Project or Parts Car? 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon

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Between 1952-74, the Ranch Wagon was Ford’s least expensive station wagon and usually a full-size model. All full-size Fords received futuristic styling for 1961, which even included flat tailfins on the wagons. This edition has an extensive amount of rust and a missing engine, so restoring it is going to be a time-consuming and expensive venture. But the price isn’t futuristic at $2,000 OBO here on craigslist. Though last titled in California, the wagon is in Raeford, North Carolina. Thanks for the tip, Chuck Foster!

Ford offered three series of full-size wagons in 1960: Ranch, Country Sedan, and Country Squire, with each having a higher level of trim as you moved up. The latter was the top-end wagon, with fake wood side paneling that harkened back to the days of the Woodies. The Ranch Wagon was the only one available with two doors (three if you count the tailgate) and 27,136 of them were built that year. You may have purchased this one if you were more interested in hauling cargo than people.

As many others did, this Ranch Wagon started life with a basic six-cylinder engine and a “three-on-the-tree” manual transmission. At some point, the 223 cubic-inch six was jettisoned in favor of a 390 big-block V8, but neither engine is around now, so anyone looking to revive this car is going to have to source a motor. One thing this wagon has plenty of is rust, including corrosion in the floor pans, rear cargo area, spare tire well, and doors. To help facilitate repairs, if that’s the plan, the car will come with patch panels for both rear quarter panels, a spare tailgate in a different color, and a few other parts. From what we see of the interior, a complete makeover will be needed there as well.

The seller may be making a second (or more) attempt at offloading this old wagon as most of the photos are date-stamped from three years ago. Or the settings in the camera could simply be wrong. But it doesn’t matter. Hagerty pegs top dollar on a ’60 Ranch Wagon to be $20,000 and it will take that much or more to rebuild this one. What would you do with it?

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  1. Ken Carney

    Well, it is a blank canvas isn’t it? my plans
    for it would call for a 5.0 engine swap from
    a crashed police car along with the automatic transmission and a beefed up
    9″ rear. Redo the interior, paint it black,
    and watch the fun begin. I’m tellin’ ya’
    this thing’s got sleeper written all over it!

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    • jeff

      Yep a blank sheet ,,,drop in a Hemi

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  2. Glenn C. SchwassMember

    Not an old Ford guy but I love seeing these old wagons. This has great lines. I hope it gets saved.

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  3. Dan Baker

    Never cared for the looks of the ’60 Ford. My Ford guy Dad always said Ford’s that did not have round taillights we’re bad years. Hmmm!

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  4. Larry

    I drove a car like this for my first job when I was a teenager only it was green with an automatic

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  5. MikeRocks

    Spray everything with flat black.

    Make a bill board that says



    City 😉

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    • Will Fox

      Sounds pretty 6th grade-ish.

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      • Dave

        I was thinking more about the Rolling Stones song myself…

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  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    To my thinking, someone would really have to want/love this one to make it a viable save. It going to take a lot more to fix it than it will ever be worth IMO.

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  7. Terry

    I liked the ’60 Fords. I had a Galaxie 4-door with a 352 in it. The wagons are attractive too. Most Ranch Wagons had the 6, the Country Sedan and Country Squire had the V8.

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  8. CCFisher

    I picture this with a crate Coyote engine hooked to a 6-speed manual, lowered chassis with 18″ American Racing Torq-Thrust M wheels, stock body, stock trim, tangerine pearl lower body, pearl white roof, full custom interior with metal surfaces in tangerine pearl, padded and/or upholstered surfaces in pearl white.

    Or shake it up a bit more, add Edsel wagon pieces and call it a one-of-none 1960 Edsel Roundup.

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    • Richard Kirschenbaum

      There were ’60 Edsel Wagons albeit probably not 2 doors. I remember seeing one loaded with house painter ladders, buckets and the like. It wasn’t that old either, a sad fate to befall any car to be sure.

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    • Lance

      I agree with the Coyote motor. Cost no limit I would install the entire drivetrain from a late model Mustang complete with the independent rear end and the six speed manual. Mine would be Kona Blue Metallic and Platinum White roof with a blue and white interior.

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  9. Evan

    Call me crazy, but the 2-door wagon (and Sedan Delivery) is my favorite body style of all times. A 2-door, 1st gen Chevelle wagon makes me go weak in the knees.

    This? Even if it was cherry, it does nothing at all for me. And in this state, it would take a very devoted fan to bother trying to save it.

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    • Gary

      Mine too. The rear window/tailgate are beautiful.

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  10. HoA Howard AMember

    Oy, well, you have to start somewhere with these. I thought, for a one year wonder, ( yep children, cars cosmetically changed almost every year back then!), the 1960 Ford was the nicest. 4 door wagons, of any make, were a dime a dozen, fact is, in all my years, I never remember ANY 2 door wagons, except sedan deliveries. A station wagon was for piling as many people as you can into one, regardless of safety, and a 2 door, which was technically safer, just didn’t cut it. Why, grandma herself almost required her own door. I think this car is complete enough to redo, I doubt you’ll find a clean one of these. With restoration costs changing hourly, you’ll be under water in no time, if that’s any incentive.

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    • Terrry

      There’s more “blank” than “sheet” to this rust bucket. Give me $200 and I’d haul it away.

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  11. ADM

    We had a ’60 Country Sedan with the 223 and the 2 speed automatic. Couldn’t get out of it’s own way, but I still liked it. It never rotted, and was still in decent shape when my father sold it. It was “Meadowvale Green Metallic.” Of course, I wish I had it now.

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  12. Steve Thompson

    This Ford is almost 7 feet wide and 18 feet long – if you’ve ever been around one you know how big they are and one of the widest cars ever made – there seems to be room for 2 ford 302’s under the hood !

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  13. wjtinfwb

    Too bad about all the rust. If a bit more solid, I’d paint it that bright silver Mercedes’ uses, black interior, dark gray center torque thrust wheels and a 302 or 351 Windsor, EFI coupled to an AOD and some 3.73s in the pumpkin. A receiver hitch underneath and it would be great for towing my dirt bikes and a Saturday evening cruise. Wagons are the Boss!

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  14. Gray Wolf

    Too bad they took what may have been fairly rust free car from Ca. then let it rust in the East! You would think they would take steps to preserve this vehicle! I will never understand why it happens!😡😡

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  15. Gary

    I don’t think it is penetrating rust but just surface. Beautiful front and rear end design, best looking tailgate/rear window design ever on a wagon imho

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  16. Mark James Mark A James

    I have a 61 two door Ranch 75% done from California. No rust. Personal reasons are not going to allow me to complete it. If anyone out there is interested, reach out and I will send you all the information/ pics/ etc.

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  17. james h kleppinger

    this is a really cool car, it was on craigs list near me . i wanted to buy it but i didn’t have the money at the time. it is in pretty good shape for the age.
    i have a 60 chevy 2dr wagon and a 59 chevy sedan delivery. and now a 57 chevy wagon too.

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    • Mark James Mark James

      I still have the wagon although I am in the Hudsonville Michigan area these days- Finished up the drive train/ chassis and still looking for the next owner to finish her up if you know of someone!

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      • Terrry

        Looks like a ’61 wagon to me

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