Ran When Parked: 1966 Jeep J2000 Pickup


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I love the rugged look of these Jeep pickups. Apparently you do too, based on the comments on this slightly later model that we featured recently. While it may have run when it was parked as is claimed in the ad, it looks like it may have been stationary for a good while. The truck is located in Show Low, Arizona and is listed for auction here on eBay where the buy-it-now price is $2,800 and lower bids are possible.


One of the things that always strikes me about these pickups is the angled lines–very distinctive versus a lot of curves among the period competition. This one has what appear to be aftermarket bumpers in the front and rear, and I’m guessing the front was originally outfitted with a winch. I don’t see a lot of substantial rust, but there is surface rust appearing in many spots and I would recommend addressing it as soon as possible if you purchase the Jeep.


Moving to the rear, we can see that the bed is still solid, although showing plenty of signs of use. Again, the rust will have to be dealt with before it gets worse, but that can be properly refinished over time.


The signs of storage really start to show on the inside. It’s apparent that the truck hasn’t been unoccupied during the storage period! Do you think the cream colored outline on the tunnel is where an attempt was made to cut part of it away?


Other than seeing the V8 emblems on the side, we don’t really know anything else about what’s under that hood. The seller says they don’t know the current running condition, but I think it’s safe to assume that some work will be necessary. As I write this, bidding is at about $1,000, which I think would be reasonable given the body condition. Let’s see where it finishes!


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Spencer

    Suspicious from the lack of engine photos. I do like it.

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  2. Eric M.

    If it’s the original engine, it’s an AMC 327. Torquey motor… Same as what’s in my 66 Wagoneer. That ran when I parked it too…

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  3. dj

    I like these Gladiator trucks. I had a few of the 70-80’s trucks. Even a Honcho. LOL

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  4. rancho bella

    Startin’ to get cold in Show Low. Me to on the Gladiators. Like em’ a lot.

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  5. Jasper

    Bring a canvas topper, zebra stripes, a monkey and a cross eyed lion

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  6. taxijohn

    Lovely looking truck, wish it was in the UK!

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  7. Trevor

    Funny I just found this, this is actually my truck! Original 327 Vigilante V8, just redid the seat and cleaned the interior up and got the truck running very easily! Replaced the front suspension on it as well with a 2.5″ lift, this truck has been great so far. Will be selling it though shortly!

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    • Victor B Jimenez

      looking for a jeep truck to restore if the price is right . I’m in Tempe so it will be a local sell when ready.

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  8. Lee Farmer

    These were the beast from the East when they come out! It sickening when a 1969 year truck looks better than what you can buy today! I have always said that if you build a truck today like they were in 1969 they would still be a huge market for that type of truck. Before my father died,he told me and my brother that the day would come when a truck would be no different than a nicely equipped car? I think we’re there? God Bless America.

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  9. Walt mackley

    I’ve got 1973 Jeep j4000 been sitting 30 yrs ran when parked nest truck ever owned

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