Rare 1967 AMC Rogue Convertible With V8/4-Speed!

American Motors had quite the line-up in 1967. While they are always remembered for the later Javelin and AMX, 1967’s line-up included the Ambassador and its derived Marlin, now for ’67 based on the Ambassador platform, the Rebel and the Rambler American. Within the American model-segment were the Rogue two-door hardtop and convertible and it turns out that the convertible is a bit of a rarity. So for review, here is just such an example, it is located in Lakeville, Minnesota and available, here on eBay for a current bid of $4,150. Thanks to Russ D. for this tip!

The Rambler Rogue, or just the Rogue, was introduced in 1966 and continued as part of the Rambler model offering through 1969. The marketing intent of the Rogue to fulfill the role of a “sporty”, compact Rambler and therefore it was only offered in two-door mode, hardtop or convertible. As the seller claims, there were only 921 Rogue convertibles assembled in 1967 and that was it, the convertible version was discontinued for 1968.

The seller states that this Rogue has been sitting in storage for sixteen years and while not driven, it has been started. Unfortunately, the exterior mages are not very complete so we need to make do with what was provided. The finish appears to be white but it is actually a shade known as “Hialeah Yellow”. The car is covered in just enough garage grim that the condition of the finish is not obvious – it looks rough in places, as in a poor repaint, but then again, that may be caused by the lighting and the dirt. From what can be seen, rust is a problem; how extensive is unknown though the seller claims that it is “mostly in the rear quarters” and the trunk floor too. The body panels appear to be straight, and not misaligned, with the trim pieces intact. There is only one partial image of the convertible top and it’s difficult to discern its condition. Nice to find are the Magnum 500 style wheels.

Besides the rareness of this Rogue, its attraction factor is further enhanced by its 225 gross HP, 290 CI, V8 engine, connected to a four-speed manual transmission. The seller states, “When it was parked there were no issues with the car. It ran well, drove nice and the top worked”. He further adds that it started right up last Fall, but it has not been tried since then. One problem is the front brakes, apparently, the drums are fused to the brake shoes so the wheels will not turn but the car is on dollies so it can be moved around. The mechanical difficulty is probably minor, he suggests leaking wheel cylinders, but it may take some convincing to free the brakes. This Rogue is rather stripped as it has no power steering, no power brakes and no A/C.

There is no mention of the interior in the listing write-up but the images show it to be in fair condition. It looks like some black vinyl upholstery repair is in order, but that’s about it. An interesting twist on the bucket seat interior is the inclusion of a fold-down center armrest, between the seats, but there is no center console present. And yes, the original radio is still in place!

This is a nice looking car, a well-done styling job for a marque that was known for some “memorable” designs. But then again, that was mostly the case with the Big Three and a half in the late sixties, similar styling themes abounded. There are three bids tendered for this Rogue and six days to go with the auction. The mileage, though not claimed, is listed as 65K miles, so considering that item, the rarity of the convertible body style and, of course, the V8/four-speed combination makes this car one to watch; it may end up being quite the buy, would you agree?

P.S. Note what appears to be an AMX in the upper right portion of the first photo.

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  1. On and On On and On Member

    I’m thinking about taking a look at this car. I’ll be driving up that way on Thursday, back to my cabin in Hayward. Rust will be the enemy to research. As always, ‘Have Magnet, Will Travel’ ……………..any input from folks familiar with this model would be appreciated. Items or areas to look closely at?

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    • That AMC Guy

      Check the trunnions in the upper front suspension. Replacement parts are expensive and few people know how to work on them. A quick check is the front springs should be straight. If they’re bowed the trunnions are worn.

      Another front-end issue would be the strut rod bushings. I don’t think anyone has reproduced the pre-1970 rubber bushings, NOS are too old to last, and poly bushings are so stiff they’ll kill your kidneys and may bind up the suspension. A workaround I’ve seen is to use a rubber/poly combo with rubber in the rear position, poly in the front. This link shows it for pre-1965 models but should work for later trunnion-based models as well:


      The rest of the engineering is pretty much bog-standard Detroit practice. I think I even see an electric wiper motor under the hood.

      Aside from that it looks like this car has some rust issues, and as you say, rust is the enemy. To state the bleeding obvious there is always more than what you see on the surface. Especially on a convertible make sure there is no significant chassis rust – note there are no underside photos in the ad.

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      • Skorzeny

        AMC Guy, thank you for that information. It’s details like those that help us determine if a project is worthwhile, or something we’d rather leave alone. 👍

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  2. Dual Jetfire

    So rare it’s Grail level for an AMC! PS, PB were semi bolt on, so they can always be added.

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  3. Snotty Member

    Are those colorado plates?

  4. William Shields

    Minnesota I believe.

    • Skorzeny


  5. Mark Fletcher

    They only made less than 40 of the 1967 V8 Rogue convertibles with the 290 and 4 speed. I have owned two of the 8 that are currently known to exist. About 20% of the Rogue convertibles were 8 cylinders and 80% of those were automatics. ( I keep the Rogue registry). This car has the rarest 225HP 4bbl version of which only two others are known at this time. If I didn’t already have a garage full of rare AMC’s I would be the high bidder on this car.

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  6. ken tilly UK

    Mark has to be a very brave man to have taken on a project as big as this. Great job Mark. Looks magnificent. I used to see one in the same colour scheme as this, running around Durban, South Africa. Don’t suppose it was a V8, most likely a six. My friend had a Sport About, I think it was called, and he tried to buy the convertible but couldn’t get enough trade in cash on the Sport.

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  7. bone

    Given the amount of rust you can see I would definitely check the underside. My mother had a 67 American 220 with only 70,000 miles in 30 years of ownership , but sitting in our concrete floor garage took its toll ; even though the body was rust free , the floors and reinforcements were toast.

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  8. Tony

    how do i make an offer or buy a car i like????? second request

  9. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    The car is on ebay, you’d bid there. As for strut bushings, I’m pretty sure I bought mine from Kennedy American a couple years ago as the ones on my Hurst Rambler were dry rotted. Wasn’t very hard to do. Check underside for sure, some cars had no protection, others had full and many had undercoating in wheel wells only. Based on the bubbling in quarters I’d be curious what underside is like. If it was good when parked, it must have been damp storage. Car is worth saving anyways, it certainly has my attention. There was a black over red convertible at local show 2 months ago, 290/auto, nice to see.

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