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Ram-Air 428!? 1969 Ford Mustang SportsRoof

From the Casual Sale Department comes this 1969 Ford Mustang! The Canton, Michigan classic shows up here on eBay with five pictures, including one of a wheel, a bogus VIN, and simply the description that it’s a 428 Cobra Jet car. I can’t help thinking how I’ve put more effort into selling a $25 bed frame on Craigslist, but focus on what might be a great find. Let’s dive in! As we go to press no one ascended the barriers to sale and ponied up the $24,000 opening bid, but that may well happen. That’s no functional Ram-Air “shaker” hood, though something may have been attached to it with sheet metal screws.

Few people knew that Ford offered a transverse V8 before the Ninth-Generation Lincoln Continental, but here’s one in a ’69 Mustang! Joking aside, is this a genuine R-code Ram-Air 428 cid (7.0L) engine in a normal Mustang, or a non-original motor in an R-code chassis, or the correct factory engine and car? Let’s run with the last scenario, because that’s the most fun. The R-Code 428 topped the engine choices for 1969, making 335 HP and 440 lb-ft of torque, according to Wikipedia. The manual transmission adds to the fun for sure.

That looks like a center console in the back seat, and the host of other parts as well. These “before” pictures are fun, but most people would want many questions answered and some “after” pictures for $24,000.

The 1969 Mustang ranks high on my list, and the idea of finding an R-Code car WITH an R-Code engine is too good to pass off. While not essential for a low ET with the mighty 428 CJ, the stick-shift gearbox ramps up the interest for most potential buyers. Regardless of the unanswered questions about this long-parked pony car, let’s hope it gets back on the road instead of collecting dust for years. What key question would you ask about this sadly sidelined SportsRoof Mustang?


  1. Avatar photo i8afish

    Mopar disease has mutated into Mustang disease. Wear a mask people!

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    • Avatar photo Classic Steel

      I couldn’t agree more.

      The limited info and pictures is the perfect way not to see a car.
      Engine stampings? Vins? Provide proof.
      The owner should of like selling a house staged the parts and cleaner up the car to assist price.

      I am a mustang guy but on a car like this need more details..

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    • Avatar photo Keith Harden


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  2. Avatar photo Johnny

    money-money-money-in reality the car is not worth $24,000. In reality looking around you can find 2 or 3 really nice vehicles for that price. Not much information or pictures to go on. Maybe the saler KNOWS their are people out their with more money then they know what to do with .Then common sence. Plus he wouldn,t even clean it up or take pictures. I like this body style,but you can buy a new one cheaper then this price .

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  3. Avatar photo Steve R

    The seller didn’t include a bogus VIN. It’s obvious they provided a meaningless string of numbers to fill space in a line of requested information. Bogus infers intentional deception, this is not, there is a difference.

    Instead, the authors on this site should pay more attention to bogus mileage claims which seem to take place on every other ad and is specifically designed to get more money from gullible buyers.

    The seller is lazy, the ad is horribly written, but it’s still a Mustang fastback that claims to be an R code. Serious buyers will follow up on the ad, people that wouldn’t have been interested in this car to begin with, will entertain themselves by whining about overpriced cars and how they are ruining society.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo Todd Fitch Staff

      Hello Steve R. Oxford defines Bogus as “not genuine or true; fake,” and that is 100% what we see here. It is not real. Only the seller knows whether that’s laziness or subterfuge. The real VIN could ID a straight six or 302 car. Mileage claims, unlike a VIN, are subjective, so I consider the seller innocent until proven guilty. I’ve seen cars with under 100k that look like a pack of hyenas destroyed the interior, and I’ve owned cars with nearly 300k that look factory fresh inside. That’s my perspective, worth nothing more than anyone’s. Happy New Year to you!

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  4. Avatar photo pwtiger

    You would think if the seller was serious about attracting interest in this rare Ford he would supply a few photos of the VIN. The drivers door is a different color so if that door came with an ID plate rivited to the door frame it would be different then the stamped #s on the inner fender, maybe he still has the original door or plate.

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    • Avatar photo terry Brundage

      yeah you might be buying a 351 car with an R code door!

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  5. Avatar photo Grumpy

    If I recall correctly, the 4 bolt holes around each exhaust port indicated a 390 GT or 428 SCJ head. Maybe someone with more knowledge will know for sure.

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    • Avatar photo Knightomite

      “A C6AE-U GT390 head has an exhaust side with a unique 14-bolt pattern, and therefore it’s a special part to fit a few applications. In fact, the heads were originally designed to ease fitment of the exhaust side of the manifold in the Mustang and Fairlane platform. The 14-bolt exhaust pattern only fits the stock manifolds properly and even headers supposedly designed for these cars don’t fit the exhaust pattern well.” I’ d say you’d be correct.

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      • Avatar photo Grumpy

        Thanks for that info. I had a 68 Fastback that I put a 428 SCJ into. The headers were a brute to get all those bolts in and tightened!

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  6. Avatar photo MorganW

    If this is really an R-code car, it seems very odd to me that someone replaced the ram-air hood with one that had a non-functional scoop…

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