mileage on the CX.

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  15. Avatar photo George Member

    “Can you imagine Miami without low riders?”

    “Low Riders” are from California. You can see them on occaision, but you’re no more likely to see a Low Rider in Miami than in Dubuque. There is nothing “Miami” about Low Riders.

    Ever been here?

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  16. Avatar photo Mike

    Only in Florida. God this thing is beyond ugly!!!!!!

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  17. Avatar photo Donnie

    looks like a hearse for the pink anther

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