Is This Project a Drag? 1968 Pontiac LeMans

Montana DanfordBy Montana Danford

If you squint hard enough, you can almost see this car screaming down the quarter mile. Here’s your chance to own a drag racing car and finish it with your own style.  For sale here on craigslist in Post Falls, Idaho for the asking price of $6,000. Keep reading to see why this 1968 Pontiac LeMans may be the best deal on craigslist!

The blown 402 block is built as a 437 stroker topped with twin carburetors and a polished 671 blower. It’s said to make 10:1 compression and runs on pump gas. While the engine looks complete, there’s not much sign of any other necessary components. There is no radiator, ignition wiring, fuel plumbing, etc.

The narrowed Ford 9″ rear end is kept straight by a 4-link suspension and features hardened axles and 16″ drag slicks.  Do you want to know why this may be the best deal on Craigslist?  You can bet the owner spent at least low five figures building the engine.  Add the wheels and tires, front end trim, racing seats and other usable parts, this car can be parted out for a hefty profit over the $6,000 asking price.  Of course, all that is dependent on the engine running strong and being usable in another project.  There are certainly lots of people that would pay a lot of money for a blower motor like that!

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  1. Bruce

    I was just up in that area over the weekend.

  2. Steve R

    It looks like someone threw a bunch of parts they found at a swapmeet at an abandoned project. I’d want to see the receipts for the engine.

    Steve R

  3. Art M.

    Most likely worth the asking price if the engine will fire up and run.

    • picklz

      But it clearly won’t….

  4. Oily Dick

    Why is there wood stacked under the exhaust?

    • grant

      I’d imagine because the engine isn’t bolted in. It was set on the frame rails to mock it up for photos.

  5. Lord Humungous

    That front bumper is perfect!

  6. Tom Member

    and you don’t have wheels on the front because……???? At the very least put some jack stands under and hang wheels on it just to humor me.

    The word liability comes to mind …at the same time the phrase “hot mess”, with the afterthought of what you could have done with 6K besides this? How about some photos of the car…..I’m done.

    • whippeteer

      Front wheels would only slow it down by increasing the rolling resistance…

  7. LAB3

    I’ll freely admit to not having much experience at building a dragster from the ground up but I’m pretty sure they go faster with front wheels installed.

  8. Keith

    If you look closely at intake to head mounting area ….1/4 inch shims are there …. These shims are used on tall deck blocks to make a stock deck intake to fit . Dirty rusty block , no bolts in intake . I call B S on engine build and condition . Buyer beware !

    • jw454

      Well, that and the fact that none of that stuff is bolted down. The intake, valve covers, etc are just sitting there. Also, the crank pulley is not attached to the crank. It’s just hanging in the belt.

  9. Jay E.

    Time to make a “Crow” clone

  10. Howard A Member

    Doesn’t need front tires. They’ll probably never touch the ground anyway. I agree, a project that ran out of steam( aka, money) Seems a shame. Lot of work here, and didn’t get to drive it. That’s the real loss.

  11. Dave

    But LAB3, just imagine the cool sparks it would throw down the track! Shut off the lights and let ‘er rip!

    • LAB3

      Some sacrificial magnesium blocks bolted to the bottom of the front sub frame would help avoid costly and time consuming damage.

  12. Will

    Sure does look cool but would take a ton of work. Here’s the saved ad

  13. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    This reminds me of the Far Side “How Nature Says Don’t Touch.” I’m not sure a blower and a trailer load of miscellaneous car parts totals $6000. I’ve never known anyone to build a motor and not at least rattle-can paint it. The “zoomies” look like they may be non-functional and came from Home Depot.

  14. Hot Wheels Calgary

    When I look at this all I hear is ” On this episode of Roadkill…..”

  15. Michael F Antaki

    I have Blown big block GM 464 -4 bolt main, roller rockers ,cam balanced and blue printed with dual bell housing and chrome exhaust sitting on a stand in my garage for 14 years … Just waiting for the right Project car. Cost $almost 30K.
    Was for a Cigarette boat but alas its sits where I can see it everyday on front of my 78 corvette pace car.
    Any buyers on either…or just talkers and in the article above……. NO tire.. kickers

  16. Dt 1

    Take the engine and the Ford 9 rear leave the rest of the car

  17. El Chinero

    <> or detonates on pump gas ….

  18. rbtempe

    I’d never pay 6k for that.


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