Ran When Parked: 1955 Pontiac Superior Ambulance

It is always a sad sight when you find a neat car and hear the phrase, “It ran when parked.” So many cars have fallen victim to this circumstance. With great looks, and loads of storage, this Ambulance could be repurposed, useful and unique, in this modern day and age. Mostly complete, but with questionable floors, this Pontiac is offered at $2,800. Find it here on craigslist out of Spokane Valley, Washington. Thanks to John Schiessl for the interesting submission!

It is very clear that this Pontiac hasn’t been touched in many years. Exposed to the elements, and almost appearing as if it has been submerged, I would hold little hope for this engine, other than having a small scrap value. Covered in dirt, dust, leaves, vines, and other various items, I would think that the engine is locked up, although stranger things have happened. Maybe it is still free after sitting for 30 years or longer.

Little of the interior is shown, but if the floors are in poor condition, then it isn’t hard to imagine what the interior may be like. The rear window is missing, making this Ambulance exposed to the elements. The rockers have some rot, but overall the rust looks to be well hidden. The Superior specific items are present and in good shape, and the body is straight after a high speed life of rushing people to the hospital. The mind wanders with possibilities of what this Pontiac could be used for, but you would have to be capable enough to tackle a project such as this. Do you have any creative ideas as to what you would do with this Pontiac Superior Ambulance?



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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Yikes ! Although, i do like those baby west coast mirrors !
    When an ambulance trip was basically first aid and treating a patient with gasoline. “Mash the pedal and get ’em there fast” !

    • Woodie Man

      Hey this is outside the ‘”barn”……does it still qualify as a barn find?

  2. Bingo

    Sweet lawn ornament

  3. madbrit

    It’s a shame people don’t post pics of the underside.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      What underside ?? It has been up to it’s axles in earth for at least 15 years of it’s 30 year hospice….

  4. gardener

    this car I’m sure was a beautiful car when new would love to see it put back on road again.I always thought pontiac made some of the best looking cars.It would take a lot to get this car back on road again but could be a lot of fun to make your own.Hope this finds a good home.

  5. Rodney

    The irony here is that this vehicle spent at least 32 years, perhaps more, saving lives and now needs its own life saved. Out there is someone who was born in the back of this while it raced to the hospital. That person, and you know who you are, is now old enough to repay the favor…..

  6. Joe

    I owned one just like it in 1968, shortly after graduating from college and before Uncle Sam called me. Mine had led an easy life as the number two car for a southern Indiana funeral home and had just 17,000 miles on it. It idled so smoothly you had to look at the gauges to see if it was running. It was a V8 stick. My college roommate and I made a quick trip to the west coast before military service. We got pulled over by a highway patrolman in South Dakota who just wanted to see the car. Fun times. Mine was a Superior coach too.

  7. Wayne

    I think it would make a cool pickup truck!

  8. Rob

    Needs a Heart Transplant.. I believe a ’65 GTO’s Tri-Power like this, rated at 360 hp would be a great choice to make all those grocery getter ‘speedy’ runs, and would provide good eye candy too, for all the Poncho Fans.. :)

  9. JP

    No Ghostbuster comments??

    • Ck

      Ya beat me to it JP. This old girl would be a perfect candidate for the next installment of Ghost Busters.The Ecto3,has a nice ring to it don’tchathink.

  10. SanDiegoSteve

    The Craigslist ad claims it is in “Excellent” condition????

  11. Rustytech Member

    Needs a heart transplants? It would fall out! This need a skin graft, bone marrow transplant, colin transplant, heck it needs everything! But it would be an interesting and fun project, unfortunately you would be underwater pulling it out of the weeds!

  12. Brad C

    Neat. Not remotely worth the trouble, in my opinion… but neat. These professional cars seem to have a dedicated fan base, but pretty small. I’d rather spend $10K on a driver-quality 50s Pontiac wagon, than $2500 on this project.

  13. newfieldscarnut

    It drives me nuts seeing great old cars parked next to a garage that is probably full of worthless junk . If it had only been tucked away .

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      If you look closely in the garage window, It looks like the roof of an E-Type Jag.

  14. Macon Michaux

    I’m betting this frame will pull apart like a rotten sack of potatoes during extraction. Cool wagon, too far gone.

  15. American_Badaz

    I know my opinion will differ from most others, but I would have to go tube-chassis, pro street on this one. With the floors, likely frame, engine, and drivetrain being probable junk, at least the body would be saved!

  16. Chebby

    Now an Inferior ambulance.

  17. erikj

    I should go see this just to confirm that the floors are as gone as it looks. Its within a few miles of where I live. Could be fun just to see it,mabe find something else there. I think I will call Monday.

    Like 2
  18. Wayne

    If you do go and check it out. Take some more pictures for us. I love this vintage Pontiacs. And would like to see how bad it is. ( floors) but I really like to see the old dashes.

  19. Keith

    This has been on the Spokane CL for 6+ months….offer the guy $1k and he should consider himself lucky.

  20. Russ

    Unless you live in a place like AZ, parking a car out on the earth is a certain death by rust, including the frame. Eventually it’s not much better than the 57 Plymouth they had entombed underground in Tulsa which marinated into a lump of rust.

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