Rally Rolls: 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

What has four-wheels, a roof rack, and starts with ‘R’? Rally Rolls. I can only imagine some poor fellow in the back seat yelling “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” at the top of his lungs as this 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow screams across the desert. Cannonball Run anyone? This car is unbelievably cool! This Rolls-Royce has been done up to look like a 1970s Paris-Dakar rally car, and although I wasn’t there, I would imagine this would fit right in. Before anyone loses their temper, this car is being offered by Park-Ward Motors in Illinois, self-proclaimed and well-known Rolls-Royce experts. This rally Rolls can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $23,500.

There’s a reason this car is the way it is, and I’m not even a little bit mad about it! Having worked in a repair shop that primarily specialized in Rolls-Royce/Bentley, I can vouch that although they are beautiful cars, ’70s Silver Shadows are not particularly valuable nor hard to come by as Rolls-Royces go. The shop/dealer selling this one of a kind product states that “This is a right hand drive, UK spec, Silver Shadow that came to us in the usual neglected state of some Silver Shadows we see,” and that the shop built this as a bit of a “tongue in cheek” creation. I know several Rolls-Royce enthusiasts that would love this car!

The interior is largely non-original but has been outfitted with period-look racing paraphernalia. From the ad, “This includes 4 point harness front seats, a plethora of driving and spot lights, roof rack, jerry cans, “roo” bar at front, right down to an “outback” hessian desert water bag. If you want a rear seat, let us know as we can easily supply.” Although the diamond-plate is a cool look, I probably would’ve gone with something a little more understated. They’ve even supplied dash trash for that extra touch! The more I look at it, the more I love it. There’s just something about cars being used for the exact opposite of their intended purpose that intrigues me.

This Silver Shadow is equipped with the “UK spec hi-compression engine” meaning it has more horsepower than a US version. Reportedly, with a considerable amount of “unnecessary” attributes removed, this car is quite quick. They’ve even included a video link of this car doing a sweet burnout! With all of these cool vintage stickers, brush guard, jerry cans, and a 5″lift this Rolls is ready to rock! For roughly the cost of a nice quality driver Silver Shadow, you could have this awesome off-road Rolls-Royce with painted on permanent mud! Would you rock it?

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  1. Paul

    Uhh, no!

    • Paul

      Another Paul? :)

  2. Paul

    If someone parts with 23,5 for this I have some motorcycle ashtrays they might be interested in too. Insane price that makes no sense unless I am missing something?

    That said I have something like this in mind I am hoping to create myself one day, but less rally look and more rat rod / custom in design.
    I am a fan of old Rollers/Bentleys. Ever since a friends parents sent their driver to pick me up in a new one back in the 80’s when I was a kid.

  3. dirtyharry

    Right on! What I see is Freedom. Freedom to do what you want. So many have fought and died so we could be free, even if we want to build a rally tribute car out of a luxury car. I think there is a trend coming. I see more and more whacky off road stuff and I just love that some people will venture out of the box, What if we. . .

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  4. Luki

    Either that or you could restore one and lose just about every nickel you put into it.

  5. S.S.McDonald

    6 mpg under normal driving and that’s a fact. A 1970 rallye RR would be more reliable with a Chevrolet V8.

    • Mike W H

      you actually need a small trailer with a tank on it for gas in addition to the jerry cans on the roof, amigo.

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  6. Sam

    Very cool. I would use and abuse it then go to dinner at a 5 star…you will always get the front door valet spot for this one.

    The attached Rolls was in this years Great Race.

    Like 1

    I dunno about the ask, too rich for my blood. Still a nice presentation I’ll admit.(like the nod to the Blues Brothers from the cigarette packs piled on the dash)

    Kind of refreshing to see this done. Lots of nice looking Rolls for what ever mechanical reason are being parted out. Thumbs up to the restoration shop for taking the initiative to save one although in a non conventional fun way.

    • grant

      Cigarette packs piled up on the dash? Where? I see drink containers and trash, but no cigarette packs. Not sure what that has to do with the Blues Brothers either, but that was a great movie.

      • Paul

        There are packs of marlboro in the pics against the windscreen.

      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Seriously Grant, get your peepers checked, 2 Marlboro packs clearly visible.

        Blues Brothers!?! The chase scene has dash trash moving from one side to another evertime the car turns.

        Pay attention, watch the movie again, I’m sure you’ve missed a fair bit. I thought tossing the lighter out the window was so nonchalant that I’d split my sides,


  8. LAB3

    Very cool and totally blasphemous, my kind of car! At that price though I’ll pass, replacement parts would be outrageously expensive and hard to find.

  9. Leon

    Painted on mud looks like rust

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  10. Coventrycat

    Cool, but the diamond plate looks stupid.

  11. Milt

    Gotta step up your game BF. BaT had you beat by almost 3 weeks on this.

  12. bill

    hear hold my beer

  13. Dt 1

    Finally the Brits would be proud

  14. Al

    I don’t see any provision for a snorkel. Rally must have been in Finland in the winter.

  15. Jonathan Q Higgins

    Oh My God!

  16. Martin Sparkes

    I like how they airbrushed soil in to help with the authenticity.

  17. Chris In Australia

    It would make a good companion to one I see regularly at the Nostalgia Drags here. Satin black with flames and a rear wing. It runs mid 15s.
    I’n not sure the R-R owners club is appreciative of either car.

  18. Doug Towsley

    I like the period correct stickers on the car, Duckhams? I had a friend who worked for them as a product rep, but I dont know why they have a magneti Morrelli sticker unless they have a twisted sense of humor, I thought that was italian bikes and cars only,,?
    But love the car. Very cool.

  19. Steve

    I would put a Euro police siren in it. Eeeennnn oooooo eeeennnn oooooo.

  20. Randy

    Oh, what the hell. Too expensive (free would probably be too expensive for an old Rolls Royce) but if it’s your thing, knock yourself out.

  21. Pat cummins

    I love anything that goes against the so called class and elegance of such an overstated automobile. My Dad owned a new 77 Silver Shadow that was not much better mechanically than a Chevy Cavalier. Aside the beautiful body lines and paint, it was a total dog and major disappointment of a car. Turn these old beasts into circus clown cars for all l care. Think the Rally idea is very cool!

  22. Chebby

    Just wish they had used real mud instead of that paint, a little too cheezy.

  23. JRP

    Good God ! What HAVE they done? They don’t really think someone would pony up that kind of money for this monstrosity, do they?

  24. Kevin

    This car looks like something that Richard Rawlings would drive

    • Gas Monkey

      Thanks I actually tried to buy when I was over there and this guy beat me to it by 45 minutes!

  25. Mark-A

    Just wondering if that rear number plate is from part of the Old Empire too? Rhodesia or something maybe? Just a thought!

    • Paul

      It’s a German export plate oddly. Strange on RHD car?

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