Price Reduction: 1932 Ford Roadster

We’re accustomed to seeing listings for cars with crazy prices, but the asking price for this roadster listed on eBay is especially ambitious. The price was recently reduced by $10,000 to a still unreasonable $70,000. The 1932 Ford V8s, especially the 3 window coupes, command a premium price but not this premium. Perhaps the sellers saw this roadster on eBay for $57,900 and think theirs is nicer. Have a look and see what you think. If this roadster was a completely original and unrestored car with only 5200 miles, it might command a premium. This one appears to be an older restoration painted an eighties color with a generous amount of over-spray. Given the quality of the paintwork, any restoration work was likely not done very well.  The only description offered in the ad is “in very good shape”.

Here’s the only peek we get of the inside (sorry, these folks seem determined to get their fat hairy parts in their pictures!) It looks original and the bit of the upholstery we can see looks promising, if not original.

It does look original under the hood except for the air cleaner, of course, and the overspray.

Most of these 32s have long since been turned into custom cars of some sort. It seems like it would make more sense these days to start with a new steel body and a frame with modern suspension. I hope this one stays original. What do you think is a realistic price for this roadster? For a reasonable price, this could be a nice driver, but it would likely cost more to restore to original than it would be worth restored.


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  1. al8apex

    Your referral to another 32 is a Model B 4 cylinder

    The V8 roadster is worth much more

    • Geri

      considering a bare replica steel 1932 Ford roadster is 18 K- then the fun starts, for one who really wanted the real steel (complete) this may be high but really reasonable for a car in this condition that is 85 yeas old. if one started with a new steel body then started collecting everything to make it run it would exceed the 70K, if you had to farm out the work, make that 150K minimum and take years to do.
      as an FYI, I bought a pristine ’32 Ford 5 window coupe in 1959 for $125.00. seems prices are going up?

      • Hank

        The car is nice but it needs lots of $$$ for a restoration. So, to buy this for more than $40,000 (not knowing what it really needs) would make the final cost more than what one could get for it in the next decade(s).

  2. Scott

    I could possibly get a senior CCCA Packard or pierce arrow with an older restored for less. Why get this? Overpriced.

  3. jeff6599

    Not at all; It is simply worth more. Just look it up on any site and see if you agree that collectors are willing to pay for one of these.

  4. glen

    $10,000/ word, might be a record!

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    If that’s a genuine Model 18 V8 roadster it will bring quite a premium. The Deuce V8s were actually quite rare when new and REALLY rare nowadays. All I can say for the asking price on this machine is that it’s way out of MY budget. I would love to have a Deuce roadster or a Victoria, or a coupe. Oh hell, why not get all (3)? And throw in a pickup and even a BB ton and a half while you’re at it. Get out the tar and feathers for anyone who would even suggest making this into a hot rod….

  6. doug

    Hot rodders are the only ones that will pay prices like this. You could not buy and restore this car without being upside down by $50,000.

  7. Dabig Kahuna

    The saying with 32 Fords is “You can never pay to much you can just buy to early”

  8. Bmac Bmac Member

    Love the 32’s but for about half the money I would just as soon build a new one with all the modern goodies and drive the crap out of it.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Bmac. I sure agree with you. With all the repro stuff that’s available these days you can order everything you want and build your dream car with a lot less effort than taking a car like this, restoring it then chopping it up.

    • TouringFordor

      You betcha. If you want a deuce roadster, get one from Brookville or Drake and leave the original ones alone.

      • Bmac Bmac Member

        Leave the originals alone, IMHO.

  9. lawyer George

    This guy is in glue. $10K 0kay

  10. Steve Buha

    With limited knowledge of this car, although I realize it is an icon of older collector cars, the cost of restoration is the killer here. Actually, being the first of the V8’s the 32 B model (4 cylinder) is much more dependable on a cruise. Overheating and vapor lock are this car’s 2 middle names. It also is only a candidate for original restoration not restomod or hot rod, as it is appears so very complete.
    I’d give 20K with the provision that all components are original (all metal, drivetrain, bumpers, brackets, brakes lights, etc. Then I would do it myself and be about equal to it’s retail value. Just an opinion. Oh, and no rust through items. Just an opinion.

  11. Robert G Thomas

    My mom’s first car was a 32 rumble seat Ford like this.

  12. Joe Haska

    Appears to be a nice original 32 Roadster, however the seller is a little behind the power curve. I don’t know what his experience is in business or his education level, but it is a very common rule in business, and it is called supply and demand. Demand high-supply low, good for seller. This car was probably a 70 to 80 thousand a few years ago, when this was the case, or as one comment said, you didn’t pay too much you just bought too early. Not true now, I think the old saying we all use to like should be changed to, “He who dies with the most toys, just didn’t sell them soon enough”!

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      I decided many moons ago that my kids are going to have to worry about the value of my toys. Until then I can enjoy working, waxing & driving my toys. Can’t do that with stocks & bonds!

  13. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Guess most of youse guys don’t keep up with 1932 Ford’s much……

  14. steve

    Its’ unbelieveable what people think their “STUFF” is worth……Clearly, this is NOT worth the asking price……

  15. jeff6599

    I know of a number 4 condition 1932 Ford B 5 window coupe that sold a few months ago for 40k and the buyer snapped it up. Investment cars are the way to go. In 10 years that car will easily be worth 50k. Wise up and study the history of these old Fords: 3 window, 5 window or roadster: Ka ching! (Henry steel only)

  16. mike

    The first plus, is it still has a Ford motor in it.

  17. Rex Rice

    Collector cars reach a point where they are too expensive to risk driving. Cars were built to drive so why own one of these? Just doesn’t make sense unless you own a museum.
    Here’s a pic of my ’58 Porsche that I paid $1800 in 1964 as a family car. Hard riding, poor heater with 70 hp. Look at what is worth today. I would be afraid to drive it. Just doesn’t make sense.

  18. Tim W

    Hey Bmac, what is that cool car in your thumb nail? And I agree about letting the kids worry about the value!

    • Bmac Bmac Member

      My 35 Ford Phaeton, been in the family since the mid sixties.

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