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Prince Philip’s SUV: 1968 Ford Bronco

1968 Ford Bronco Sport

This find instantly caught my attention and not just because of the great condition and barn dust, but also because it is located in my home town of Sheridan, Wyoming and I use to see it on a regular basis while it was still on the road. Sheridan is located at the foot of the breathtaking Big Horn Mountain range and is packed with old west history. As a matter of fact, it has so much history that all kinds of celebrities have visited and even called Sheridan home. Over the years the Royal family has come to visit on many occasions. In 1968, Prince Philip came for a visit and the local Ford dealer donated several trucks for his use. This is the actual truck that the Prince drove while he was in the area. The next owner used it occasionally and then parked it in 2003. It can now be found here on eBay with bidding at $12,600.

1968 Ford Bronco Interior

I’m not sure the connection to Prince Philip adds much value, but it definitely makes for a cool story! After the Prince’s visit it was sold to a local accountant (I still remember seeing this truck parked at their office on nice days). Sadly in 2003 they passed away and the truck was left to their widow. I always wondered what happened to this truck, as I use to go past their home on my way to school and would often see it parked in the garage. Well now we know what happened, it went into long term storage and was forgotten about.

1968 Ford Bronco Engine

It’s a bit sad that the new owner has already decided to part ways with it, after having it for just two months. They state that the previous owner’s wife sold it to him with the condition that it be left original and not be modified. I’m guessing that is one of the reasons they decided to sell it, that and the fact that I’m sure they are going to make some good money on it. It is in original condition and fair too nice to be cut up or lifted. If you’ve ever been to Sheridan, you know off roading is a popular pastime for many locals. There is even an annual Jeep Jamboree right above Sheridan in the Big Horn Mountains. While I’m sure this Ford could keep up with most of the Jeeps, I would hate to see it getting torn up on those rough mountain trails.

1968 Ford Bronco

Seeing this Ford has brought back lots of memories of my home town and just how many classic vehicles use to be on the roads there. Until just a few years ago, you couldn’t drive through town without spotting several old Broncos or a few classic Mustangs and Corvettes. Today, I’m proud to say that more of these classics are being revived and are starting to become common sights on the roads there again! I’m sure this truck will end up being shipped to another state, which is a bit sad given its history in the community, but at the same time I’m hopeful that it can carry a bit of the history and hospitality of Sheridan to another part of the country!


  1. JW454

    Any documentation verifying the story? And… even if there was… who cares if a Prince drove it a few days… That doesn’t make it worth any more in my opinion.
    By the way… wash the darn dirt off of it!

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  2. DrinkinGasoline

    If Prince Phillip did in fact drive it, and there is some sort of paperwork to spine that, then Woo Rah….but if not…pfft, but it is a seemily solid, clean….errr, dirty example of a very desirable Bronco to many enthusiasts.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    The reason the current seller is letting go of it is because he’s a flipper :-). He’s sold a number of nice vehicles on eBay over the years including other early broncos. This looks like a really nice truck regardless whether Prince Phillip drove it or not.

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  4. JW

    I don’t care if Obama himself drove it, it is a super nice one. It has the desirable V8 ( 302 ) and the dual gas tanks. I would love to have this but I know it’s going to go for way more than I could pay, it’s already over 17K. Nice Find !!!

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    • Todd Zuercher

      289 since it’s a ’68.

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      • Rich

        Yes Todd, this one is a 289, but not soley because it is a 68. Keep in mind that it could have been a 302 as well because 68 was the last year for 289 and the first year for 302. It was a transition year and vehicles could be had with either engine. They probably used 289s until the supply ran out and switched over at that point.

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  5. PhxBarbie

    Great story Josh! Maybe a nice truck for you?

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  6. TBall

    Very nice example of an unrestored Bronc. However I agree with most – give the darn thing a bath before you post, dust does not validate “barn find”. That said, regardless of the back story, if I had the bonco bucks and a car hauler laying around, I think I’d be heading for the Rockies…

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  7. jim s

    if prince philip drove this then he knows how to drive a manual. i wonder who put the stereo system in it. great find

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  8. JW454

    Dang! Any Accountants on here? It looks like the finance charge for the first purchaser was 18% interest/finance charge. That seems pretty high for 1968! Can that be right? Not that it matters now.

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  9. Peregrine Lance

    Re: Jim S–Yes, for sure, Prince Philip knows how to drive a manual! When he married Princess Elizabeth in 1947, he was driving a TC….and even if this car, or any other, broke down on him, he can cell-call his wife, who was a certified mechanic in a truck (make that “lorry”) motor pool in WWII!

    Some of the longer-tooth members of that family have screwed around a lot, that’s clear; but William’s ethics seem pretty solid; and I’d be very interested in any Ph.D. thesis on environmentalism the aging but socially concerned Charles would invest some time in producing.

    Lastly, QEII’s love of Land Rovers is well known, so I doubt there is a Bronco in London with her name on it.

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    • jim s

      i knew about the love for Land Rovers, and i have seen photos of him driving the TC. i did not know she had been a certified mechanic. i too would love to read that thesis.

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  10. chad

    windshield folds down, last of the yrs. w/the removable door window frames, smooth grill (recessed turn signals)’n 289. It has orig. hubcaps and the nice chrome (grill surround, bead lght bezels, hip strip)…
    rag top is still available – prices R risin !

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