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Psychedelic Project: 1971 Chevrolet Corvette


Once upon a time, people painted their cars in colors that defied even the wildest rainbow, replete with artwork that either held some personal meaning or was purely the result of a wicked bender on illegal substances. Even Corvettes were susceptible to these wild paint jobs, as seen by this rolling art show listed on eBay with an opening bid of $10,000. Shockingly, no one has stepped up to the plate. According to the seller, he parked this car in a damp garage and forgot about it for a few years, in which time – also shockingly – moisture seeped underneath the multiple car covers this Vette was sporting and did a number on the paint job. The level of custom work is impressive, with flared fenders, exposed headlights, GTO tail lights and a custom velvet interior. There’s little doubt which era this car hails from, and if you can get past the cactus graphics and plush accommodations, you’ll find a ’71 Corvette that has a matching numbers powerplant and would look handsome repainted in its original steel grey with black color combo. Save this paint job for a van with a couch and porthole windows. How would you tackle this restoration?


  1. Nick G

    That has to be the most repulsive interior I have ever seen, and can only imagine how bad the smell must be.

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  2. kenzo

    One question WHY??
    can’t imagine the cost but even in those days it probably was a bunch. even the headliner!

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  3. Rick

    Way too much cactus juice dude….You gotta lay off the mescal.

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  4. Gregory

    Put it back in the barn!!! Just sayin

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  5. JW

    The owner and or the painter of this Vette was not only extremely high he had to of been drinking the Bong Water. Burn it as a testament to the 70’s & Disco.

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  6. JW454

    It looks like some of the cars that were turned out from a shop located in Dayton Ohio in the early seventies… “The Egyptian”. Back then, we thought they were pretty cool… not so much now.

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    • JohnnyT

      The “Egyptian” still exists, at the same location as way back when. Took a tour of his facility last summer. Has a collection of his cars from “back in the day” and is doing cars today to whatever style the customer specifies. Quite the talented guy!

      Let’s not get too critical of styles “back then”. Once we were cool in our bell bottoms, platform shoes, mullet hair, “Miami Vice” linen jackets or whatever was in style at the time. Some day our kids will look back at 2015 styles and wonder “what were they thinking?”

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  7. A.J.

    My uncle could paint like that back in the early 70s. He could do some really cool stuff. Not sure about this one, the paint isn’t horrible but the interior is.

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  8. sir mike

    if this would have been done to a VAN in the 70’s it would be ok…sort of…somethings should never be found.

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  9. patrol

    Fresh out of “counting cars ” custom workshop

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  10. blindmarc

    I was in my teens in the seventies, and would drive it as is. A great tribute to those days, and to redo the paint would take the “magic” away from it.

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  11. Alan (Michigan)

    “You can see my cousin Ricky, he does the finest tuck and roll in all the land.”

    @ JW454, I was raised in the Dayton area, and yes I remember :The Egyptian”!

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    • JW454


      I was always surprised that their cars could look so good after seeing their shop. What a mess!!! Fiberglas and bondo dust everywhere 2 inches thick! My parent’s house was only a few blocks away and we rode bicycles over there to watch them work. The guys working in the shop used to give me $2.00 to go the the store to get them 16 oz. bottles of soda. I got to keep the change and could keep a bottle for myself.

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  12. Ron Bajorek

    good Start to a Baldwin Motion GT clone, wonder where that car was delivered new?

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  13. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Looks like a Trans Am, a 240 Z and a large bag of wool got a threesome going with the addition of some illegal substances and this is the mutant offspring.

    Pure 70’s tho

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  14. Rick

    If there was enough moisture under those covers to ruin the paint, one can only wonder what’s left of the frame.

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  15. Rick

    If there was enough moisture under those covers to run the paint, I wonder what the frame looks like.

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  16. jim s

    seller has 5256 items on ebay right now. why would someone spend all that money to build this car and then not take care of it? it does have one bid already. interesting find.

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  17. Al D

    Wow….reminds me of the lounge at a Greek restaurant.

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  18. skloon

    It should be called the “Peyote Special”

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  19. olerascal

    A rare treat to see bad choices of the past…after many years.
    Would be fun to show it at local cruise-ins for a year or two.
    Too rough & tasteless to preserve as-is, which is a blessing.
    I’d keep body mods and go for subtle, race inspired graphics.

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  20. Moparman Moparmann Member

    Nevermind the “Why”…How does one “FORGET” any Corvette, let alone one as “memorable” as this one, for 32 years???!

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  21. George

    Not all pimps drove Cadillacs…

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  22. Ron Y.

    That makes sense! I think I saw this car in a magazine when I was a kid. Back in the early 70s we left the crazy colors of stuff you would see on Laugh In but Bold Greens and Golds were big I remember my dad even painting my Schwinn Bicycle Green with a gold stripe and I had a Red Banana Seat. With chopper handle bars. The point is It was the in thing for a young college student to have a car like that. My brother would have called it a pimp car but that made way to what was big in the mid 70s The customized Chevy Van.

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  23. Ron Bajorek

    car is in the Bronx, that’s a Motion Nose. Motion Modded Rear End and a Motion Gas Cap, anybody have a way to find out which dealership sold that car new? That thing is not that far away from Sunrise Blvd, this could have been on of Joels cars (sounds like heavy motor mods)……. Somebody should really take a look at this thing and chase some numbers down….never say never

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