Pristine Extended Cab: 1999 Toyota Tacoma TR5

When we talk about collector vehicles, there’s often chatter mixed in about which ones will at least return the purchase price investment, if not flat-out appreciate as time goes on. Who could have predicted just a few years ago that late model Toyota Tacomas – which never lost significant value due to impressive durability – would emerge as a quasi-collector vehicle on the auction sites? I didn’t see it coming, but I do wish I bought one a few years ago when the used prices were semi-reasonable. Find this extended-cab 4×4 with just 75,000 miles listed here on eBay with bids over $6K and no reserve.

I’m not sure if the reputation for quality or the high attrition rate among snow-belt vehicles with rusted frames has contributed more to the recent surge in value. Supply is certainly a factor, as most Tacomas are heavily used by this point due to their can-do attitudes and low appetite for expensive maintenance. Finding one that doesn’t suffer from the factory frame failure and that also hasn’t been used as a workhorse is no small feat, another contributing factor to why nice examples are now listed – and selling – for very respectable money on eBay.

This example is equipped with an automatic transmission, cruise control, A/C, AISIN locking hubs, a bedliner, bed extender, and an original AM/FM cassette + CD changer stereo. The interior looks incredibly clean, which is especially hard to do with a light-colored interior. Carpets and seating surfaces show no obvious signs of soiling and the plastic bits look to be crack-free. The color combination of forest green over tan is as 90s as it gets, but after being over-played for many years, the pairing is coming back into vogue. The truck is accident-free with just one owner from new.

Underhood looks just as clean as the rest of the truck, although no maintenance records are mentioned. What’s incredible is looking at the CarFax, this Tacoma was serviced by the same foreign car specialist for years, including one “big” final service before it went to the local used car auction. If true, that would mean both the original owner and the mechanic missed out on what will likely be a decent sale price for a used truck. Then again, it’s not surprising given most consumers likely have no idea what a well-used but maintained Tacoma is worth.

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  1. Bill

    Toyota bought these trucks back from owners in 2008 because their frames rusted beyond repair. They paid up to 1.5 times the average retail price. That’s a big reason why they are so rare.

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    • Bob C.

      A buddy of mine had a 2000 Tundra with the same frame problem. It had about 300,000 on it and they gave him a new frame free of charge. He would have preferred a discount on a new Tacoma. What a waste of money on their end.

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      • AMCFAN

        Toyota is the number one auto manufacturer in the world now. It is called being responsible. Ford, GM, Fiat and Nissan’s truck frames all rust too. No one is fixing their junk but Toyota. Helping a friend now patching a broken frame on an otherwise nice 2002 Ford Ranger 4X4. Back half rusted in two.

        I am a current owner of a Toyota truck. Kept getting messages wanting me to bring in to have the frame checked. Kept throwing them away. I know my truck. It stays in the garage. Got a call from the dealer explaining the need to bring it in. I would be passing a extra 15 years on my warranty if not. They coated the frame. Took four days. Got to drive a new Camry while in the shop. All free.

        Right after that I purchased a 2004 Tacoma at the local boneyard. Truck ran and drove. V6 5 spd 4X4 the price? $750. Good title and all. Called the dealer and they asked me to bring it in.

        Seems in 2008 the frame was coated under a previous recall. It failed.They replaced the frame. Plus brake/fuel lines rear springs. In addition FREE labor to replace rotors brakes and rack which I purchased at AZ.
        Wanted to give me a free car to drive for the three months it took to complete. I opted not to. Was grateful enough. The total Toyota paid for this? $15,000. My 2004 also has a 15 year warranty. Used Toyota trucks are still $10K

        What do you think I will buy next? What do you think I will tell everyone about Toyota?
        Toyota is the number one auto manufacturer in the world.

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  2. alphil

    This appears to be a very nice truck,pretty pictures(garaged or repaint?),but for me pictures don’t tell the whole story. Another seller that you have to pull important information out of.Lacking description of present mechanical condition such as tire dates,shifts,starts,drives,stops,quiet,heats,cools,etc..If the truck functions as well as it looks,it’s a keeper,but we don’t know that.We have to call and take the word of a seller with 3 negative feedbacks within 6 months.Their responses to complaints have been,we’ve only had it for some months and the vehicle is over 20+ years old.Better pay someone to check it out

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    • Eric

      This dealer’s cars have been featured on here before. One was a Jeep XJ that clearly had paint work done, which I emailed and asked about and they did admit that it had been painted. They’re stuff is too nice, it’s fishy, imo.

  3. Ken Wittick

    Another eBay / barnfind ? Really ?

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    • Steve R

      I have no issues with the site doing features on vehicles like this. A few years older would be be better, but what the difference between this and the Chrysler New Yorker featured earlier today, neither has ever spent time in a barn. The best thing to do when a write up doesn’t interest you is not to click on it. That way those that enjoy seeing a broad assortment of vehicles can and those that don’t just move on to something else.

      Steve R

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      • TimS Member

        Well said. I don’t give a crap about any Toyota, nor many vehicles after, say, 1989. But I clicked on this one because it’s green and I love the color. The variety is what made me a member here, not a ten page booklet of qualifications for a listing on the site.

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  4. Ken Wittick

    Please, please someone define barn find

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    Holy Crap!!! Not the usual Corvette,Camaro, Nogo or Tri-5, Rusty Mopar or any year Mustang!!!!! Wow! Thank God something different!!!!

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  6. Ken Wittick

    and again what does Toyata being the number One seller in the world have to do with finding old cars in a barn ,that may or may not be worth restoring ?
    Why are you be taking used cars on eBay and show casing them here?

    • Bhowe Member

      Because some of us enjoy any older vehicle that is a survivor or low miles, or otherwise unique. Not the usual Camaro, chevelle, mustang, etc.

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  7. Armstrongpsyd Douglas Armstrong Member

    I’m consistently amazed that people make negative comments on this site. I come here because I’m a car guy. From a barn, a garage, behind a storage unite, CL, eBay, doesn’t matter. Is it a vehicle? Even old boats, planes and motorcycles are fine with me. I’m a member of Barn Find. I like the idea of a barn find, but heck, I can’t imagine complaining if a vehicle is a bit newer or found on CL. I’m a car guy. Show me cars. Complain to your wife, but not here in the comments.

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    • Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

      Well put Doug. I might add that this site would be pretty boring if it were restricted to pre eighties vehicles actually found in a barn. Variety is the spice of life.

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  8. Eric

    This dealer’s cars have been featured on here before. One was a Jeep XJ that clearly had paint work done, which I emailed and asked about and they did admit that it had been painted. They’re stuff is too nice, it’s fishy, imo.

  9. TestesRex

    I have a 99 Tacoma PreRunner that I bought in 2005 for $10,000 plus trade-in of a ’92 Colt that I had paid $1 for. The Taco had 60k on the odo when I bought it. It has always been my only vehicle; 145k now. 2.7L 4cyl, regular cab, auto trans, ps/pb, auto, manual windows and door locks. Took it in for the rusty frame recall; 1 free undercoating later I was good to go. I have done/spent the absolute minimum on maintenance possible, while working it like a rented mule whenever necessary. I’ve driven across the scales at the local scrapyard with 1300 lbs in the bed, and other than a rearward squat, the truck didn’t even notice. There is a reason Totota pickups are the vehicle of choice of insurgents and guerrilla armies around the world: they are durable, reliable and absolutely bomb-proof. I’d buy this featured truck in a heartbeat if I didn’t already own one.

    • AMCFAN

      Haha your right they seem the choice of insurgents. My buddy was stationed in Iraq and told stories of them having so much piled in the bed that the load and towering so high that the truck was swaying going down the road.

      It is sad that the posters intent here was to feature something different. The premise being earlier Toyota trucks have been gaining value for quite some time. That being the case a mint example of a later model would seem a gem among us in present time.

      Most that hate a Toyota are in the era of WW2 and dislike everything Japanese. For the rest it is the unwillingness to pay the prices. They have the highest resale value.

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