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Ran When Parked: 1950 Ford Custom

Yup! We’ve all heard that old saw and in the case of this 1950 Ford Custom that operational time was “some years ago“. Claimed to have been purchased from the original owner, this old Ford Tudor is cooling its heels in Monterey Park (L.A.), California just waiting for the next caretaker who will breathe some life into its likely, very tired, flathead V8 bones. Interested parties will find it here on craigslist where it’s available for $9,400, OBO.

When I was a teenager, ’49, ’50, and ’51 Fords were all the hotrod rage. There were millions made in those three years (1.2 M in ’50 alone) and the revolutionary ’49 redesign made other manufacturers stand up and take note. This example is in stock shape and shows no sign of mods though it is sporting an identifying two-tone paint scheme. The body shows as being clean and the seller claims “no rust“. The chrome and stainless are both looking tired but that can be remedied. The exterior images aren’t entirely revealing but what can be seen looks like a good start to a project.

The seller mentions the interior by saying, “SEATS ARE IN REALLY GOOD SHAPE“, yeah, sort of. It’s hard to tell since the front seat is so obscured. When attempting to sell a car or truck, it’s just foolish to photograph the interior when it is overloaded with upholstery-hiding detritus – or maybe that’s the plan…I will say that the headliner checks out but the back seat doesn’t match the front. The dash is finished in gray primer, the radio is missing and there are a few stray wires here and there. OK, so it’s not terrible but the environment is not really in all that good a shape either.

The 100 HP, 239 CI “flattie” V8 engine appears as if it hasn’t turned a lick in many moons. Minus the air cleaner, it looks like it’s all there but it would be nice to know if it will at least turn over by hand. A three-speed manual transmission was the only game in town for Ford 73 long years ago.

OK, so now, it’s what to do with it time. At, $9,400, I’d say nothing. As for the OBO part of the price, that’s a maybe assuming that this Ford will change hands for a reasonable amount. Now, a stock restore? Doubtful, it seems that upgrades would be the order of the day for such a car. What’s your preference, mild or wild?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’d say with that engine open to the elements there is money to be spent to get this old guy moving again. Not sure I’d go for the asking price but I think it’s a better deal than the Fiat.

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  2. Tommy T-Tops

    Looks like a fun project if it fell in my lap for a grand or two. I would deep clean that paint after getting the engine going and drive as-is..bet it would clean up pretty nice. GLWTA

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    • Dougmc

      Is this not a 1949 Ford? I thought that 1950 had a one-piece windshield. 1949 was the last year for two piece.

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        It’s absolutely a ’50. The ’49 version had “FORD” spelled out on the front of the hood as opposed to the Ford shield emblem worn by this car.


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      • TouringFordor

        Parking lights are definitely 1950.

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      • Frank of Eden

        1952 was the first year the Solid curved windshield appeard in the Ford. The two piece was continued through 1951.

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      • Larry Ashcraft

        I believe 1952 was the first year for the one piece windshield. I know my ’51 had a two piece.

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      • Larry Ashcraft

        Also, the ’49 had an exposed gas cap. 1950 had the gas door.

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  3. mike

    Nice project car.Keep it stock please.Like the trailer itch attached to the bumper.Wonder if it also attaches to the frame??

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    • TouringFordor

      No, they don’t. We had one when I was a kid. Ours was adjustable to fit numerous bumpers. Well, the bumper is attached to the frame, so….

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  4. Ed B

    Almost $10k for a non-runner with poor photos, no underside, no word on whether the engine moves, destroyed wiring, and in all likelihood it is incomplete? The mismatched seats reek of a lazy, disinterested partial restoration under a lean-to. PASS

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  5. Fred W

    Potential there if you enjoy doing a LOT of work yourself, but price not realistic in any way.

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  6. Big C

    Are you even allowed to drive a 1950 Ford in LaLa Land, anymore?

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  7. V12MECH

    Caly shoebox, somebody will score for less than the ask , soon to be restomod.

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  8. Lion

    I would love to have this in my garage but not at that price. Those seats look like a match to me.

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  9. Robt

    The best thing that this car seems to have going for it is that it looks like it is all there. But a non-runner with minimal info on its condition?
    I would not say pass so much as I’d say best offer. Maybe a 1/4-1/3 of the asking.

    Would love to have it in my garage. I’d get it running and road worthy, & then drive it, everywhere.

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