Questionable Modifications: 1970 Porsche 914/6

While it can be painful to house an ugly duckling in your garage, the desirability of some models far outshines whatever temporary veneer hides their true identity. In the case of a rarity like a genuine Porsche 914/6, the horrific body kit molded onto the outside of this rare factory-built performance car isn’t enough to reduce the allure of a six-cylinder, mid-engined road rocket like this. The original colors of the 914/6 are also quite appealing, having left the factory wearing Irish Green paint. It’s a shame what’s happened since it left the selling dealership lot, but there’s still time to bring it back to life. Find the 914/6 here on Facebook Marketplace in California with an asking price of $46,000.

The 914 was subjected to all sorts of aftermarket horrors regardless of engine size, as the entry-level offering for any brand that’s typically associated with higher-end products is usually brutalized by shops looking to make a quick buck off of first-time owners. Now, there are some instances where the 914 can look quite menacing with the right widebody kit and properly spec’d wheels, tires, and suspension to make the best use of the wider fenders. In the case of this 914, whoever started the process of modifying the bodywork never got far enough to mount a set of extra-wide rear wheels to see how they’d look filling out the exaggerated arches. They did, however, get to messing around under-hood.

The engine bay tells the story as to why we need to look past the skin on a car like this. I’m curious to know if the owner prior to the seller knew what he had, or just assumed the larger engine had been swapped in. The seller is including a Certificate of Authenticity with the sale, which seems to validate the fact that this 914 left the factory with the flat-six mill; however, this is not the numbers-matching engine. The seller explains that it features a later 3.2 motor with the 915 manual transmission and 911S front calipers. So, it’s a hot setup, but the big problem here is that unless you track down the missing 2.0L flat-six, you’ll forever have an example that won’t be worth as much as an unaltered original but will still need many hours of bodywork to at least look the part.

Now, the seller mentions he is throwing in a donor car to address the bodywork issues, but does that mean you’ll have to remove the original body panels? I’m not enough of a bodywork expert to know what’s involved with removing molded-in fender flares and bumpers, but whether you strip it down or start with a new shell, it has to be a tedious process. The 914/6 is absolutely one of the more desirable air-cooled Porsches made that hasn’t become a deep six-figure car as of yet. In this case, however, I’m not sure there are any easy answers in terms of how to tackle the restoration of a flawed yet-deserving specimen. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jason L. for the find.


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’d bet that the seller took off the wider wheels and tires before putting it out for sale. Pretty dumb if you consider the car would look much better with them. Have seen this kit before but with a different rear treatment without the big simulated crash blobs. Proper paint also does wonders for this type of conversion. Probably not going to have an easy job converting back to a stock body as most of these kits required cutting off the front and rear quarter panels. Could look good, doesn’t at this time.

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    • nlpnt

      It would look 100% better if it did have suitably ’80s wide wheels and the paint were cleaned up to what I’m sure was “Cocaine White” rather than the almost almond-beige color it looks to be. Even as a better-presented period custom it wouldn’t be worth as much as a stock original, though.

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  2. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    ‘Spose we should feel grateful this didn’t get a whale tail grafted onto it, which is what I had expected. Pass.

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  3. alphasud Member

    The drivetrain is worth about 10K or thereabouts so is the 914/6 VIN worth 36K? Probably, like others have said a huge amount of time to bring this back to its Irish green beauty but it could probably be done without being upside down. Pretty sad the way it sits now. Just think it would be like going to the shelter to give a poor abused dog a forever home.

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    • Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

      Except the shelter would GIVE you the dog (plus fees etc.) instead of selling you the dog for $$$ and expecting you to pay big vet bills to make Bowzer healthy…

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  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    Looks like one of the Chalon body kits.

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    • Steveo

      The horror.

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  5. J_Paul Member

    I didn’t have any luck finding good used Boxters on Facebook Marketplace, but I did find this, which was much more amusing. I think I may have set a world record in the time it took for me to email it to Barn Finds, so I could share my horror with the rest of you.

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  6. Ike Onick

    The “Certificate of Authenticity” is a nice touch.

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  7. Mark

    Beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone.

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  8. Luki


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  9. Raymond

    Yeah so horriffic, im traumatized…grow up punk and learn to write…

    • Frank Sumatra

      Wow. Now THAT’S a rant.

    • Luki

      Read the rules Raymond. No personal attacks.

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  10. RHM

    Makes me cringe to see this. I have always wanted a 914/6. These are such desirable tuna cans that are getting harder and harder to find. If the price could be negotiated, this could be a nice project. Im sure the body kit is just fiber glassed to the existing body panels. Id love to take this on if i had the funds.

  11. Jack Quantrill

    Turned a Prince into a Toad!

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  12. PairsNPaint

    Why all the hate? A properly finished Chalon was a terrific upgrade to the ugly 914 series cars. Google “Chalon Porsche” and you’ll see some really nice examples.

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  13. Lowell Peterson

    Just get the wide wheels and tires super detail it, get a ceramic Daschound lifting his leg by the wheel and attend every car show you can find with a Porsche and park next to it. Weekdays? Hangout at Starbucks by the beach! Its still a 914/6!

  14. Howie Mueler

    I thought it was white, i see now it is green. No wonder why he wants $46k, they changed the oil and it has new plugs!!

  15. Frank

    The Porsche 914-6 was always destined to be money car. Name the ways you can devalue a low production numbers of cars. The only thing its missing is a Mary Kay paint job.

  16. Danh

    Bet it moves. I’m lucky enough to service and drive 914/6 and oh yes even a 916, I can attest to the power to weight ratio being rather stimulating. If you can stomach the hideous body of this one, the fun you could have driving it might make it worth it.

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