Rampside Survivor: 1962 Corvair Pickup

Although uncommon, and rather rare, Rampside pickup trucks offer unique looks, and a surprisingly useful Rampside bed. Described as a survivor, this ’62 Corvair has a great appearance, and is ready to drive. The “oh so cool” 1960’s paint is in fair shape, and really adds that much more flavor to this classic pickup. This neat truck can be yours for $9,800. Find it here on craigslist out of Columbus, Ohio.

This survivor grade classic is in good health and ready to drive. The engine compartment is in nice condition considering water and dirt can easily build up within. This is a flat 6 engine mated to a “rare” automatic transmission. I am not exactly in love with the automatic, but considering it is “trouble free” I could learn to live with it.

Inside you are welcomed by a very tidy interior that reflects little to no wear or aging. The door sills door jamb sections are in nice shape with no evidence of rust. Appearing comfortably broken in, the bench seat is in nice condition with only minor signs of wear. The paint in the cab is in excellent shape and there is really little to see in the way of flaws or damage. Someone has mounted a modern style fan to the dash, but hopefully it is attached in such a way that it could be easily removed. Overall this interior needs nothing other than a good vacuuming, and a new driver.

The paint really makes this Corvair that much cooler based on its color and styling. Although the paint is a little tired, it would appear that majority of the paint is present with a few possible touch ups. Rust thankfully appears to be a non-issue for this truck as these Rampsides can all too often be riddled with rot. The only rust that can be easily seen is in the bottom of the tail gate, which appears to be a minor concern. A set of chrome wheels and exhaust tips add a bit of flair to this great looking classic really playing on the 1960’s looks. With a solid appearance and ready to drive where ever you please, would you pick up this Rampside classic?

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  1. Mark in WNC

    Just my opinion…the new wheels and (wide whites!) tires was a waste of the sellers money. Otherwise a nice truck.

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    • Hoos Member

      I agree, but I do like it. I’d drive it as a fair weather daily driver. It is listed in Ohio, but it looks like it has a Pennsylvania antique plate.

    • Tom Member

      yep, just an opinion….see Don H below. It’s called Period Correct. One of several ways you could go on this truck.

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Been in one of those before, all I can say is Cool!

  3. Don H

    I like the old chrome steelies ,and wide whites .

  4. RayT Member

    Brian, the old two-speed P-Glide in a Corvair wasn’t as bad as it might seem. My late sister had a coupe with that combo, and it could be hustled along pretty well. Wasn’t as much fun as the four-speed in my other sister’s Monza convertible, but it got the job done.

    Count me as a fan of the wheel/tire combo. Has a 1960’s “custom” look to it. If this were a Greenbrier I’d be interested.

  5. Ken Carney

    With a few mods, I’d use this to carry my
    MIL’s power chair. Just add tonneau cover problem solved.

  6. Will

    I finally saw my first Corvair pickup yesterday, so if I was closer to Ohio this would be mine. Here’s the archived ad in case I do pick it up http://www.craigslistadsaver.com/view.php?name=1962CorvairRampside

  7. Vince Habel

    Powerglide is not rare in these. The engine has been replaced with one from a car. It was a PA. car. How much hidden rust.

  8. Ed Bittman

    Vince Habel is correct it is a car engine,a very common thing in Corvair trucks as they were usually used hard. Also you never put a fuel filter in the engine compartment–fire risk. Car mirror on passenger door and from its angle useless, and non stock inside arm rests. Sorry but if I’m going to pay this much for a vehicle it’s going to be correct. Lord only knows what is hidden.

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    • PaulieB

      What is the difference between the truck and car versions of the engine? The air cleaner has obviously been replaced here too. I had a ’69 Monza coupe.. fun ride.

      • ACZ

        Look for the dipstick location to tell. Specs are different.
        This has been converted to an alternator. Original was a generator but a worthwhile upgrade.

  9. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking Corvair pickup truck. I’ve heard of these earlier Corvair vans and pickup trucks, but I’ve never seen any in person.

  10. Fogline

    I was wondering if you could replace it with a new boxer engine from a Subaru to actually be able to get up to highway speeds in less than 24 seconds, which I think I recently read was the 0-60 speed for a Greenbriar.

    • George

      there are a lot of performance upgrades for these without committing Frankensteinism

  11. Coventrycat

    Chrome steelies are great, the wide whites gotta go.

  12. Trent

    Makes me miss my 61 Loadside

  13. GaryC GaryC

    Here is an old rampside I restored about 4 or 5 years ago. First time I ever worked on a Corvair. The guy sold it at an auction for the same money they’re asking here. He had a lot more in it though.

  14. Alex B

    Are those the same headlights from the Corvette of the same year?

    Love the design :)

  15. David Montanbeau


  16. David Montanbeau


  17. David Montanbeau

    Camping anyone?

  18. David Montanbeau

    Corvair need a tow?

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