Rare 1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside Short Box!

“Apache” was Chevrolet’s name for its light-duty trucks starting in 1958. This truck is a 1959 and what makes it special is the short bed. Most of you are probably familiar with the step-side beds of the earlier Chevy Pickups which had been around for years. The fleetside bed was introduced to the mainstream market in 1958 and was mainly seen before that on the tri-five Cameo pickups. This truck can be found for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $7,500. Located in Carlisle, Iowa, this truck looks like a great candidate for restoration or patina ride.

Here’s a good look at the Fleetside bed. This design offered more cargo capacity and made a cleaner look for the body lines. The scallops on the side leading back to the round tail lights are a great design. It also allows for an accent color and breaks up the large side panel. What bed style do you prefer on a classic truck?  Step side or fleetside?

The ad states the engine is a V8 but clearly, the photo indicates this is more of the straight-six variety. Supposedly the engine was rebuilt but hasn’t been started in twenty years. The clutch supposedly engages, so that’s a good sign. Hopefully, the V8 information was just an oversight and the rest of the information in the ad is accurate.

The interior looks standard with the always popular saddle blanket seat cover. It looks like the dash has a shade of blue or grey that doesn’t appear to match the external color. Maybe the exterior has been repainted at some point? The ad does state that there are a few rust issues, mainly in the cab corners.

Even though the ad states there are some rust issues, the underside doesn’t look any worse than most other sixty-year-old projects. The nice thing is the truck comes with extra fenders, hood, grill insert, and core support. What do you think about this project? It is certainly unique and looks like a great starter project for someone.

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  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    Well, I don’t like to be nit-picky but it’s a ’58. At least if the front fender trim/badges has anything to do with it. The ’59 had a long, uninterrupted spear that ran down along the side of the fender. If you check out the pictures in ‘Related Finds,’ the blue and the red trucks are both ’59 models. Anyways, all that aside, this would be a great truck to restore and drive. It’s got rust issues and they would have to be repaired but I don’t think it would be an insurmountable task for anyone reasonably skilled with a welding torch. I’d keep the six and the three speed and just have some fun when the job was done…

    • Howard A Member

      Good catch, my friend. The ’59 had a different hood badge too. With my 1987 mindset, I still would have a hard time paying $5g’s and ANOTHER $5g’s to make it right, even stock, for something we paid $250 like this, maybe $400 if it ran. They just aren’t $10,000 dollar vehicles.

      • CCFisher

        Welcome to 2019, where Hagerty lists a 6-cylinder 1958 Apache at $10,100 in “fair” condition and $18,900 in “good” condition, and it goes up from there. You may not be willing to pay $10,000 for trucks like this (neither am I), but someone out there clearly is.

      • azd

        About 5 years ago I bought this truck’s older cousin, a ’55 in the same colors, small window, V8, but stepside of course. I paid $2000, which seemed fair for the market around here. It was recently registered and I actually drove it home, so that was a decent sign.

        Well, the more I got into it, the more I could see it needed everything replaced. There was more rust than could see at first, and literally every moving part was worn out. I knew it was no creampuff, but wow was it rough!

        I kept the factory rims and put on some others I had around, and sold it for $2200, full disclosure that it was rode hard and I didn’t want to deal with it. New owner had wide eyes and dreams of an LS swap. Wonder what ever became of it? I still have the factory rims for a future project.

        Anyhow, this one looks very similar in all the same places… I’d be wary, and certainly wouldn’t pay $7500. At least the seller has decent pics. Gotta give him credit for that.

  2. Ken Member

    A lot of rust underneath. Oh, sorry. I meant patina. I keep forgetting we’re not supposed to say rust around here.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Sorry but if it’s rusty I call it rusty.

      • Mountainwoodie

        Yep. A lot more rust is there than the seller wishes to acknowledge.

        Appears to be another case of “Hey Fred, wanna get rid of that ole truck sitting out back of yer hog pen?” “Sure thing. Gimme a thousand and I’ll let it go”

        On the trailer it goes , pix taken. uploaded to Ebay and wait………………..

        Cant blame the seller for getting the year wrong or hitting an 8 when he meant a 6 cyl, that is……………….

        Be a lot easier to buy a better one.

  3. Had Two

    Thankfully it looks original under the hood. The dash colors were silver on the bottom with black top, standard. This does not have the deluxe trim pkg. that included chrome knobs, but that’s minor as the dash doesn’t seem to be hacked up modified either. Both good signs. The interior door colors are white? Possibly the doors were replaced at one time with ones from a wrecking yard, and they’d been repainted. Not uncommon to replace doors in the day. I prefer the step-side beds, but it’s a matter of taste. Overall, this is a very nice place to start on a resurrecting a good old truck, that’ll run for decades more, if allowed.
    I hope it goes to a good home.

  4. Leman

    I know of one 1959 chevy apache that is in the 2019 Sacramento Autorama that only cost $12k showroom condition. This vehicle is nowhere worth what they are asking sorry.

  5. The Tower

    ’58 short bed Fleetsides are hardly rare. Here’s ours.

    • Had Two

      Nice truck! And, picking up the X-mas tree with the kids. Classic!
      Is that a sturdy Bardin Bumper affixed to the rear? Don’t have to worry much about getting “boxed in” a parallel parking spot with that helpful rear bumper accessory.
      Thanks for sharing the pic!

      • The Tower

        Yup…correct on the bummer…it’s quite a beast. Came with the truck when we bought it. Might look to go to a stockish chrome bumper, as my wife (whose truck this is!) isn’t really a fan of the peach colored bumpers and grill.

      • Had Two

        To The Tower:
        May I humbly suggest you put a chrome bumper on the front.
        Sand, mask, and paint that pink rear bumper Chev. “Pewter Metallic”.
        Made by Dupli-Color and called Perfect match, duplicates original GM colors. Should be available at your auto parts store in a spray can. The Bardin rear bumpers look great properly dressed out, and fit the Task Force series trucks so well.

      • The Tower

        Had Two,

        I hear ya. I would very much prefer the original factory pewter, but my wife wants chrome at both ends. And since it’s her truck, I just do what I’m told. The only say I’ve had on this truck is in the picture above!

  6. Kenneth Carney

    Used to see these everywhere around my
    hometown (Bloomington, Illinois) that
    was farm country back then, and the farmers knew a good truck when they saw one. Chevy was second only to IH
    in truck sales in our neck of the woods,
    with Ford and Dodge bringing up the
    rear. There was a fellow named Clifford
    Piper that drove one to church almost
    every Sunday. His was a’58 like this
    one. It was a very dark blue with a
    white grille, bumpers, and hubcaps.
    His was a 235 4-speed with HD springs
    out back. I remember changing a
    thermostat for Mrs P. one Saturday
    morning when she came by to help
    clean the church. When Mr. P. found
    out about it, he gave me $5 after the
    service! Couldn’t have done it without
    the spare one I had in my toolbox
    though. Monday after school, I rode
    my bike to the parts store, bought a
    Mountain Dew and a replacement
    part for my toolbox. Ah the good
    old days!

  7. Dennis Rodrigues

    My Apache is a 1 ton 1958 dually long bed. The truck was a California Fish & Game truck when it was still working. Someone prior to the lady bought it from put a 327 in it. Her late husband had plans to use it as a tow vehicle for his other projects. When I retired 2 years ago in Calif. I bought a farm in Missouri & now my Apache is enjoying the quiet life here on the farm.

  8. Dave

    Pardon my ignorance but were there long and short bed versions of the fleet sides in these trucks? 3100 vs 3200? Are those still 1/2 tons? All the fleetsides look the same… thanks amigos!!! sorry google was inconclusive…

    • The Tower

      Yes, there were long and short bed Fleetsides. And yes, 3200 is a long bed half-ton.

      • Dave

        Thank you!

      • Dennis Rodrigues

        I saw your reply to Dave that a 3200 long bed Apache is a half-ton. I’m now wondering if my 3200 long bed (108.25″) dually is a 1 ton or not. 8 lug pattern, step side. As far as I know, the only thing not stock on truck is the 327 engine.

      • Dave

        Dennis, sorry I’m not sure about that. I always get confused on these… the difference of the 3100 vs 3200, I used to think it was a 1/2 ton vs 3/4 ton but I’m way off! Hopefully some of the experts will chime in. Good luck!

      • azd

        3100 = 1/2 ton short
        3200 = 1/2 ton long
        3600 = 3/4 ton
        3800 = 1 ton

        But remember, fenders (or badges) and axles interchange, sometimes confusing things later on.

  9. ben dobreuenaski

    My brother had one, rode a bit rough with the original suspension. You could run over a dime and tell the date.

  10. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    Manitoba Interlake region farmers back in the 1960s favoured Internationals and FARGO. Ford and Chevy not so much

  11. Tricky

    They are a nice truck, not sure about rare though. But for sure as others have said its a ’58. I want Henry Standing Bear’s truck though!!!!


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