Ranch Wagon

Two Doors and a V8: 1955 Ford Ranch Wagon

In production from 1952 to 1974, the Ranch Wagon was usually Ford’s entry-level, full-size station wagon. But in 1955 it was also available in Custom trim, putting it closer to the Country Sedan and Country Squire in terms of… more»

Older Restomod: 1955 Ford Ranch Wagon

The Ranch Wagon was Ford’s entry-level, full-size station wagon from 1952 to 1974. It was a no-nonsense people mover that often came with few frills. If you needed a wagon to go camping or fishing or deliver groceries, the… more»

Rare Camping Combo: 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon and Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailer!

Combining novelty and rarity, here’s something you definitely don’t see every day. I’d be curious if any of our readers have ever seen one of these Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailers up close and personal. I know I haven’t. Here’s a… more»

Ford’s Nomad: 1958 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon

The Del Rio was Ford’s second attempt at emulating Chevrolet’s unique Nomad sport wagon in the late 1950s. Like the Parklane of 1956, the 1957-58 Del Rio used a standard 2-door Ford wagon body with none of the special… more»

Desert Sun 40 Years! 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon

The Ranch Wagon was Ford’s cheapest station wagon. Offered between 1952 and 1974, it was usually a full-size wagon though it deviated for two years as a mid-size. As a 2-door wagon, it was a budget-minded companion to the… more»

Well Documented: 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon

For a design basically absent from the American carscape since the early ’60s, two-door station wagons, such as this 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon, continue to turn up. One of 36K produced, this car has been extensively videoed by the… more»

Low Rider Ranch Wagon: 1953 Ford

We cover a lot of two-door station wagons on Barn Finds, but often they are on the way down or have already hit bottom. That leaves one with decisions to make regarding a potential restoration, as in, is it… more»

Cool Upholstery! 1956 Ford Ranch Wagon

Taken as a whole, this 1956 Ford Ranch Wagon is an unmolested survivor with many positive attributes. However, its original interior trim is a showstopper and is sure to command attention and attract comments wherever the Wagon goes. Its… more»

Restore or Drive? 1955 Ford Ranch Wagon

The Ranch Wagon was Ford’s entry-level station wagon between 1952 and 1974, serving in both full and mid-size product categories. It was your basic, no-frills people mover. This 1955 edition is in running condition but needs more tinkering to… more»

Cool Custom: 1961 2-Door Ford Ranch Wagon

We uncover two-door station wagons here at Barn Finds with surprising regularity. Many are in less than usable operation such as this rare 1958 Mercury Commuter and that always begs the question of what to do with the car…. more»

Original Flathead: 1953 Ford Ranch Wagon

Station wagons are a hot ticket in the classic market, and this trend shows no signs of changing. Many people buy a newer wagon as an alternative to a van or an SUV, but wagons like this 1953 Ford… more»

Project or Parts Car? 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon

Between 1952-74, the Ranch Wagon was Ford’s least expensive station wagon and usually a full-size model. All full-size Fords received futuristic styling for 1961, which even included flat tailfins on the wagons. This edition has an extensive amount of… more»

Stored For A Decade: 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 Wagon

Anyone who ever doubted the popularity of classic station wagons needs only look at this 1967 Ford Fairlane 500. It looks tired, and the owner has only recently dragged it out of storage after a decade, but it has… more»

Same Family Since New: 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon

All hail the two-door station wagon like this 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon. As popular as ever, they usually don’t remain as-is for long. Before this example gets snagged and visions of a hot-rod hauler dance through the next owner’s… more»

Two Door 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon!

The Ranch Wagon was Ford’s least expensive station wagon between 1952-74. It was usually a full-sized transport, although the name was used on intermediates during 1963-64. The seller’s 2-door version from 1960 hasn’t been registered for the last 43… more»

Desert Find: $3,900 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon

The Ranch Wagon was Ford’s first all-steel-bodied wagon in 1952 after the “Woodie” phase of wagon production had come to an end. Simpler in trim and amenities compared to the Country Squire, the Ranch Wagon would remain a Ford… more»