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Project or Parts? 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS

On the face of it, the person who takes on the restoration of this 1967 Camaro RS is going to need to be pretty brave. It looks like there are plenty of rust issues that will need to be addressed, plus plenty of mechanical hurdles to be cleared if this classic pony car is ever going to grace our roads once again. The Camaro is located in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding on the RS, which has no title, has now reached $1,100 in a No Reserve auction.

Rust has staked its claim on every visible surface of the Camaro, and I get the impression that this might not be the car’s first dose of tin worm. The significant amount of Bondo that is visible in the bottom of the passenger side quarter panel would tend to indicate that there has been a previous repair there. Otherwise, it is probably easier to list the components that haven’t been stricken with rust…and that would be the windows. The rear bumper and distinctive RS grille also look good. Apart from afflicting every bolt-on panel, there is also rust visible around the rear window. The cowl also appears to be full of leaf litter and other debris, so there is a fair chance that there will be problems there as well. The owner provides no information about the state of the floors or frame, so that is one area where we are flying blind.

Things really don’t look a lot better when we open the doors and peer inside the Camaro. The interior is pretty badly trashed, although it does appear to be largely complete. It looks like the car was originally fitted with a floor console, but that no longer appears to be present. One interesting aspect of the interior is that it doesn’t look like there have been any modifications made to fit an aftermarket stereo or other components. This is actually a little bit surprising.

Gracing the engine bay of the Camaro is a 327ci V8, while you also get a Powerglide transmission and power steering. As with so much of the car, we aren’t flush with good news under the hood. It looks like it has been a very long time since that engine has fired a shot in anger, and the amount and type of debris scattered around under there suggests that more than a few rodents have called this place home at one point or another. In addition, the owner does state that he doesn’t know whether the engine even turns freely. The amount of corrosion present doesn’t give us a lot to hope for on that front.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but to my mind, I see the future for this Camaro as being a parts car, or for the plates and tags to find their way onto a shell from a company like Dynacorn. If the frame itself is relatively solid, then that would probably be the most viable option, because if you begin to add together all of the parts and labor costs required to bring the body of this Camaro back from the dead, then the numbers really don’t stack up. What do you think?


  1. poseur Member

    is this what it’s come to?
    i guess if this heap has a part or three that you really need and can’t find elsewhere with such an authentic ‘patina’ go ahead and throw down some cash.
    but i’m hard pressed to find a single body panel or other significant piece that isn’t already scrap.
    shuddering at the thought of what the frame and suspension look like

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    • Superdessucke

      Ugh! My eyes!! My freakin’ eyes!!! What parts are even salvageable on this poor wretched waterlogged thing. Breaks my heart :-(

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      • Billieg

        “Breaks my heart :-(”

        Me too since I had a blue one and sold it to a guy in Lake Arial around 1978. I pulled mine out of a junk yard and spent 2 years restoring it. I’d hate to think this was mine.

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      • Superdessucke

        Well, if you mean you sold the car while the car was in Lake Arial around 1978 then yes, this could be yours :-(

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  2. RayT Member

    If this was a Porsche 356, bidding would be well into six figures by now.

    As it sits, I’d advise letting it sit. Not sure there is $1100 (or $110, or $11) worth of parts to scrounge off this hulk.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Looks like it really was in Lake Ariel.

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    • Jf85tr99

      Lol you beat me to the stump Bob, couldnt have put it better. This poor Camaro had a terrible life way before it was left somewhere wet and dark for a long time. Hopefully someone can pull a few parts before it hits the crusher.


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    • D

      was just about to say the same thing LOL poor car

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  4. CapNemo CapNemo

    It’s done.

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  5. 8banger David Mika Member

    Lord God Almighty! Give it its last rights and let it be turned into a few LG wahsers and such!

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  6. Will Fox

    It’s a Chevy. Regardless of condition, aren’t those worth at least 5-figures? Chevy owners usually seem to think so. Their motto?

    “Nothing’s worth as much as a Chevy!!”

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    • Rosco

      Good point!! Seems like there is always someone commenting that you can’t get a first gen Camaro for under 5 figures! Must be a mistake on the Ebay site regarding the price.

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  7. LARRY

    You could use the..possibly the..maybe the..nahh never mind. May she rust in pieces

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    • Reid Hall

      Let’s face it this is just a part’s car/project car, although only one bad thing all of the swap meet part’s are way gone. $500.00- $1500.00k all day long top’s if things were better l might would want to buy this, but my best advice would be pass,on this one,if you’re not sure.

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  8. sir mike

    Somebody will buy it for the vin and title…

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    • rpol35

      Owner says no title, don’t know what it would take to get one.

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  9. rpol35

    This is a very early Camaro, fifth week of October (’66) build date. If the engine isn’t internally trashed, it has some value. It’s a 275 HP 327 CI with a Rochester 4GC carburetor – owing to its early build date (later ones had Quadrajets). 327’s are very hard to find anymore – the rest of the car is probably, unfortunately, scrap value; the glass and body parts are all reproduced now.

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  10. That 80's Guy The Tower

    This just makes me sad.

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  11. Husky

    Had it been a MOPAR….

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    • Will Fox

      If this were a `70 E-body (Cuda/Challenger) even a slant 6 in the same condition, reserve would be at least $30K. Simply because it’s a MoPar.

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  12. Tom

    Mouse or Rat Heaven!

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  13. Little_Cars

    How did the rear bumper escape any major damage? Seeing as both rear fenders and even the trunk lid look like they’ve been used for demo derby practice by a ten-year-old! Seats are from a later Camaro and might sell for $110. Could they seriously not take a leaf blower or pressure washer to this thing and at least see if the tires would hold air. Lazy seller looking for ridiculous dough….once again….


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    • Nate

      It’s a no reserve auction on eBay. How is that an example of ‘looking for ridiculous dough’?

      Love the way everybody piles on the criticism just because a guy found this piece of junk and is trying to make a buck and get it off of his property at the same time. You’d do the exact same thing.

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  14. Tracy

    It’s worth whatever the metal that is left weighs. Crusher piece.

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  15. John M.

    Rust In Peace.

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  16. Barzini

    It was not that many years ago that a car in this condition would head to the crusher without a second thought. I’d love to believe someone has the time, skill and resources to bring it back but wonder if the buyers have other plans.

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  17. art

    This specimen is just laughable. Nothing special of a car, so a restoration would be $$$$ off the charts, anything attempted to be removed will require a torch and yes, “Little Cars” is right, at least broom off the debris, hose the bloody thing off, and try to air up the tires.
    35 minutes of clean up work could yield more money and a faster sale.
    L A Z Y

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  18. jerry z

    It’s amazing how a pile of scrap metal has this much value and I like Camaros!

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  19. Stilbo

    Two rotten Mustangs and a REALLY rotten and roached Camaro?
    Even if it were a Nickey or COPO car it’d be difficult to justify sinking money into.
    Another sad testament to folks that can’t take care of anything.
    There should be a category named
    “Scrapyard Finds”.

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  20. Jimmy

    Another car I wouldn’t drag home if they gave it to me.

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  21. Djjerme

    If it was a 302 powered car, then the VIN and drivetrain would be worth something, but now… meh.

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  22. Dave Slater

    JUNK IT, and start with something decent! This Camaro is too far gone and it would cost you a fortune….not worth it!

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  23. mjf

    I wonder if it runs ? lol

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    • Rob S

      What?? Is this owner the same hopeful with the two mustangs??

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  24. Comet

    Flying blind on the condition of the floors and frame? Just a guess, but I’m going to stick my neck out and say their probably rotten.

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  25. Brian B

    I don’t think it’s worth the fuel to pick it up.

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  26. Al

    Slow day at Barn Finds? Why waste time and space on scrap metal ?

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  27. TimM

    I’ll get to it some day honey!!!
    I promise!!!
    It’s not going to sit in the weeds and rot away!!!!

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  28. stillrunners

    What Keith said…….

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  29. Paul

    I like both Camaro’s and Mustangs however and I hate to see any Camaro or early Mustang crushed……although I do want to see ALL mustangs II’s crushed (even if they are in perfect condition)…..so I am squinting hard to try and fine some value here

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  30. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nate… Agree with you but I’ve got a really nice aluminum open trailer that I would not pull this mess onto, and I’ve pulled some interesting “finds” on to it.

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