R-Code Beater: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 CJ

Mach 1 R code Mustangs don’t pop up all too often, even less so in unrestored condition. Although not quite perfect and not quite ratty either, this 428 Cobra Jet Powered Mach 1 is a driver. In need of a little TLC, this Mustang would be a great start to a restoration, or you could maintain and enjoy this one as is. With several days remaining in the auction, there is a fair amount of interest with 22 bids, and a current price of $16,766. Check out this high strung pony here on eBay out of Seneca, Missouri.

Clearly appearing to have been well taken care of, the interior of this Mach is quite clean aside from the carpet. The seats are in excellent shape, and I suspect they have been recovered. Beyond the possibly recovered seats lies a nice condition dash and door panels. Reportedly the driver door panel and steering wheel are “age-damaged”, but the wheel looks to be in fair shape. Unfortunately, the seller did not take any photos of the money maker, so the engine bay at this point is a mystery. The factory carb is missing, but the massive 428 is outfitted with 3 deuces, which sounds like plenty of fun. don’t worry, the hood scoop is included with the car.

Heavily matted and chipping, the paint appears to be quite old. On a positive note, rot appears to be at a minimum from the exterior view. There is a small area on the driver rear wheel arch, but overall this Mustang looks great. There is some damage in the form of a couple of dings on the passenger side front fender. Overall this is a nice condition and rare big block Mustang that could easily be enjoyed in its current condition, or would certainly be a great start to a restoration. What direction would you take this R code Mach 1?

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  1. Troy s

    The direction I would take it would be in a straight line… very quickly. Awesome ride!

  2. Mountainwoodie

    I’d drive it to the paint shop…..

  3. Capriest Member

    Mechanical restoration with NOT all stock or NOS parts, and some work to prevent further deterioration. The next direction would be South to New England Dragway! This way I could actually drive and enjoy the car. Parking lot dings and rock chips be damned.

    • Mike

      My 68 GT Torino fastback’s quarter glass, was plastered with class winner stickers, from there. Miss them days, and the car.

  4. Dave

    First question is how much would it be worth to restore it to all original? Otherwise, I’m thinking mild restomod…EFI, Wilwood brakes, upgraded electrical and suspension system, air conditioning, then drive it anywhere.

  5. David

    Omg I want to make room for this one and be a flipper! Sorry

  6. Jbones

    R code = ram air “shaker” Q code = non ram air “dummy scoop”

    • Jeepster

      yep –
      install that shaker ram air, doctor the tail caps to the current paint condition,
      nice interior carpet,seats,panels…. and drive the carp out of it. Don’t forget the Wilwood brakes like Dave says

  7. slickb

    You really can never go wrong with one of these…. I like how it is on those car rollers outside.

  8. Gaspumpchas

    no pics of the eng, I’d like to see more pics, eng and underbelly?? the guy should have left the rattle can out of the pic also. would be good to check out the 3 deuce setup. Other than that have a blast with this beauty. Wonder what the reserve is?? Good luck to the new owner. Woops zero feedback..buyer beware….



  9. Roy L Fuchs

    What no shaker hood? Something funny about the hood on that car.

  10. Mike_B_SVT

    Would be nice to see a pic of the door tag, or a VIN, or Marti Report. No docs? No proof it’s an R-code? Seems more like a fishing expedition, but good luck with your auction.

  11. Woody

    Another straight-line big block beast! The owner said the hood scoop comes with the car,just hope it’s the awesome shaker ram-air that Ford is famous for.This R-code 4speed looks like a great deal !

  12. Michael Ridley

    I hate listings like this. hood cut out for the hood scoop “which seller has” ,So he will want another 1000 for it after the auction. Get it in writing that it goes with the car.

  13. Rob

    Looks like the real deal. Looks like an r code with the scoop not there. I did the same with mine when it was stored outside so it wouldn’t get stolen. Nice relatively highly optioned car, all the right boxes checked, in a very rare color. The Holley 735 CFM carb is obtainable, as is the intake. If it sells at a reasonable price, a great one to have

  14. z28th1s

    The shaker isn’t on the car because it won’t fit with the 3 deuce setup.

  15. Dickie F

    Just seeing that original stearing wheel….
    I will say this all red face and whisper very quietly……

    After a 3 months project of carefully taking an original, as new condition, one owner, 70 Mach 1 from a 20 year slumber to back on the road, with the usual new fuel tank, brake lines, shocks etc.



      If your steering wheel is a 2 spoke then the center pad is the horn. If your car has a 3 spoke steering wheel then you will have the rim blow horn. Look at the inside of the steering wheel and you will see a piece of rubber like material that runs the complete inside diameter of the wheel. You can squeeze that rubber material on the steering wheel anywhere on the rim and the horn will blow, providing that all the components are in working order that is.

  16. Woody

    Maybe you have a ‘70 Mach 1 with a rim-blow horn on the steering wheel,not sure if it’s an option with your car,but my brothers ‘70 Cobra 429 has the rim-blow horn.

    • Dickie F

      Thank you so much.
      I know the system works as I activated it in error twice and as a one owner, he really worshipped this car so it is well maintained.
      But the car is now in the paintshop for 2 weeks, I will check it when it is assembled.
      Thanks again.

  17. Peter White

    Staggered shocks, not drag pack, oil cooler ??

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Drag pack was a seperate option / consideration, not related to the staggered rear shocks. Staggered rear shocks were included on 428CJ / 4-speed cars, and Boss 302’s (with a handful of exceptions due to factory “errors”).
      So you could have an automatic with the Drag Pack option and it would not receive the staggered rear shocks. Or, as in this case, a 428CJ / 4-speed with staggered rear shocks, but no Drag Pack.

  18. Rocketman

    Bidding ended at $25,300 on January 16th. RESERVE NOT MET.

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