R-Code Roller: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500

Ford enthusiasts tend to get excited when they run across a 1964-67 full-size car with the R-code designation. That’s because the R meant a racing 427 cubic inch V8 capable of 425 horsepower. Before you get too excited here, while this is an R-code car, the heart of it is long gone – the motor and 4-speed transmission. It has some rust to be tackled along with sourcing a drivetrain, but the seller says it’s otherwise largely complete. Located in Pacifica, California, this 500 is available here on eBay for $18,500 if you “buy it now” or you can submit an offer. My thanks to Larry D for uncovering this rare car for us!

Between 1964-67, Ford bult 8,652 of the R-code cars, usually a Galaxie 500 but not always. In 1964 alone, the number is estimated to be 3,104, according to the 427 Galaxie Registry that has only found 5-6 percent of these cars (is the seller’s one of them?). Besides huge horsepower numbers, the 427 was good for 480 lb.-ft of torque and mated to a factory 4-speed Toploader manual transmission with a 3.50 ratio Ford 9-inch rear end. Other features include heavy-duty brakes, an aluminum dual-quad intake manifold, high-performance exhaust manifold, and dual-point distributor. That’s how they came new. Much of that is likely missing on the seller’s car.

The seller has owned this car for about four years and doesn’t mention what, if anything, has been done to the 500 during that time. We’re told it’s currently stored indoors on a lift but given the surface rust on the automobile, it’s no doubt spent a lot of time outdoors, too. It’s wearing its original Wimbledon White paint with a contrasting red interior. If you’re not up to doing any sheet metal work, then this would be a car to pass on. There are several holes and dents throughout the car that must be addressed. Its exterior trim pieces have survived and will go with the car along with a set of roller wheels and tires as the seller is keeping those in the photos.

Interior-wise, it too will need a lot of work. The seller says a prior owner pulled them dashboard out and then bolted it back in which tells me that the seller mentions this because the work was not done well. Despite it having no motor or tranny, the clutch pedals remain, and the seller will include a correct 427 Z bar. These cars had bigger brake drums than other Galaxies and the seller says the R-code brake lines are there and routed correctly.

If you have any questions about these R-code Fords, the seller appears to be something of an expert. He says he owns a couple of them besides this one. Once the deal is done, he’ll be happy to store the car for three weeks in case you must make a cross-country trek to retrieve it. Despite their rarity today, online prices seem to be all over the board, but as high as six-figures for what could be the nicest one left. Whoever buys this car is going to need deep pockets to not only to restore what’s there but to also source the correct drivetrain.

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  1. David H

    What am I getting for 18,500? I’ll pass, no value. All junk.

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  2. Sam Shive

    Once again a HIGH DOLLAR Parts Car. I Love The Blue Oval but without the engine and tranny it’s just another 57 year old Gal, Some Good, Some NOT So Good, This old girl looks very bitter about her past, and Wanting A LOT Of Money to get back to the Glory Days. Gotta Give It A Pass.

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    • Steve R

      The VIN proves the car left the factory with a 427. I’d be surprised if many R-code cars still retained their original engines, what does that make them? From what I’ve read, Ford rarely stamped VIN numbers in blocks prior to 1968, if so, no engine would be able to be proven as original to a particular car.

      I’d be surprised if this car wasn’t on its way to a new home in the near future.

      Steve R

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  3. Dan August

    Pacifica is right on the coast, just south of San Francisco. Lots of salt air.

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    • Steve R

      The DSO says it was sold new in Los Angeles. That is not the type of rust you see on a car that has spent a lot of time sitting outside in Pacifica.

      Steve R

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  4. Troy s

    The seller is keeping these wheels and tires and it comes with even uglier looking rollers. Thats kinda funny. A real power house in its day.

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  5. Terrry

    Bad as this is, I’ve seen one R-code that was little more than a rolling frame. Nothing else. That VIN plate is sure valuable!

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  6. jerry z

    Had an opportunity to buy an R code Galaxie back in the early 80’s. Neighbor wouldn’t sell to me since I was only 18 at the time. Now just too old to take on a project like this. Bummer.

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  7. Joe
    • Eric B

      Doesn’t have the “R” code VIN plaque. That’s what you are buying here.

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  8. Bob the Mech

    For the current bid of $18,000+, the high bidder must have the 427 drivetrain in his shop/garage along with about $15,000.00 to spend on getting this car back in acceptable shape. Then you have a nice driving machine that could go for in the low 30’s range.

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  9. Rob S

    Too bad, once was a street terror. I have a 427 side oiler that would slide right in that empty engine bay!

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  10. Tom Schwald

    Not a chance , Ive seen better for less,much less. Can’t get sentimental when it comes to these cars.Looks like a money pit

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  11. George B.

    In never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to pay for junk! This car is a prime canidate for the crusher. I don’t know what the owner is smoking, but the asking price vs the actual value
    is pretty wild. The only offer I’d make on a car in this condition is $50.00

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