Track Pack Field Find: 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T

By the late 1960s/early 1970s, the mid-size muscle car landscape was chocked full of various performance models. None were more prolific than the Dodge B-bodies, which consisted of the Coronet and Charger (both available as R/T models) as well as the Super Bee. So, choosing between the three boiled down to budget and styling preferences. This 1970 Coronet R/T looks as though it was left to the clutches of Mother Nature quite some time ago but has recently been sought out. Restoration will not be in the cards for the faint of heart. Located in Baldwin City, Kansas, this once-proud beast formerly in possession of a 440 V8 is available here on eBay where the starting bid is $6,000. No takers yet.

The Chrysler B-bodies were in their last year of a three-year cycle in 1970. Dodge customers drove off in 15,506 Super Bees, 10,337 Charger R/Ts, and 2,615 Coronet R/Ts, which included the only convertibles in this trio (just 296 copies). Given the Coronet R/T’s lack of popularity that year, it should come as no surprise that the model was not offered when the cars were redesigned for 1971.

We surmise from the limited description the seller provides that there is no engine under the hood. The VIN tells us it left the factory with a 440 cubic inch V8 with a 4-barrel carburetor. The transmission, which is also MIA, was once a 4-speed manual later changed to a TorqueFlite, given the additional cut-out in the floorboards. Besides bringing the body and interior back to life, the buyer will have to source a new drivetrain. There are pockets of rust in several places and the right rear quarter panel seems to have the bulk of it.

Based on a hand-written note that comes with the title, this car originally sported a Hemi Orange paint job with a black vinyl top and black interior. The note mentions that the car is 1 of 405 built, but we’re not sure how the author comes up with that math. Perhaps because it had the A33 Track Pack option? Whatever may have made this car unusual at one time isn’t likely around to contribute any longer. The condition of the car along with missing parts that include all the glass may make the asking price too big a hurdle for someone looking to restore one of these Mopars.

But there are always two ways to look at things. For those thinking this car is past its prime, look at the B-body production numbers again. 28,458 total Super Bees, Charger R/Ts, and Coronet R/Ts built, yet the Coronet was less than 10% of that population. This means they were far less seen in 1970 and are even more scarce 50 years later. If I were to run across all three of those cars in the same shape, I’d probably go after the rarest one to undertake as a project. How about you?


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  1. DON

    I wouldn’t exactly say Dodge was more prolific ; The Plymouth Road Runner and GTX totaled around 50,000 built in 1970 . That being said, the scarcity of this one year design and what it once was will help the seller find a buyer

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  2. Jamie

    Interesting car.
    But my beef is with the amount of pop up advertising that has slowly crept its way onto this site. Getting pretty annoying when you’re trying to read it and then it jambs an advert in your face and bumps the text either up or down. Put them at the first, or the end. Scattered in between paragraphs tends to make it not worth the hassle. My 2cents.

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  3. Dave

    This would look nice paired up with the field find 69 Charger we saw a few days ago. Rust where you can’t see it dooms these cars, and that’s just a shame.

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  4. Timothy Phaff Member

    Its great cars like this are found but if you know the reality of what it takes to properly build this, OH My, it’s a mind and financial changer. Done right this will be a show stopper.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    How to turn a great car into a rust bucket: park it in a field for a few years and let it rust. Such a shame to see a car like this turned back into basic elements through neglect and ignorance.

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  6. Mark

    Extremely collectable car… My dad had the same car with a white top and white stripe with a power bulge hood, track pack car… It was a fast car… My brother drove to the junk yard with 120,000 miles on it and buried the 150 mph speedo on the way. My other brother called the junk yard later in the day and was told the car was sold.

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    • Steve Clinton

      Is anybody still talking to your brother? LOL

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  7. Steve Clinton

    I’ve heard of ‘Rat Pack’, ‘Six Pack’, ‘Crush-proof Pack’, Runnin’ with the Pack’, but what’s a ‘Track Pack’?

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  8. Mike

    Can we say Basket Case?
    Deep deep deep pockets required

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  9. Duwane McKnight

    Steve the track pak was an option available for dodges made for the 1/4 mile plymouth offered the same option under a different name it was the Tanny gears a damna 60 rear end and some other stuff

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  10. Joey2

    Hood scoops aren’t in the factory locations.

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  11. Dave Lewandoski

    Wile it looks 100% better than most of the Chargers on here, these guys want big bucks for these cars, would it kill them to spend some time and clean the damn things out so you can get a decent look at the condition and what all is there?

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  12. timothy r herrod

    I wander if this car came out of Missouri, it sure looks familiar

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