Quarter Mile Car: 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A


Restoring a car on a budget can be a bit tricky, but it’s possible if you do lots of work yourself and spread the costs out over a few years. The seller of this Challenger has owned it for a number of years and has been restoring it a little bit at a time. For example, 20 years ago they had some rust repaired and then 10 years later had it repainted. The engine has been rebuilt for drag racing and upgraded, hopefully all the original parts are still with it. This one isn’t a traditional barn find, but it’s a rare and desirable Mopar! The fact that the seller has stretched the restoration out makes me a bit nervous, but if they have done good work, it shouldn’t be an issue. If you’ve always wanted a Trans Am Challenger, here is your chance to own one of these rare muscle cars. Find it here on eBay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a current bid of $39k.


In top condition, this is a six figure car. It’s a long ways away from that right now, but as it sits it could be a decent driver and you’d always have the option to restore it. The 340 V8 with the six pack is what makes this such a desirable car, as it was exclusive to just the ’70 T/A. It was rated at just 290 horsepower, but this one is likely producing considerably more than that!


While I would rather have an all original T/A, you just don’t find these very often. I’d want to go over the body carefully to check for rust and body filler. If it’s solid and looks straight, I wouldn’t mind having it! Setup correctly, these are incredibly fast and seriously fun. I’d also be sure to check the engine upgrades out carefully, but by the sounds of it, the seller knows what they are doing. So would you leave this Challenger as is or completely redo it?


  1. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    I’d put some chrome wheels on it and air shocks out back and some glass packs and daily drive it.
    Nah. I would’nt do that.

    • SamM

      And maybe a barefoot gas pedal too

      • cudaman

        you mean a “hot foot”????

  2. Bingo

    Here’s the controversial question:

    Were just the hoods painted black? Or, were the tops of the fenders and also the small (approximately 1″ wide) top of the doors all the was back to the rear quarter glass painted black also?

    My fathers AAR had the mentioned black. His was a plum crazy, auto with white interior that he bought new.

    These cars are in my top five on the wish list.

  3. Car Guy

    If it was a six figure car then you would not want to drive it. The way it is now you can at least enjoy what you are spending you money on……….

  4. Walter Joy

    Uncommon color combo and wheels. I would drive as is

  5. RoughDiamond Member

    Love the 340 T/As and this car. My bucket list unobtanium. I can Dream, Dream Dream though.

  6. JW

    Yes fix what’s needed to make it safe and reliable and drive it.

  7. Chris

    I’m sure I’ll get thumbs down here, but for $40k or more, I would buy a modern Challenger. They’ll never be as cool as the originals, but they easily outperform the original, they look awesome, and they are far more reliable. There is no other muscle car that I would make this same choice with.

    • Chris

      I forgot to add that my bank would not think twice about financing a modern Challenger, but I doubt they would lend me the cash for a vintage one.

      • Dave

        You do business with the wrong bank.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      If it’s performance you want you really have no choice these days but to go modern. I’m a big fan of muscle cars but the fact is they can’t match modern performance and that’s with modern conveniences, a/c, better mileage, and a warranty!

      • Jim Mc

        And cupholders. Don’t forget the cupholders. 😀

    • Ronnie Gentry

      Depends on who is driving watch video on you tube 70 340 6pk vrs 392 srt8 340 victorous

  8. John H. in CT

    Chris, to the contrary, whenever I go out in my AAR it’s the drivers of the modern Challengers that lust the greatest after my car, both male and female. Why else would Chrysler have resurrected the Challenger but for a longing by the public? BTW, various reports have a new ‘cuda coming out (in 2018?), with a different design than the current Challenger.

    • Chris

      John, there’s no doubt the old Challengers are a beautiful car. Instant classics in every way, and deservedly so. My comment just centered around what I personally would do with 40+ grand worth of borrowing power.

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      • John H. in CT

        Chris, thanks and understood!

    • Chris

      Your AAR is drop dead gorgeous, John!

    • JW

      John, The Cuda coming back story has been floating around our car shows for a couple years now and the hardcore Mopar guys are confused as how Chrysler will pull this off if they do since Plymouth namesake is long gone. Dodge Cuda just doesn’t sound right, a few said they could redesign the Challenger and then just make Cuda a option package with different taillights, badging, engine. interior options. There is a company that puts out a package of body mods that transforms a new Challenger in to a Cuda look alike as I seen a purple one last year at a local show and it looked nice.

  9. RicK

    The neighbor next door bought one brand new ’70 when he came back from his final tour with the infantry in Viet Nam, anyhow his was Panther Pink with an automatic trans, I remember the sticker price was $4500 (the window sticker was still there in the back window when he brought it home) anyhow he drove it for a few years and then his mom ended up driving it for quite a few years, I had a chance to buy it for $2500 from them in 1986 but I couldn’t come up with the money, last time I saw it was in ’89, some kid was driving it and it looked really beat, I gotta imagine its all restored somewhere these days

  10. Jay E.

    Chris, I know you are a mopar fan, but I’ve said the same thing about old vs. new when it comes to mustangs. The old ones are cool, but the new ones are much faster and great to drive.

  11. Jubjub

    Say what you all will. The new ones may be better in all kinds of practical ways, but they totally fail to stir my emotions visually or offer the raw, analog, seat of the pants experience.

  12. Bruce Best

    I have always liked the Cuda better because it was shorter and was even more tail happy. I always thought that the body design was cleaner in every version. Since 1979 I have been chasing a Barracuda convertible of any type. When every I don’t have the money they seem to be falling from the trees and when I do have the money to purchase one there are none to be had.

    I am certain I have offended God some where and I should just keep silent and suffer.

  13. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Owned a 1970 R/T and 1971 plain jane….just can’t get behind that new steering wheel on the new Challengers…..and I’m at about 160 lbs…it’s just ugly looking

    • Mike L.

      No disrespect Stiirunners, but there is nothing ugly about the new Challenger, like you I also owned a 1970 R/T, I wish I could own one now, but their prices are too hefty and my wallet too light! So I reminisce about the 1970’s and my ole Dodge R/T while cruising in my new offordable 2016 Challenger… sure it has only 305hp and no cool pistol grip but she makes me smile just the same as the one that got away a long time ago… my ole 375hp R/T. BTW my 6 foot 215lb frame fits just find behind that steering wheel, with room to spare!

  14. cudaman

    This is my 1970 big block 4-speed with 41k one owner miles that I bought from the original owner 5 years ago.The picture shows how I found it. He bought it when he got out of Viet Nam. Honored to own such a car even though it’s rough.

  15. chris lawrence

    If you are so intent on how great modern cars are… why are you here? The answer is because we all want one of these older cars, but alot of you guys can’t have one for various reasons. So go to your bank and buy yourself a new one. I’ll cruise up and down the street in my old ones and see who gets more attention.

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Attention? Seriously, that’s why you have an “old one”?

  16. David Hunt

    For sale DvH903@aol

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