Pure Luxury: 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

We have seen a few Spartan Travel Trailers come across our desks here at Barn Finds in recent times, but none have been quite like this one. It is a 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion, and as you will see, it is equipped in a manner that befits the name. If a touch of luxury holds its attraction for you, then you will find the Spartan located in Jackson, Wyoming, and listed for sale here on eBay. Of course, luxury does come at a price. The auction has been set to open at $90,000, but there have been no bids up to this point. However, 96 people are watching the listing. If you want to bypass the auction action, there is a BIN option. It has been set at a cool $250,000.

The exterior of the Spartan is very typical of the brand. It is clad in aluminum, and it does appear as though this was highly polished at some point. It is starting to show some oxidization, but I think that it would come up a treat with a bit of work. The seller doesn’t do himself any favors with the external presentation. When you consider the price tag, cutting the grass would have made a much more positive impression. However, this is a trailer that is extremely deceptive. As we climb the humble wooden steps and open the door, you will see that the “Imperial Mansion” tag has been well earned.

I have chosen not to crop these photos because that won’t do them justice. If you click on each one, you will get a full appreciation of how special the Spartan is. This is the living room, and its presentation is extremely impressive. The entire trailer has been relined in ply, while the floors are all solid timber. It looks relaxed and comfortable, while the big-screen TV looks…big! However, it’s the little touches that make this trailer stand out. The cabinets appear to be high-quality, the lighting is modern, while the throw-rug on the floor is an excellent addition. The windows are huge, which allows the Spartan to avoid the claustrophobic feel that can afflict some trailers. However, this is merely the entree. It seems fitting that for the main course, it’s time to head to the kitchen.

What a kitchen. It is fully appointed and would rival the kitchens in most family homes. It features a full-sized stainless steel refrigerator, along with a full-size stove. The kitchen cabinets have been custom-built, while the counters are made from solid slabs of walnut. There should be more than enough cupboard space, while all of the wiring is new throughout the trailer. There’s an extraction fan above the cooker, which should mean that cooking smells won’t have a chance to linger once a meal is prepared.

I’ve left the bathroom until last because I feel that this might be a highlight. How can you not love a solid timber bath? You should not be too worried about the plumbing, because this is all new. Also, there is a custom vanity, along with a front-load washer/dryer. All the comforts of home. The bedroom features a double bed, along with plenty of storage space. Overall, it appears that no expense was spared in the refurbishment of this 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion. Forget the concept of it being a home-away-from-home. I can’t see any reason why this couldn’t be a full-time home for a single person or a couple. It isn’t a cheap buy, but it certainly wants for nothing. Could this be your new home?


  1. BlondeUXB Member

    ‘looks like you found a barn…

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  2. dirtyharry

    Looks like the ‘tiny home craze’ and a trip to IKEA, made its way into the Spartan. I can’t say I am all that impressed. I like the a restoration much more. In this case, the interior must have already been past the point of no return. It is like a rat rod with a brand new high dollar interior- cool- yes. Question: I have doubts this is ready to move anywhere, she looks firmly attached to the weeds.

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  3. Steve Douglas

    Presumably the entire Jackson Hole mountainside depicted is included in that price.

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  4. Rick

    I have to agree with Harry, this one was probably a wreck before the renovation. I’m doubting the axles are even still under it, and if they are, could they hold up to even try to move it? These were always meant to be “park trailers” – the ones that are parked permanently.
    While I much prefer a vintage restoration for items like this, if there was nothing to start with, what has been done to the interior is pretty tasteful, at least to me. Wouldn’t be bad for a cabin on a lake!

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  5. Moparman Member

    “Never judge a book by its cover”, very apropos here! “Scotty, here are the coordinates to beam this domicile to my location!” Unfortunately, the the ask is too much for my budget, especially since I already own my home/garage! GLWTA!! :-)

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  6. Steve R

    It’s hard to imagine contemporary looking interior would add much, if any, overall value to a mid-century modern trailer. If the seller was realistic they should have mowed the field around the trailer and polished the exterior.

    The ad seems like more of a fishing expedition than a real attempt at selling the trailer.

    Steve R

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  7. Keith

    250,000.00 Dollars? Hahahahahahahahahahah (catch my breath) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (catch my breath again) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah passed out!

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  8. Maestro1 Member

    It’s a wonderful project, done beautifully. I would not know how to move it except with a very large truck. The price is too high but at a lower figure it would make a great guest house on your property, studio, place of peace, whatever. Very nice find. well done.

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  9. PaulR

    Spartans were well made, high quality trailers. This one is nice, but for the money, I would rather seek out the holy grails of Spartan park models. The Carousel and the Crescendo.

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  10. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    In Florida, especially this time of year we refer to double-wides and anything that resembles them – as projectiles.

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    • Pookie Jamie

      Tornado toys

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  11. Arby

    No mention of a HVAC system.
    The swamp cooler on the front isn’t exactly reassuring…

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  12. Jim

    Or you could spend the $250,000 on a nice house that includes a lot.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      Correct! I just purchased a 4000 Sq Ft Victorian rental property with 2 luxury rental units for $7000 less than this trailer, and that property will be producing $4100 a month! This trailer is definitely cool, but the price is silly.

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  13. Jcs

    Why is this here?

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  14. Will Fox

    I think the price is nothing but the seller’s dream. It’s nice, but as others said, doesn’t look like it’s going to move from that spot in the weeds very easily. Is it me, or does the first exterior shot make the trailer look BLUE? I almost freaked thinking someone painted this thing!! Tell me it’s just the film used and NOT actually painted blue, will you?
    He/she really should’ve got the weed-wacker out and done some trimming/cleaning before photos. It seriously takes away from the overall appearance.

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    • Rome5573

      I the blue hue you refer to is more from the lighting at the time the picture was taken. The side of the trailer you see is on the shadow side of the trailer adding to the darker hue. Either taking at dusk or before sunrise…just my opinion.

      At the prices asked only someone with deep pockets and a real need for this might buy it to add to their toys collection.

  15. Kenneth Carney

    $250K? Really? Whatever this guy’s
    smokin’, I want some! Gotta be some
    really good stuff for him to ask such a
    high price. Yeah, the interior looks great
    and I really like his handiwork–but not
    $250K worth. For that kind of coin I could
    buy a really nice 2 or 3 bedroom house and park that ’49 Spartan in the back yard
    and refit it for a lot less and get more for my money. The guy really shot himself in
    the foot by not mowing the grass around
    the home though. When you look at it
    from the road, you’ll think it to be a real

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  16. angliagt angliagt Member

    This is for those of us who missed April Fool’s Day
    due to isolation.

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  17. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Looks like something from ‘Twin Peaks’.

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  18. nlpnt

    Clicked on the link, read the listing, checked again. Surely a quarter-mil BIN for this includes *some* property? I don’t know prices around there (location, location, location) but it’s gotta be 50k at most for the absolute high-end trailer on 200k worth of land?

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    • Canuckster

      No property included, 😂😂😂.

  19. Lance Nord

    Hijacking a Barn Finds thread… now I’ve seen it all….

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  20. Bob McK Member

    If this is $250,000. Than I would like $5,000,000 for my house and perhaps $2,480,000 for my 59 Cadillac.

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  21. The One

    That came out really nice, no doubt, however as another BFer mentioned, can you move it? And if you can, what with? I am pretty sure the hook ups were a bit different then. trailer brakes? Lots of things to ponder.

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    • Pookie Jamie

      I have $30,000 cash. And land…. of the seller will budge, I have 2 HD forklifts and a lowboy on stand by. Plus. Not to mention travel and setting up. The seller should be thankful that I’m not going to charge HIM $250k I’ll be waiting. They have 24 hrs

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      • Duffy Member

        I hope you do not have to wait too long, it’s beginning to settle in place. Might need more than two forklifts. Good luck.

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  22. Jerry C

    Clearly these people have lost their minds. No matter how you dress it up, it is still a trailer. Here in Tucson, you can buy a small mansion for a quarter mill.

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  23. Comet

    When you said 250,000, did you mean dollars? If so, I’m listing the dump I live in at one million.

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  24. Hound59

    I thought there might have been an old Hemi Cuda’ in it…….

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  25. Erik

    I don’t get what’s cool about it. I think the interior “restoration” has totally ruined it. I was expecting a really nifty 50s interior. Instead we get IKEA 2020.

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    • Bob McK Member

      Totally agree. They made it the way they wanted it, but it killed the collectors value.

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  26. Duffy Member

    If you ever watched on television, “In The Heat Of the Night”, They have a place called the “bottoms”, This is where this unit belongs. Grass and all. For $250,000 the owner should start smoking his grass. Ever hear of front street appeal?

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  27. Duffy Member

    Nice job Danny, a lot of nice work.

  28. Arnie McLean

    Of course some one is dreaming or smoking something. From the outside, looks like a dump, term, “trailer Trash” starts here. How would you move it, to old for trailer parks, to big for campgrounds and to heavy for many vehicles to tow. Will need new axles, wheels and tires plus what else just to get it off the property. Jackson Hole Wyoming is high up so is the seller.

  29. Mikey P

    I think they accidently added and extra zero in that price?!?!?!

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  30. Hotroddaddy

    At that price it had better include a section of land with it!

  31. gerardfrederick

    This POS must be hiding a bunch of gold bars under the kitchen sink. The person selling it has, I am sure escaped from an asylum for the criminally insane.

  32. peter k

    In most states its against the law to sell or move a mobile home trailer that is older than 1975. While this looks nice inside, $250k better include the land too

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  33. peter k

    In most states its against the law to sell or move a mobile home trailer that is older than 1975. While this looks nice inside, $250k better include the land too

  34. DAVID KENIRY Member

    69 (MDL210)👍 TRAVCO

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  35. Gray Wolf

    Air B&B is its only hope! Good luck moving the beast! Get the land with it, problem solved!

  36. BigDoc Richard Van Dyke Sr

    Things around Jackson Hole are expensive but this a laugher

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  37. PHJ

    Is it April 1st already!?!

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  38. Phlathead Phil

    Well, it looks like something that was used in a “Twilight Zone” episode on the outside and that scene in the movie “Shang-ri-la” when they go though the mountain crevase and everything changes to paradise on the inside.

    No doubt the inside has it made with all the creature comforts one could ask, but what is the structure like and does the roof or any of its seams leak?

    Does it have Aluminium wire for 120 vac?
    Does it have proper gas fittings to prevent explosion? Is the coach properly grounded?

    For that price do I get a free lake?

    And last but not least, do the porch steps come with an ADA approved handrail ?

    Asking for a friend.

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  39. Michael Walter

    Just clicked on the Ebay link. Auction closed.

  40. John T.

    Message on eBay: “This item is no longer available.”
    Wonder what happened???
    Apparently there were NO bids!

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  41. Penny

    I would love to have that trailer, but it is over valued by 5x!

  42. Glenn Schwass Member

    I like it. If it was a basket case, they did a nice job. They didn’t get their price so it is moot…

  43. Michael J Walter

    “Spartan Imperial Mansion” is a self contradictory term.


    Never saw the inside! I sell Vintage Camper Trailers and have been since 2015. Some of my first Large Trailers were the Spartans. I purchased ones with all original interiors, straight bodies, and purchased approx 10 “I don’t keep track” with the last one purchased a month ago Park Model Imperial Mansion 45 feet long and 10’1” wide triple axle for 2000..!! Sold it for 8,000 were I purchased it within 5 days. The kicker to this story is. All these Airstream lovers that think they have the money time and patience to restore these vintage trailers and find out they bit off more than they can chew and now have realized Spartans are much easier to restore and THE CREAM OF THE CROP..!! I tried to tell them but noooooooo….Just like most of you dont understand what your looking at in that field. YES,YES…I know the price is a total joke..!! Again, listing was removed so I never saw the IKEA inside. HOWEVER, if I ran up on that Spartan in that field I would have slammed on the brakes and started my research and try to buy it. AGAIN…not for 250,000. But damn sure 2,000. I would not care if there was rat crap etc.. and a total restoration project cuz all mine were except two..!!
    JUST a little heads up to the people that don’t know. In addition, I can move that trailer all by my little ole self and my one ton. Jack it up and put new six lug rims and 225/75/15 10 ply tires and tow it all the way across texas..!!
    ANYWHO, if any of you all happen to know of any or have one, I would be more than happy to take them all off your hands. CASH MONEY HONEY..!!

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