Race or Restore? 1970 Chevrolet Camaro

According to the seller, this 1970 Chevrolet Camaro was destined to be a race car but was never finished by the previous owner. It is now for sale and can be found here on eBay with a requested opening bid just shy of $4,000 and a buy-it-now price of $5,500. Located in Bradenton, Florida, based on the photos, this car would probably be better served to be completed as a race car rather than as the subject of restoration. What class of racing would be best suited for this one? Check it out for yourself and thank you to Larry D. for the tip on this car.

As you can see, the engine compartment is bare. There are a bunch of different options for this car if the new owner wants to race it. How about a small-block Chevrolet for some stock car racing? Or a blown big-block for drag racing? Maybe an LS swap for some auto-cross? What is your favorite kind of racing?

The differential cover is missing and you can see the rear gears have rusted. Overall, the undercarriage looks like it mainly just has surface rust. Hopefully, there are no structural issues with rust.

There aren’t any overall interior photos in the ad, but you can see it has a roll cage. Obviously, the new owner will want to check the welds and rust level before they rely on the cage as it is. Overall, what do you think of this car?  Will, it ever see the race track or will it be restored back to a street machine?

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  1. Too late

    This is only a good deal if the shovel comes with it. No shovel, NO deal.

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  2. Steve

    Throw some wild flower seeds in there and you have lawn art

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  3. jeffro

    Stock car racing? Nah. Drag racing? Nope. Auto cross racing? Pass! Bench racing? That’s what I’m talking about! LOL

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  4. GT750

    Ya, more destined for the scrap yard than the race track.

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  5. Thay Collis

    Its an RS

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    • ACZ

      I’d look real close for bondo. That front sheet metal can be had a lot cheaper than buying this car to get it.

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  6. Steve R

    The only people that would seriously consider purchasing this car have never spent much time at a track. Competitive, turn key, low-10 second cars can easily be found in the $10,000 – $15,000 range, grudge night and T&T bombers for significantly less. This has all of the earmarks if a project that was abandoning years ago that you typically see advertised on Craigslist for months, if not years, at a time. It’s a money pit that makes no sense and will likely ever be finished.

    Steve R

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    • piston poney

      its more fun to build your own 10 sec car than to buy one, and like a project car you get a sense of achievement when your done.

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      • Steve R

        If you want to spend double the money, or more, to do it right, which is how the majority of regularly raced bracket cars have been built. Then again, lots of people like to cut corners, especially those that only go to the track once every year or two. There is a reason you see very few oil downs or crashes at an actual race, compared to the typical grudge night or T&T.

        Steve R

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  7. Karl

    Unless your willing to do a lot more structural work than a roll bar this will never be a decent race car! In this form they suck as a good drag car, way to structurally weak for autocross about all I see possible is a circle dirt track at the local fair grounds, run it a year and junk it!

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  8. Richard Haner

    yet another one where the commentary ruins it for me….once again folks,if you don’t like what you see, move on…no need to bash the seller….once again as my dad always said “if you have nothing good to say…then say nothing”….

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    • moosie moosie

      You are correct Richard , too many keyboard commandos on this site. Their assumptions are so far fetched that they turn off a lot of people sticking around this site,,,,,,,,, it did me in from continueing my membership !

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  9. Dan

    I’m near the end of wasting my time looking at these scraps of metal being sold as some type of value. There was a time that you would have to pay to have this removed from your property.
    I quit frankly would have a hard time taking 5 grand from someone for this. That is unless the person had to much money with little to know what to do with it. If there was such a person with no potential for rehabilitation or education, I would sell it to them, Then I would donate the 5 grand to some charity destined to help individuals with little common sense or regard for others.

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  10. DeeBee

    Looks like it’s good for figure 8 or a destruction derby, little else!

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  11. E.L. Puko

    That RS front clip is worth 4K

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  12. Tahir Khan Member

    complete waste of a what used to be a nice car, looks like a saturday night hack job on the roll cage, and typical to drag cars everything has been gutted to make it lighter. waste of the internet even posting this crap,

  13. mac1va Member

    Many people that leave comments on here don’t have the slightest clue as far as car values and potential or what the hell they are looking at. Search this year Camaro and you will see even at $5000 its worth it.Yes it needs work but unless you have experience at doing ANY work on a car then of course you will say “send it to the scrap heap”
    As usual, it’s mostly keyboard Youtube mechanics on here showing their lack of experience just by opening their mouths. I almost wish there were no comment sections so people couldn’t post. How many of these keyboard cowboys have actually rebuilt an engine, transmission or rear diff, performed bodywork and paint, or did any welding and fabrication on performance cars? Crickets huh??? Just like I thought! Well i’ve done it all and I see potential and I wish the seller luck with the sale however, I hope he sends it to a good home and not one of these keyboard jockeys.

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    • bone

      I may not be as experienced as you, but I have done everything you listed but paint, or at least paint something good . This car needs work, far too much work to be a decent project. the floor pans are ruined , the trunk floor is shot and theres Bondo everywhere, and who knows what else that primer is hiding . Most of the drivetrain is missing , as well as the complete interior, glass, wiring , well lets just say everything is missing, and what’s there needs to be replaced . As for circle track racing , that cage is useless , I dont know much about drag racing rules , but you would better off buying a complete drag car than this basket case. Years ago I was told by an old stock car driver “don’t buy someone else’s problems” I think this car fits that bill !

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  14. Reid Hall

    Boy this thing id ruff,and l mean differently, kinda ruff,from where l see it ,regardless, unless you’re a 🤔body man mechanic, and ect, and even if you are,common sense, should tell you, 😂this id a part’s car,and or donar,car.l am pretty sure you can buy a replacement body, 😂🤣🤔but not sure, better still,big bucks for a rust belt car.

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  15. martinsane

    Althoigh i appreciate the not so veiled attempt at censorship the commentary on this car and many others is mostly true and needs saying in hopes someone hears and a rebaselining follows.

    For this car its crusher fodder nothing more.

    I bought, in 1986 a running driving complete and in great condition 1970 and a half Camaro RS for $1,200 American dollars. Beautiful car and my favorite to this day.

    There is absolutely no reason why evertime someone sells something the logic that follows suit is one of “im going to retire off this sale”. That mindset is the what is ruining our nation.

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    • ACZ

      “Crusher fodder”
      I like that. First time I‘ve heard it. Seems quite appropriate.

  16. Denny

    Maybe boat racing. Looks like it was under water for awhile.

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