Rabbit Farm: $3K VW Clean-Out


For whatever reason, since acquiring my recent project Subaru, I have a burning desire to snatch up every junkyard example I can find. This same thing happened when I first got into BMWs; I wanted to build a collection of parts cars. Of course, that’s not realistic without a lot of real estate, and the seller of a collection of VW Rabbits here on craigslist is done collecting and wants them gone for $3K. 


Though he’d prefer not to separate the cars out, I suspect this seller would just be happy to have the projects out of his possession. He mentions age as a primary factor for getting out of the VW Rabbit game, and his collection includes classic gas-powered cabriolets and diesel-powered hardtops. All of them are in various states of repair, but most have titles and “ran when parked.”


Located somewhere in or near Springfield, Missouri, the seller clearly has been collecting Rabbits for a while. It’s hard to tell if these were just utilitarian workhorses that proved to be good daily drivers or if he was a VW nut who latched onto this particular generation of water-cooled VWs. No word on whether they are rusty, but I’d factor that into your consideration given the outdoor storage.


Here’s another shot of the cars in the top photo. They don’t look too rusty, do they? Even the chrome on the front bumper still shines. However, there’s no denying that even at $3K, this collection of Rabbits isn’t exactly a steal; however, if you’re looking to build a steady parts supply for years to come, I have a feeling this seller would make a deal if you took the whole lot off his hands.


  1. EU Broker

    In the U.S. I had a girlfriend in college who had an orange ’79 Rabbit Convertible. For some reason the thing broke down all the time. Later on in Europe I had a ’91 Cabrio, and I loved that car. Almost never broke down, cheap to fix. Had all the bells and whistles: leather interior, power roof, etc. The 1.8 motor moved it along pretty quickly and used very little fuel. My friends used to make fun of me saying it was a girls car, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to drive. It was owned by an old man, always garaged, and I got in 2001 or 02 with low miles in near perfect condition for about $1200 USD.

    • Vince Habel

      Hers may have been built in PA. They had their problems.

    • Andrew

      Well, there are no ‘girls’ or ‘guys’ cars in Europe, as it’s seen as transport, but the European Golf’s (Rabbits) performed much better. Not sure why that was. The same with the 1992 Pontiac LeMans and the Opel Kadett, same car, yet, slower in U.S. specs.

  2. KeithK

    Maybe the seller just put two rabbits back there originally.

  3. ian

    best. cars. ever.

  4. Mike

    For your money If you wait 6-8 weeks you will get twice as many rabbits.

  5. David Miraglia

    owned a 75 and a 79 Rabbit. 75 broke down a lot. 79 was a jewel

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