Very Pretty Kitty: 1968 Mercury Cougar

Similar to the 1968 Mustang California Special we posted about a few days ago, this 1968 Mercury Cougar has recently left the hands of it’s single owner and is now being offered for sale. It’s listed here on eBay, with bidding at a little over $8,000 but the reserve is not met yet. This beautiful green cat (yes, it’s another green car!) is waiting for you in Dallas, Texas.

Again, like the Mustang, this Cougar has a little over 100,000 miles, 111,039 in this case to be exact. I don’t really see issues with this side of the body, but I don’t know what it’s been exposed to in the past. The paint looks great to be original–but I can’t find evidence of a respray.

In this photograph, I can see what might be a parking lot type dent just in front of the rear wheels, but there also seems to be a considerably difference between the door paint and the fenders on either side. Also, I think a set of skinny whitewall tires would liven the visuals up a bit, although I have been fond of the Mustang/Cougar wire wheel covers (that aren’t, they are actually a combination of several stampings) for a long time.

Although there is at least one area on the driver’s seat bottom where the vinyl has split, I would at least try to sympathetically repair it by removing the cover and working on the back side, because the upholstery looks very nice in general and does appear to be original. The dash and other trim look good as well.

The 302 cubic inch V8 will provide plenty of power even with only a two-barrel carburetor. The cheap, used battery and the studded snow tire as the spare (!) have me wondering about the in-between keeping of this car. However, enough looks good that I’d be happy to drive it proudly down the road! Could you find a spot for this cat?

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    ‘The cheap, used battery and the studded snow tire as the spare (!) have me wondering about the in-between keeping of this car.’ After 49 years, I’d say they did a wonderful job keeping the car in shape. Nice old ride, studded snow tire and all.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Leiniedude, I’m speaking of the time between the single owner and now. Agreed on the vast majority of those years!

  2. Larry K

    A Ford dealership had one in the showroom around 1999 in Listowel ON. I sat in it and man was it comfortable. Had that old car smell, not that crappy new car smell.

  3. Craig

    I had one of these with the 302 in the XR7 trim in the mid 70’s. Such a fun car. Great memories.
    I also had a 1970 with the 428CJ and that car was a monster. So fast. And dearly regret not keeping it as I see similar ones going for huge bucks these days.

  4. Adrian C

    The passenger side door appears to be a bad repaint. Nice cougar over all though.

    • grant

      Or the fenders are a good repaint, maybe.

  5. JW

    I would take a first generation Cougar over a Mustang any day.

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    Been painted here and there – but a good car – and no top – bad for rust on these things

  7. Fordfan

    My daughter’s 07 focus is this same color, its called kiwi. I have also seen 05 to 07 mustangs in this color. Nice cougar

    • z28th1s

      This color is called Lime Frost. The color you are referring to on the ’05 Mustangs is called Legend Lime.


    This is a pretty bare bones base Cougar. The only options that I see are power steering, automatic transmission, AM radio, and decore interior. This car was originally sold in the Seattle WA ( DSO 54) area, so depending upon exactly where that might explain the snow tire.

    One thing that I see that points to original paint is that the pinstripes on the upper body line to do cross over the joint between the front fender and the extension nor on the joint between the rear quarter panel and the extension. That is how the pinstripes were done on the Dearborn built cars although I cannot say for sure if the San Jose built cars were done the same way. Most likely they were, but maybe not. This car was built in San Jose. It is possible that the car was painted from the pinstripes down on some or all body panels. I cannot see well enough on the photos to see if that is the case. An in person inspection would be best for anyone seriously interested in this car.

    The one question that I would have is why are the seat bolt access hole rubber plugs not in place?

    Overall it looks like it is in quite nice condition based on the photos. The downside is that in the Cougar world this is a very plain jane car.

  9. Rustytech Member

    Love the Cougar, love the color, love the originality. Wish I had the room. At this bid it should be sold already.

  10. Ralph Robichaud

    Personnally, I believe the nose cone has been repainted. This was a colour it seems would wash out(tone wise) just being outdoors.

    Nice lines though!

  11. RoselandPete

    So many cool cars came out when I was a kid and I couldn’t do anything about it except admire and daydream about owning them. This was one of those cars.

  12. Joe Backer

    Another flipper thinking he has a big block cougar eliminator. Just an over priced plain jane.

    • z28th1s

      It was a no sale at $9,500. I don’t blame the seller at all for not selling it for that price.

      You aren’t going to buy very many V8 powered first generation pony cars that are this nice for less than $10K!

  13. Dave

    I had a 1967 exactly like this in the mid 80s
    The only differences in this one and my 67 are 289 vs 302
    The steering wheel and the marker lights on front fenders
    Everything else is exactly the same
    I gave 300 for it at an auto auction drove it hard for 2 years until the timing chain went out
    Before got the timing chain fixed someone offered me 500 for it and I sold it
    Wish I still had it


      Actually there are quite a few more differences between a 67 and a 68 Cougar than the 3 items you mention.

      On the exterior the 67 only has an emblem on the rear quarter panel, 68 has a different emblem and a reflector. Many 68s have rocker panel mouldings, those were not an option for any 67. The main bucket of the headlight/grille piece is different between the years.

      Mechanically the 67 has a very different front strut rod system from the 68. The wiring harnesses do not interchange between the years. The vacuum solenoid for the headlight system on a 67 is located under the hood, on a 68 it was moved to the back of the headlight switch. If equipped with front disc brakes the 67 used the 4 piston Kelsey Hayes calipers, 68 switched to the single piston caliper. For 68 the government mandated a collaspable steering column, 67 did not have this.

      In the interior the standard 67 door and rear side panels are different from the standard and the decore 68 style panels. The standard style armrests are two different sizes between the years. The window cranks and the inside door release handles are different between the years. On 67s the rear view mirror hangs from the panel above the windshield, on 68s it is attached to the windshield. 67s do not have front seat shoulder belts, 68s do have them. The standard style dash face is different between the years which in turn makes the plastic dash housings different as well. The in dash ashtrays are two different sizes between the years. 67 front seats do not have a catch to hold the seat back in place, 68s do have a catch and a release knob on the side of the seat back. If equipped with a console in a standard car the top pad is different, 67s are shorter with a large rear seat ashtray, 68s are longer with more padding and a smaller ashtray.

      There are probably some other differences that I am just not thinking of right now.

  14. Joe Backer

    I’m not fond of the Mustang/Cougar wire wheel covers or any for that matter. They give off that wobble look as you go down the road. Other words they suck duck butt. Go with Magnum 500 wheels. Would look period correct. Go no larger than 15 inch.

  15. Bill

    I owned a twin to this in the late 70’s. That paint is kinda hard to match. This car looks to have manual brakes. Mine had the great PDB. Also the heater hose looks looped around so the heater core possibly is leaking. Nice solid looking car though. Same powertrain and suspension as a Mustang but with a 2 inch longer wheelbase at the rear springs. Slightly better riding. This is the standard interior.

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