Pristine L69! 1984 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 W62

Smaller, lighter, and offering four, six, and eight cylinder engines, the third-generation Firebird offered something for everyone. In addition to being a low-mileage cream-puff, this 1984 Pontiac Trans Am in Lucasville, Ohio boasts desirable options including the L69 engine with five-speed manual transmission, WS6 handling package, and W62 Aerodynamic package. The auction here on eBay, could be your chance to snag a hot third-gen with all the goodies.

This well-preserved driver’s seat testifies to the 43,896 miles this Trans Am has covered. Compared to the popular all-black void, the tan and black interior looks smart and sophisticated. The WS6 package added limited slip, four-wheel disc brakes, and more aggressive suspension components.

Unlike Ford with its Mustang, GM never offered a hatch-back F-body until the 1982 model year. With the folding rear seat, these cars can swallow some surprisingly large objects. While the L69 High Output (H.O.) 5.0 liter (305 cid) V8 is not shown in the listing, it should not be dismissed as another lackluster ’80s powerplant. Pontiac ripped off the new-for-82 electronic fuel injection in favor of an old-school Rochester Quadrajet, added a hotter cam, headers, a Corvette catalytic converter, and a functional offset hood scoop. With this car’s five-speed and 3.73 gears, the 190 HP L69 should provide more than enough power for some fun, if you dare add miles to the odometer. Thanks to for some details.

It’s great to see that third pedal down there. Other than the aftermarket stereo, it looks showroom-fresh. This excellent example of ’80s performance will probably begin a low-mileage affair with its new owner. Perhaps it should, since it’s practically perfect, but it would be fun to thrash one of these, if only to remind everyone than not all sporty cars from the ’80s were merely tape stripes and badges. What’s your favorite third-gen F-body?


  1. al8apex

    these all had higher flow cast iron exhaust manifolds, never “headers”. No 3rd gen from GM ever came with “headers”

    SLP added headers to the very low production Firehawk, but that was not a GM production vehicle. Mecham did as well to the DKM cars, but, again, not a GM production vehicles

  2. AndyinMA

    Very nice car, stick makes it even nicer.

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    • Superdessucke

      It’d be perfect IMO if it didn’t have those awful t-tops. Some love them but I can’t stand them on these. Leaky and increase chassis flex, already an issue on these cars

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      • al8apex

        That and the cheesy vinyl standard seats

  3. John Oliveri

    Sorry for my negativity, but it’s not a Pontiac, it’s a Chevy motor, no bragging rites, my Chevy friends would torture and ridicule anyone who said that was a Pontiac, they would say it to you at every opportunity, Pontiac died a long time ago,and I mourned, but I do have my 73 Grand Prix w a 455 in my garage, heavy, slower than a 71, but a true Pontiac

  4. thirdgendude

    for the record.

    mustangs of the 80s era had 1 v8 engine choice,third gen cars
    had almost a half dozen choices.some were slow,some were quick.

    people get confused very easily when it comes to these cars.
    base level z28’s and trans ams were slow,however they are
    not all base level cars . when properly equipped are great,
    quick,cheap fun sports cars and with a little investment in parts
    and upgrades become monsters on the street,at the drags and
    in the twisties/corners.

    the base v8 was an LG4 305 ci with a lackluster 150 horsepower
    these were the most common because they were cheap but slow.

    this model shown is the h/o version with 190 horsepower and when
    mated to the t5 easily competed with the SAME YEAR mustang.
    no,the mustang was not a faster or better car,if it had more power
    and better options then it was a better car NATURALLY……

    when the LB9 efi 305 came out,with a five speed and decent rear end gear ratio,5.0 mustangs really started to understand why this was the superior car
    with modern handling AND braking .if an fully dressed mustang gt messed with this car it was easily embarrassed by a decent driver.

    SO,in conclusion learn about the things you claim to know about
    and realize not all things are as they seem and some require further investigation and research. an LB9 -T5 -G20 rear geared third gen
    was easily equal OR superior completion to ANY mustang GT

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