Promising Project: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS

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One of the greatest attractions of classic First Generation pony cars is the ready availability of parts. There is virtually nothing on these classics that can’t be restored or replaced if an owner seeks perfection. That helps explain why this 1969 Camaro RS has attracted considerable attention since the seller listed it here on eBay in Haleyville, Alabama. It spent three decades in storage, but its specifications and options make it worth a close look. Bidding has rocketed to $14,850, although that figure falls short of the reserve.

This Camaro is a sad sight in its current form, with the buyer facing significant rust repairs before applying a fresh coat of its original and striking Daytona Yellow paint. Tin worm has attacked most of the areas we have come to expect, including the floors, lower rear quarter panels, and the underside of the hood. There is also plenty of surface corrosion, and while the trunk pan features penetrating rust, the seller believes it is repairable. The car retains its iconic RS grille, and the original owner’s decision to specify headlamp washers is a bonus. The tinted glass looks like it might be okay, but some trim pieces require restoration or replacement. The Camaro rolls on aftermarket wheels, although the seller includes the original Rally wheels for those contemplating a faithful restoration.

The successful bidder will need to splash the cash to return this Camaro’s interior to its original splendor. Still, the results should be worth the expense when you consider how it must have looked the day the original owner took delivery of this classic. They ordered it trimmed in Ivory vinyl, adding a console, sports gauge cluster, factory tachometer, and an AM radio. The car retains these features, but a total retrim is on the agenda. A kit would seem the most logical approach, adding approximately $2,000 to the total. However, with the interior in a factory fresh state, it would undoubtedly attract plenty of attention and positive comments.

Powering this Camaro is a 350ci V8 that would have sent 250hp to the 12-bolt rear end via a three-speed manual transmission. As drivetrain configurations go, they don’t come much more bulletproof than this, meaning this classic would have comfortably stormed the ¼-mile in 15.8 seconds in its prime. While it may be bulletproof, the Chevrolet small-block isn’t infallible. The seller states the car ran when parked, but three decades have passed since that occurred. The car is mechanically complete, although that sweet little V8 is stuck. It may take little beyond a healthy dose of Mystery Oil to address the problem, but it would be wise if the successful bidder factored a rebuild into their restoration costs. It goes without saying that many perishable items require replacement, but with parts readily available and affordable, that shouldn’t cause the new owner many sleepless nights.

Undeniably, this 1969 Camaro RS needs love to return to its former glory, but the bones appear to be present to achieve that goal. That helps explain why it has already received twenty-three bids, and there is time for that figure to rise significantly. It will require a deep commitment on behalf of the successful bidder, but how much do you think they will pay for the privilege of parking it in their workshop?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    The rust repair around the rear window is enough to stop me, but hey, as we say to our customers, “It’s only money”…

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    • Maggy

      Yup…paper with green ink and dead presidents I always say.

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  2. Maggy

    Too much rust for me.Better off starting with a solid one or a dynacorn.This car basically needs everything.

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  3. Don Page Jr.

    After looking through all of the photos, I think I need it get a tetanus shot.

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  4. dennis

    It will take a lifetime to restore this, then another one to get the smell of mice out.

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  5. Nova John

    This might present as another rustamacallit ,but damn, I love the uniqueness of the options and paint/interior combo. An RS too, makes it interesting and a conversation starter at a car show or anywhere. The sheet metal repairs are steep but what a doll! I guess I am just a sap for these poor cars that need a home : )

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    • Melton Mooney

      The seller is right about this being an LM1 car which explains the curious inclusion of SS stuff. LM1 production ended in Jan ’69. LM1 with RS is rare enough in ’69 Camaro terms to affect the sell $.

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      • ted dezso

        As a 35 year owner of an original 69 SS/RS Camaro it is nice to read a comment from someone is knowledgable!

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  6. Lawrence Carpenter

    Current visit 14,895 you’re going to put another $25,000 into the car before you even get it on the road engine probably needs to be overhauled transmission needs to be overhauled you’re looking at probably $60,000 involved that car is not worth that much

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  7. Domenic

    Way to much money to pay for VIN #. Everything else needs to be replaced.

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  8. Claudio

    I have a vin for a 69 camaro with 307 in a drawer and its been there for more than 30 years and i am not going to build another 1

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  9. ACZ

    There isn’t a part of this car that isn’t affected by rust. Needs an entire reskin and complete floors. What’s left? Subframe and suspension, maybe?

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  10. Mark

    Headlight washers was part of the Rally Sport package although they were a option on other Camaros. Tach was part of the gauge package, but you had to order the console as that was were the gauges were placed and that put the trans shifter in the console

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    • JoeNYWF64

      I don’t think you could get aux gages & tach on ANY 1st(or 2nd?) gen camaro with the strait 6 cylinder, even if you got an RS with the 230 or 250!
      Yet you could get rear tire “liquid tire chain” & VERY expensive 4 wheel disc brakes on a ’69 with a 6 cylinder. Go figure.

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  11. Gary

    I almost had a similar 69 Camaro back in 81. Daytona yellow, black and white houndstooth/checkered interior, 396/4speed, gauge package, bucket seats, console etc. Nicely loaded hot rod that was babied from day one. A neighbors son owned it and we couldn’t get close enough on price. Wish I had bit the bullet and bought it.

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  12. Mark

    Was your car a SS/RS or had the 396 been swapped in? 396 only came in SS cars. All Camaros had bucket seats

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    • ted dezso

      SS/RS haqd the 396 option in 1969!!

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      • ted dezso

        Sorry – My bad. Forgot this was an RS model.

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      • JoeNYWF64

        Most people don’t know you could get a 1st gen camaro RS with either the 230 or 250 6 cyl motor! I have NEVER!! seen a ’69 as such, & seen only a handful of ’67s & ’68s. Too bad Chevy did not keep records of how many RS’s got what motors. Could be less of those with 6’s than ’69 ZL1’s
        made !, tho hardly a DESIRABLE motor today. lol

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