Rally Green Original: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

It is not all that often that you find such an original condition first generation Camaro. With only 42,300 miles, the owner of this Camaro purchased it from the original owner 7 years ago with the intent of modifying it. Thankfully he realized what a jewel he had and decided to maintain this cars originality, but left it parked in his garage sleeping. Although appearing perfect like a dream come true, there are few minor condition issues with this very green muscle car. It can be yours for $18,000 or trade for a 75-82 Toyota FJ40. Check it out here on craigslist out of Lincoln, California. Thanks to Pat L for the beautiful submission!

Beneath the green hood is a numbers matching 327 V8 backed by an automatic transmission. What luck that this beautiful original has air conditioning. The engine bay is a bit dingy, and has some very minor surface rust developing on the radiator cross member as well as on the cross member braces. Nothing major, but this low mileage car does show some age. The seller mentions that there are some immediate needs for this Camaro being the valves covers, and wheel cylinders. Since this car has roughly been parked for 7 years there may be some other needs to be tended to in order to make it a safe driver.

Although I will say the interior is like a dream come true, appearing like new. The only thing that may be questionable is the interior carpet, as it appears slightly faded. Difficult to distinguish from the photos. The bucket seats are in grand condition and even the seat belt buckles are clean without sun fade or minor surface rust on the chrome catches. With no other obvious flaws, the next owner will be riding in style for sure.

Bright green like an Irishman’s luck, this Chevrolet is absolutely stunning. The paint has a lovely shine, and does not suffer from surface rust, or mismatched paint. Although there is no surface rust on the exterior, there is some rust to be pointed out on this machine. Some patch work has been executed on the rear quarters, and there is also some surface rust on the interior side of the doors. The seller confirms that the floors and trunk are solid, and the rust mentioned is the only concern. The patching around the rear wheel wells is not apparent from the photos, but the door rust is visible only with the doors open. There also appears to be a minor ding in the driver side door above the body trim, and some license plate screw wear on the front valence. Beyond these concerns this looks like a beautiful and promising Rally Green Camaro. Would you front the “green” for this First gen survivor?

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I was always more of a Chevelle fan than a Camaro fan. However I can always be bought. This car would be great in my driveway. Drive it and enjoy it. I almost forgot about those old seat belts with the built in bottle openers. They were never done up but each passenger had their own personal opener. My Chevelle, being a 3 spd. manual also had a bonus bottle opener under the steering column. There was a hole just large enough to get the bottle into and you could hook the cap onto the linkage and open those bottles like a pro. Shame on those who are thinking that we drank anything but sodas….

    • Glen

      It’s amazing how many things can be used as a bottle opener, I managed to use a 110 style camera to get to my precious beer!… oh yeah, and the car is nice.

  2. Chuck Sibio

    That car will be gone before I push send !

  3. Steve R

    It probably has more rust than the pictures show. I’d be surprised if it didn’t originally come from a Midwest or eastern state.

    Pass on this one.

    Steve R

  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Prospective Buyer in 1968: “But I really really wanted one today”

    Salesman: “Sorry. We’re taking orders for 4 weeks out. Unless…nah you wouldn’t be interested in this…”

    Prospective Buyer: “What? What were you going to say?”

    Salesman: “Well there’s this green one over here but…well…it’s green…”

  5. Andy

    If I were a Camaro guy, this would be the one for me, except maybe the automatic. Hey, remember when almost every car had crank windows?

    • John T

      Crank windows, a column shift and dog dish hubcaps! Plain and simple is good.

  6. Bobby D

    Problem with low mileage anything is every mile you drive it it huts the value. So it is for a collection. I have owned about 10 first gens over the years. I like to drive them and then sell or trade them. To many out there to add to my collection to keep and to many price fluctuations for a long term hold for me.

    1967 160,648 602
    1968 176,813 7,199
    1969 165,226 20,302

  7. Helmo Member

    I see evidence of a little fluffing… appears to be green paint on the front licence plate gromets, and on the rear licence plate rubber bumpers. Personally, I prefer to know what I’m dealing with and that those issues be left alone by the seller like the visible surface rust in the door jambs. All that aside, this looks like a terrific driver! I’d have a hard time resisting the temptation to put a third pedal and stick into it.

    • Tom Member

      Agreed, and I will second your comments with, “if I could see it in person I might guarantee it has been repainted once”. Pictures are not good enough to tell BUT it looks like a repaint as the entry of the jam looks great in the over lap of 1/4 inch but the jam is terrible. I am a Midwest guy, a rust expert and an master detailer and I am not buying the amount of rust on that driver door inset with a near perfect exterior, sorry.

      Helmo has all the right comments including the rear plate, inside the rear valance it is over-sprayed. again, don’t beat my comments up on “what’s wrong with a re-paint” …the answer is nothing is wrong with a repaint unless your trying to pass it off as original paint.

      this car is nice but not special enough to keep it “as is” as much as I am a “original resto” kind of guy. it is not like you are trying to make the car an SS clone, Z28 etc. Put a better drive train in it, 3rd pedal with a nice white ball shifter, cool period wheels like Vette Rally’s or Crager’s and have some fun!!

      If it were a 001 VIN or had extremely low miles and were near perfect, ok, leave it alone. Not the case. if it were an RS, SS, Z28 or combo there of, keep it real but its not = mod it!!

      To the seller……keep it and do what you were going to do with it!!

  8. Don

    Just because it’s a Camaro don’t make it a muscle car ,the. 327 is probably the 210 horse 2 barrel

  9. Neal

    My wife used to have a 72 Vette in Elkhart Green…….this camaro green makes that green almost acceptable . This one seems to be in nice shape even in that color.

  10. 74 vette

    Im keen for green for green, love these low option original cars.

  11. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Okay…I’m looking at the right door open picture – the one with the can in the back floor board. The door jam looks sooooo fresh….what’s wrong with below the door sill – below the aluminum steep over piece….why is that soooo dingy looking ?

    • Tom Member

      I would disagree that any part of that jam looks fresh. As for the lower part, if I am right and it is a repaint, typically when you prime and paint a car with the door closed, and you don’t paint the jams, the primer has a gray course texture to it (almost looks dirty) and they you have some paint overspray blow over top of it and again, kind of looks like this one…coarse and gritty but similar in color. my 2 cents. Again, I do believe this had a repaint once and not recently but years ago. Again, I could be wrong, just ask my wife!

  12. turfman

    Low option but factory A/C. Just looks like it is dirty below the door sill plate.

  13. RoselandPete

    Paint looks too new.

  14. Joeinthousandoaks

    It’s been repainted and the 2 on the odometer looks suspicious, as in rolled over. Not a bad car though. Personally I think the green is cool.

  15. Luke Fitzgerald

    I think Steve R is right – good find tho’

  16. Alan Check

    I had the exact Same car in Mt. Pocono,
    Pennsylvania and sold it to a gentleman from New York state. Had Kelsey-Hayes turbine vane mags and Talbot mirrors.
    Gas filler cap from a Jensen Healey.
    I did the paint. 40 hours in just the red lead. Flawless body done in British racing Green. Could this be her?

  17. Ralph Robichaud

    Nice car, once you get past the color, but far too many $$$$.

  18. Car Guy

    To me, it would look much better with some chrome Cragar SS’s on it……….

  19. Joeinthousandoaks


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