Rare 1977 Disney World Trolley For Sale

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If you have a few spare dollars burning a hole in your pocket and are searching for a quirky classic, you may have come to the right place. Genuine Disney memorabilia tends to command some reasonable prices, and this 1977 Disney World Trolley could be an excellent investment. It runs and drives, and its condition is excellent for its age. They don’t come onto the market that often, so it is the chance for someone to own an unusual vehicle that is guaranteed to turn heads. Located in Round Lake, Illinois, you will find the Trolley listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has currently reached $3,650 in what is a No Reserve auction.

While the Disney Corporation may have built many of their own props and other equipment, they chose to employ an external contractor to produce their Guest Trolleys. The successful firm was the Noland Car Company, located in Edgewater, Florida. This company specialized in the production of golf carts, but the work for Disney World was by far their largest contract. They were exclusive suppliers of Guest Trolleys, and the design varied according to which resort each one was destined for. It isn’t clear where this one was used, but Noland’s produced it in 1977. Its condition appears to be excellent, with no evidence of any significant deterioration in the paint. The woodwork is crisp and clean, and the silhouette of Mickey’s head cut into the timber is a wonderful detail touch. The vehicle features a center-mounted headlamp and a pair of tail lights, so it is conceivable that the buyer might be able to obtain some form of a permit to use it on public roads for parades and other occasions.

The Trolley was designed for transporting guests and their luggage to various accommodation facilities around Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was not intended for long-haul journeys, and a look at the seat and appointments confirms this. The seats are upholstered in white vinyl, while their backs feature no padding or upholstery. There are no luxury features and no gauges, so any journey that was more than a few miles in length could become pretty uncomfortable. Having said that, the condition of the upholstery is excellent, with no signs of splits or tears. The floors look particularly clean, with a non-slip coating for added safety. At the back of the Trolley is an open bed area for storing guest luggage. This area presents as nicely as the rest of the vehicle, with no evidence of wear-and-tear. Not only would any longer journey be uncomfortable, but it would be slow. Hiding below that fancy exterior is a drivetrain that was derived from a golf buggy. That means electrical propulsion and a collection of heavy batteries. It appears that all of this equipment is original, and while the batteries are said to be older, they still hold a charge okay. A charger is included with the vehicle so that the buyer could use this little beauty immediately.

I’ve been struggling to find a practical use for this retired Disney World Trolley, but it has been a battle. It might be suitable for guest or resident transport in another resort or retirement complex, and it would also grab plenty of attention in any parade. They don’t often come onto the market, and the last one that I have been able to locate sold for $21,000 back in 2014. This gels with the figure that the owner quotes and is potentially what he might be expecting for this one. However, this is a No Reserve listing, so the owner delves into the unknown on this. Fifty-one people are watching the listing, and if two or more of them feel that this is a “must-have,” that could see the bidding skyrocket rapidly. Baring in mind the figure from the last sale, this could be an auction worth watching. If the bidding stays flat, someone could find themselves owning a quirky classic for an affordable price.

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  1. Ike Onick

    So it is a small world afterall.

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  2. Jim

    Only if they throw in a pair of mouse ears.

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  3. Joe

    What, no bullet proof glass in between the driver and guest compartment?

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    Nice a listing from Volo auto museum. Sure they need a bump. The ebay listing says “I seen one like it for $21,000” Which seems pretty hopeful for a six passenger electric golf cart. I would be surprised if the no reserve sale isn’t ended early just saying.

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  5. Steveo

    Disney stuff goes for crazy money. Too bad. Slam it and LS swap….

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  6. Steve Clinton

    ‘Hello, Disney World? We found your trolley. Please contact Orlando PD.’

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  7. Erik

    For the collector with a big enough garage and that has everything else already. Or good for those with enough generally flat acreage as this would be perfect for the wealthy person to have as an “estate vehicle” for taking guests around the property between guest homes and features of the acreage such as the fishing pond, docks, etc. Or could be nice for a small resort or wedding venue to use for shuttling guests around.

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  8. Terry B

    I would look GOOFY driving this around.

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  9. Howie Mueler

    Very cool, $10,100 now. Great if you have any use for it, it looks big, but i think it is pretty small.

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  10. Howie Mueler

    Go to the Ebay listing and check out the sellers other listings, some great weird and wild items!! And movie prop cars too.

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    • PRA4SNW

      You’re not kidding – wow!
      Something for everyone – just the place to get a nice classic car if you have 100K burning a hole in your pocket.

      If this is the stuff they are selling, I can only imagine what’s in the museum.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        I was at the museum years ago Dennis, cool place, big antique mall also, it kept the girlfriend busy while I checked out the vehicles. At the time they had the General Lee perched on a tall pole! Take care!

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  11. Ike Onick

    Anybody know the joke about Mickey and Minnie’s divorce?

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    • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

      Nope, I do know the one about Minnie & Goofy, R- rated though.

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      • Chris

        Don’t leave us hanging dude. Let’s hear it. I could sure use a good laugh.

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      • Ike Onick

        @dude- We are on the same track here as the divorce did involve Goofy and the judge’s misunderstanding of Minnie’s mental state.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Thats it Ike!

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  12. chrlsful

    C’mon, tear it open & show us how it motivates.
    This is as bad as the 100 pic on the other channel w/one under hood pic from 15 ft, no suspension/undercarriage shots. We’re (“I’m”) a gear head’n wanna C da “gears”. So what is EV…

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