Pierce Arrow

1 Of 20: 1937 Pierce-Arrow Travelodge

Camping is a popular way to take a vacation, and some of today’s campers and RVs are more like another home with full amenities.  But when camping trailers first started to come on the scene in the early 1900s,… more»

No Reserve Rarity! 1935 Pierce-Arrow 1245

This listing could just as easily be titled, “Magnificent Old Car, Needs Help and a Home“. A 1935 Pierce-Arrow 1245 is a significant find but it’s a BIG, expensive car with a limited following. Nevertheless, it’s always exciting to… more»

Building Find Surprise: 1933 Pierce-Arrow 836

The series of cars from domestic continuing manufacturers like Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge are the stock-in-trade for Barn Finds. The three companies made some fantastic heavy-duty machinery in years past and readers seem to enjoy reviewing the endless iterations…. more»

Stored For 70 Years: 1934 Pierce-Arrow Model 836A

Recently, on Barn Finds, we published several articles on early 20th-century luxury car manufacturer Packard. While Packard was a significant automotive player in the non-big three large, luxury market segment, they weren’t the only game in town. Another substantial… more»

Runs After 40 Years: 1930 Pierce-Arrow Barn Find

Update 12/5/19 – After more than a year from when we first featured it, this Pierce-Arrow has popped back up on eBay with new photos and an asking price of $19k or best offer. Do you think it will… more»

Unrestored Time Capsule: 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840 A

This 1934 Pierce-Arrow 840 A sedan is claimed to be a low mileage survivor, with a genuine 11,600 miles on the clock. The sedan bodied version of the 840 is a three-owner car that remains in excellent, unrestored condition… more»

Rarity From Yosemite: 1936 Pierce Arrow Sightseeing Bus

One of the coolest experiences you can have when you visit Yosemite National Park is a bus tour.  Yosemite is a mighty big place, and one of the best ways to see the park is sitting in a comfortable… more»

Are You Moved? 1928 Pierce-Arrow Truck

Look at the great signage on the side of this 1928 Pierce-Arrow truck! Yes, truck–before I researched this article I knew of Pierce-Arrow as a manufacturer of luxury cars, but I had no idea they made trucks as well. You… more»

Classic Money Pit: 1933 Pierce Arrow Sedan

It never ceases to amaze me what pops up in the automotive classifieds.  Just when you think all of the rare, exotic, and classic automobiles have been discovered, a car like this 1933 Pierce Arrow Sedan shows up for… more»

Luxurious and Rare: 1929 Pierce-Arrow Model 125 Landau Club Sedan

Pierce-Arrow. The name alone conjures up visions of luxurious living, and of owning a car that was more than just a car. It was a status symbol. The company stuck steadfastly to their belief that they would always build… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Rare 1937 Pierce Arrow Travelodge

Typically you don’t think of camper trailers when you think of Pierce Arrow. This manufacturer was well-known in the early-1900s for building status symbol automobiles that competed with the best that Europe had to offer. Like many companies of… more»

Driving 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 43

It is nice to have some prewar cars surfacing more frequently. This is a more presentable example than one of the last Pierces I wrote about. This 1931 Pierce-Arrow Model 43 sedan is currently at a bid price of… more»

Prewar Project: 1934 Pierce Arrow Sedan

Prewar cars are something of a treasure in the automotive world. While their popularity isn’t as high as it once was, they have a grace and beauty that will stand the test of time. You can own a glimpse… more»

Shovels, Jaguar And A Whippet Oh My! Classic Car Estate Sale

Would you like an armored Mercedes or perhaps an electric car? (batteries not included) How about a collection of cufflinks or perhaps a Grumman concession truck and some hot dog carts? There’s an interesting collection of vehicles and other… more»

Airstream Alternative: 1936 Pierce-Arrow Travelodge

At one point in its history, with sales of its expensive touring cars slowing, the Pierce-Arrow company began to manufacture the Travelodge Travel Trailer. Meant to be a home away from home, it was not the savior the company… more»

Fuzzy Dice? 1934 Pierce Arrow 845 Sedan

Those wide, fender mounted headlights have always set the Pierce Arrow apart. In some states, the headlights were too far apart and required a third headlight in the middle. Can you imagine cruising in this old sedan or showing up… more»