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Pure Class: 1929 Packard 626


What a classy looking car! I don’t always like black and copper together, but this jazzy sedan really trips my triggers! It’s currently waiting for a new owner in Woodland Hills, California and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding starts at $20,000. It’s showing 11,312 miles, but who knows how accurate that reading is?


It doesn’t get much classier than this! Believe it or not, this was the smallest series of the four Packards offered in 1929, with the 626 designation representing a 126″ wheelbase. For comparison purposes, a 2016 Ford Taurus’s wheelbase is only 112.9″, so this is still a pretty large car!


And how about a trunk that is exactly that–a trunk! The car looks to be in pretty decent cosmetic shape on the outside, with no rot visible in these pictures, and the ad states that there is no rust, only minor blemishes in the finish. The seller offers in the auction to take close up pictures of any area you are curious about.


Interior-wise there’s some work to be completed, which is understandable if the seller is correct and this is the original fabric; I couldn’t find any others on the web with this kind of upholstery, but who’s to say what I found was right either? Do any Barn Finds readers know if this is the correct fabric? If this really is original I’d sure try to sympathetically repair it.


The straight eight engine is impressive to look at even though it would benefit from a good detail. I think I’d choose something other than a bright orange Fram oil filter, and I’m guessing that setup isn’t original anyway. The seller tells us that it starts right up and that both the transmission and suspension are in good condition. I like the idea that the car is usable and still looks presentable; just looking at this engine and how pretty that chrome or aluminum cover would look cleaned up and polished makes me want to get under that hood and start work. Would you enjoy tinkering with this beauty?


  1. Avatar photo Jim

    What no patina!

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    • Avatar photo Donnie

      hehe remember when guys liked cars with shiny paint and not faded rusty junck looking cars

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  2. Avatar photo Cassidy

    Very nice, very stately!

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  3. Avatar photo Rob


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    • Avatar photo Rob

      btw.. yes, that’s an ‘original’ upholstery pattern for that model, and so appears correct. As re that ‘paint’, hmmm, maybe it originally belonged to a ‘Copper (as in mines) King’.. :)

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  4. Avatar photo ydnar

    Knit picking the oil filter? Really? It is a great add on for the preservation of the engines moving parts.

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    • Avatar photo Jim

      Based on those hoses and filter placement, I’d say someone knew what he/she was doing.

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      • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

        Agreed. Just wish they had chosen a different filter!

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Randy, a plain white Wix would have looked (and quite possibly performed) better.

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      • Avatar photo David G

        Agreed Jamie, lots of the new WIX filters about that size come black which would be much better. But i’ll give him a pass for just having good filtration on a noteworthy automobile like this, for now..

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  5. Avatar photo mark

    Beautiful car. I know this is not a Buick however if I had to describe it with one word it would be “Regal”.

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  6. Avatar photo Ed P

    Now this is a car to be preserved!!

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  7. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    Nice rare car. It’s sad to say that there is not a lot of collectibility left in these true classic sedans anymore. This is one that should be preserved as is and enjoyed.

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  8. Avatar photo Dairymen

    I don’t know what preservation we are talking about, this car doesn’t have its factory colors, neither does the engine. It didn’t leave the factory like this. The fabric looks authentic but I don’t think it’s from 1929, when the exterior and engine bay are not original I’ve a hard time to believe the interior is. All that aside it’s a nice car, just not original anymore. A very nice driver.

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  9. Avatar photo dave H

    I am NOT about to buy it as is. But if the seller had stuffed a big-block Chev, with automatic into it, added a/c, power windows & locks cruise control, disc brakes etc, it would NOT detract from the desirability at all (in my own – possibly warped – view)

    As is – its a museum display car, a car show car, a car for parades. With updated mechanicals and creature comforts, it becomes a “drive it clear across the continent” car

    It is a beautiful car that I would LOVE to own – but not if I have to wrestle it around and be afraid of taking it on a thousand mile trip

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  10. Avatar photo Charles

    Love it!

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  11. Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

    Man, I love EVERYTHING about this car, right down to the semi-ratty interior. Can you imagine how luxurious this must have been back in the day? And the itty-bitty floor lamp mounted to the running board? What a trip. Beautiful, beautiful machine…

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