Prewar Project: 1934 Pierce Arrow Sedan

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Prewar cars are something of a treasure in the automotive world. While their popularity isn’t as high as it once was, they have a grace and beauty that will stand the test of time. You can own a glimpse of that time with this 1934 Pierce Arrow Sedan, with an asking price of $12,500 located near Fort Worth, Texas. Thank you, Roger, for the tip. You can view more on Craigslist.

A quick Google search brings into question the year and features of this car. While the listing states the car has a 6 cylinder engine; that would not be true for a 1934 Pierce. It would have either a straight 8 or 12 cylinder engine. No picture of a 1934 Pierce sedan that I found had hood vents that were vertical as the ones are in the photos. But, the lights on the fender are a design element found on a 1934 model.

This listing has no photos of an interior for the car. Being a sedan, it should be a five-passenger vehicle. This car was designed to be youthful with all of its curved fenders and flowing lines. Even though this particular car needs to be restored, it still looks solid and all the panels from the photos seem to line up. Sourcing parts for a project like this might be difficult though, so keep that in mind if you plan to buy.

There is a lot to decipher and not a lot of information to do so. The person listing states that you can contact them with questions, which one should do as there are plenty. One, for instance, is if they are selling mostly Fords out of their collection, why does this listing for the Pierce have a General Motors body identification tag in it? Clearly, this person has a lot of cars and can’t keep them straight.

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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    I would suggest that it has been rebodied at sometime…

    Interesting find.

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  2. Lance Nord

    I had no problem finding a photo of a 1933 Pierce Arrow with vertical hood vents…

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    • grant

      This is a 34 though.

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  3. Dennis M

    I’m saying it’s a ’33. The ’34 definitely had four horizontal hood vents, the ’33 had vertical vents. The ’34 also had a distinctive dip in the front bumper.

    As far as 6 cyl goes in the ad, I’m saying someone was just guessing since I also doubt that it had an automatic transmission! Someone may have seen a reference to the ‘Startix automatic starting device’ that was standard on those cars, as well as a three speed trans.

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Now that’s a Parade Car! Hope it’s fixed up and sees the road every so often.

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  5. Hank

    My Grandfather was a patternmaker@ Pierce in Buffalo. Those cars are not very easy to restore. Getting parts? A “Challenge” would be an understatement.
    The seller would be smart to get a P/A experienced person to document it.

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  6. Mark P

    We have the same shelving where I work, never knew it would hold cars. Doesn’t seem correct.

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    • Peter

      I thought the same thing about the shelving.

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  7. DAVID

    This appears to be a 1932. Straight up hood vents. 33 were canted. Cowl tag in ad. is for a Chevrolet. Wrong wheels, except spare, fender mount lights are for horns. Still not a bad buy.

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  8. Todd

    I know a guy in S. Africa that loves these and is looking to buy. I’m going to send this to him and post on my auto page.

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  9. Paul

    This could be a beautiful car – love the style. Looks like its currently mounted on Ford 35 wheels.

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