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Ranch Support Vehicle: 1976 Ford Bronco

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m almost sick of Ford Broncos. Why? Well, a few years ago, everyone started going nuts if they found one that was uncut. Now, it seems every example that comes out of the woodwork has clean fenders, like this 1976 model here on eBay. It supposedly has lead a life of solitude on a local cattle ranch, and still runs quite well with good tires and very few signs of rust.

I’m not at all suggesting it’s a bad thing that clean Broncos are coming out of the woodwork, but it just goes to show that sometimes the initial feeding frenzy for a particular vintage vehicle should be monitored from a distance so as to determine if the pricing boom will ensure. There is obviously still plenty of enthusiasm for trucks like these, as bidding has crested $15K with the reserve unmet.

The seller says this Bronco stayed in the same family as it was passed from father to son, always working on a cattle ranch. The interior looks about as you’d expect for a working truck, but it is also entirely usable as-is. The seller says the 302 and three-speed manual combination work as it should, with no smoke or other worrisome signs of engine neglect. The Bronco has had its front fenders replaced at some point.

With minimal rust and some faded paint as the most egregious sins on the outside, there’s not too much to get worked up about if you’re looking for a project-grade Bronco – except, perhaps, when considering if it’s worth waiting for a better deal to come along. That’s the tough part about car collecting is knowing when to take the plunge and when to hold your cards. Do you think now is the time to buy a Bronco?


  1. Haig L Haleblian

    Well at least Porsche’s are off the hot seat. Now I can go back to enjoying my 356 and early 911.

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  2. Hans

    Clean but too bad it’s a ‘76. Means it’s subject to Cali smog testing every other year if you buy it and live here…

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    • Steve R

      It’s in Nebraska. There is no reason for someone in California to bid on this. This and the 1977 are the only two years of first generation Bronco that would require testing, there is too big of a buying pool to bother. It will likely stay in the Midwest or go farther east.

      Steve R

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      • Hans

        Maybe but these uncut Broncos are super popular in Cali.

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      • Paul

        I never liked them, drove many of them …..ride terrible, handle worse boxy and ugly to me I never got the craze.
        however I can appreciate the people that due, Everyone has there personal likes and dislikes.
        I think the is trend on these is about to turn so I would be selling them now if I owned one ….now a 78 and up bronco I like a lot more…much better vehicles as well as 69 through 88 blazers are nice as well.

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    • Scott

      Reason 4,386 NOT to live in Cesspool a fornia. The ONLY good thing about California is the climate that helps preserve these survivors.

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      • Greg

        Scott, please stay in whatever state you currently reside… we have plenty of people in California “Paradise” already.

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  3. Matt Toni

    I’m sick of all the vans. One contributor posts every one that pops up

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  4. Alex Jones

    It’s an amazing Bronco. I’m glad that have mine. Its not this old but its still a Bronco. I’m hoping can get my 1987 Bronco running soon. I don’t know what to do with it. I need the money but dont want to sell it just yet

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  5. Todd

    That grille guard definitely screams ranch vehicle. Unfortunately there aren’t any good photos of the critical spots to look for rust on this rig but from what I can see, it’s probably not too bad. I’m not crazy about the 3 speed manuals, particularly in the later year EBs, but that’s easily rectified.

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  6. JBP

    Im sick and tired of all these after 1970 cars. Yogo alike cars, that nobody wana be seen in.
    There is soon so many use, and throu away cars, inhere there never have seen a barn.
    Just Imo

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  7. local_sheriff

    I’m not sick of all the Broncos – I’m sick of all the fuzz about them as everyone expect any example to bring top $ regardless of condition.

    It’s sad when people buy vehicles as a form of investment. IMHO sole reason for obtaining a vintage vehicle should be one has an affectionate relationship to it – not to make money.

    This one seems like a usable starting point. I love the looks and ruggedness of the 1st gen Broncos, however personally I don’t see it worth 15k, but I understand market behaves differently than me

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    • Chebby Staff

      “IMHO sole reason for obtaining a vintage vehicle should be one has an affectionate relationship to it – not to make money.”


      One of the things I hate on BaT is when people comment that a formerly unpopular car is “finally getting its due” because now it sells for huge amounts of money. What kind of measure of ownership enjoyment is that?

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  8. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    I’ve always loved this generation Ford Bronco. Probably more so than the 1978-80 model years.

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  9. TimM

    I have two of these I’m sure I said this last time one was on here but I’d have twenty of them if I could!! One of the best designs ford ever did for a truck!!!

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  10. half cab

    Old Broncos sorta have went the same way as motorcross/supercross has went to me any way. Use to be kinda underground somewhat. MX-SX was once cool but last ten yrs have been crap to me. I own a ’76 Bronco. Have had it for nearly 40yrs. But the people that jumped on the fad of snowfakes owning one has cause me to not look at them or 60s hot rods the same way I use to.

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  11. Mark

    Here is my 66. Been extensively modified, but a real blast to play with. Sure makes a guy curious what someone would pay for it

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