Race Worn: 1957 Chevy Drag Car


If you’re looking for a drag car that still wears its battle scars proudly, this 1957 Chevy here on craigslist might be a find worth looking at. The names “Ojos Rojos Racing” and “Cotton Picker” are both still visible, lending some possible clues to its history. The seller claims that it hasn’t been raced since the ’70s and while it may be “recently resurrected”, that doesn’t tell us much about what this particular car will need to get to the strip once more. I love old race cars, no matter what class or series they raced in. Drag cars in particular tell us much about the era in which they were raced, and the hand-painted graphics and catchphrases are hallmarks of a different time. The asking price for this former drag star is $11,500 – is that a fair price for a car with some history?


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  1. Jim

    I would have been interested if it were not for the “ojos rojos” crap on the side.

    • grant

      Racist much?

      • joel ewing

        Are you one those that sees racism in everything?

        And the guy wants what…..$11,500…..for this old blister? OMG. Ex-race car…big deal. All that means is that it was beaten within a inch of it’s life every weekend. Man, what a lump.

  2. randy

    If he needs to sell it quick, he needs to drop the price!! I think Ojos Rojos means
    red fingers. The j makes the h sound in spanish. I knew as soon as I read the name on it it would be from Tx.

    Would be a fun cruiser, if it can be made legal.

    • Eric M.

      It actually means red eyes.

  3. Texas Tea

    Why don’t you guys list cars worth while insteady of these heaps of rust buckets of trash, imports, etc. Hell, I know I’m older than any of you, but do you really think this crap is worth while other than getting a part or two off of them? Raise your standards with your listings. I like to see the finds too, but not this worthless trash.

    I feel better now………………… What ever happened to “Barn Finds”?

    • GreaserMatt

      Because we love them…. : )

  4. randy

    Ahh yes, ojos are eyes, sorry, I’ve been out of the Rio Grande Valley too long.

    For the guys that don’t like the listings, just don’t look. I skip the ones that do not interest me, it’s real easy. Be thankful we get to view some automotive history, learn a little, and maybe pick up a cool car as a bonus.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I am with you Randy, You do not get a barn fresh Stingray, or insert your favorite ride here, everyday. Regardless, have a great Labor Day and go thrash on your favorite rig this weekend!

  5. MikeW

    Cool! If I wasn’t a Ford guy, I’d buy it.

  6. Jamie

    Haha. Ojos Rojos is red eyes. Also, being in the Austin-ish area, and also using the term Ojos Rojos Racing … you will also notice the Rodrigues Rods and Cycles signs hanging in front of the radiator … I would say the car is owned by the guy on Texas Car Wars. The show about car flippers at auction. That is all. Yep … a red herring. Did I win anything ?

    • Jamie


      While that thing may have been an old race car sometime … whether real or someone’s head … these guys^^^^^ own it, and sure as hell know how to “patina” a car to look just like a barn door discovery. Come on guys ! Pull your head out. There’s a whole industry baked up to make them look old now. Extracts more dollars from those easily fooled.

      P.S. “Texas Car Wars” plot line

  7. Rich

    This would be so nice make it streetable again and leave the exterior as-is.

  8. Fred

    Texas Tea, if I were gonna pick out a listing and call it “trash”, this wouldn’t be my first choice. It’s still a restorable ’57 Chevy 2 door post, and it’s a former drag racer. There is way more interest in cars like this than a few years back. I’m not sure why myself, but it’s there. And the hand painted graphics are a work of art – vinyl graphics have no soul.

  9. Dutch 1960

    The “Ojos Rojos racing” is painted over the faded and missing paint. If it were real, the script would be part of the worn finish. My vote is “bogus”.

  10. Jeff Staff

    As someone who doesn’t have cable…HBO…whatever, I wasn’t even aware there was such a show. We try to bring you guys a little bit of everything, from super clean survivors to actual rough, ragged barn finds…to all the stuff in between.

    While I wish there was a dusty, rust-free, affordable Camaro or 911 popping up fresh on craigslist every day for sale by the original owner who still have the sales invoice framed and on his desk, those finds are very infrequent. However, as you likely know by now, we will gladly take your submissions!

    If you spot something we should write up, send it in ASAP to mail@barnfinds.com. Thanks for all the comments and have a great Labor Day. I’m taking leiniedude’s advice and stretching the M3’s legs out on Cape Cod this weekend!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Wise man Jeff! I cut the cable cord about two years ago. All I have is welfare TV. I do miss a couple shows but I am outside WAY more often now. Keep up the good work and I will be with you in spirit as I hammer to New Glarus. Enjoy the Cape, sounds cool! Mike.

    • Karl

      Myself, I like the smorgasbord of car/truck/motorcycle/airplane listings, not only to see things that I would probably never see everyday, but for the (usually) informed commentary that follows on the threads. I also enjoy adding my tiny bits of knowledge to the conversation as well. I just wish I had more time to explore the old-car world in person rather than from an armchair. So keep ’em coming, guys.
      Incidentally, just today I was leaving an Auto Zone, and there in the parking lot was a Hillman Husky, obviously a runner since it wasn’t there when I went in. It had a coat of green paint that looked like housepaint applied with a mop, and the interior resembled an abandoned ratnest. I was thrilled.

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Lucky Dude Karl! That’s what it is all about! Happy Labor Day!

    • Bob Baird


      Keep up the good work! I love seeing cars like this. And it is interesting to see how much time people who complain about what cars they don’t like spend complaining about cars they don’t like! Don’t look at it if you don’t like it!

      It looks to me like a lot of work went into this car back in the day. Just look at the tilting front end. I’d like someone to show me if they can start with another car and build something like this cheaper than restoring this one, or show me another car the same condition cheaper or better condition at the same price.


  11. randy

    Happy Labor day to you too, we have the Choctaw Festival going on now, I may venture into the crowds Tuskahoma, Ok.

  12. Steve

    Come on guys,theres nothing cooler than a old school drag car or gasser. Everybody have a great holiday and thanks barn find guys. Keep up the good work.

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