Rare 1987 Ford Mustang ASC/McLaren Convertible

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With a total of just 1,806 cars customized between 1987-1990 (according to ascmclaren.com), no one would argue the rarity of the ASC/McLaren Mustang in regard to production numbers.  In 1987, only 479 of these Mustangs were produced and 63 of that number were offered in the white and blue color combination.  Available for sale here on eBay, this Mustang is one of those 63.  Such limited production numbers are initially intriguing but in reality, perhaps the most attractive aspect of this car is its extraordinarily low mileage which stands at 7,800, according to its seller.  Located in Parsippany, New Jersey bidding has reached $9,599 for this Fox-body custom convertible with plenty of time still left in the auction but the reserve price not met.

For a car produced in relatively low numbers, a quick internet search reveals there are a surprising amount of ASC/McLaren Mustangs currently available for sale.  The going rate is typically between $8,500 and $12,000 for one of these cars which, from an investment standpoint, isn’t the greatest ROI for the person that paid over $20,000 for a new one thirty years ago and has held onto it. But for someone looking to get in on a rare collector, the seller’s claim that this car offers “exceptional value considering condition/price” is spot on.  With less than 8K miles this Mustang is still in like-new condition with “perfect factory paint” and even wears its original tires.  The blue ASC (American Sunroof Company) cloth top shows no imperfections whatsoever.  Check out the unique three-panel rear window, a design resulting from the modifications that were made to the windshield which was “pulled back” when the car was customized.

The blue with grey accent colored interior looks brand new and, consistent with the car’s ultra-low mileage, the thickly padded, custom embroidered leather seats appear to have seen very little tuchas time.  Part of the customization process at ASC/McLaren included removal of the rear bench, uniquely making these Mustangs bonafide two-seat sports cars.  This one comes “fully loaded,” according to its seller.  The list of features includes air conditioning, power windows & doors, and a factory AM/FM cassette player with everything operating as it should.

The seller describes the engine compartment as “mint,” a claim that appears to be backed 100% by the photo provided in the ad.  The 5.0 liter V-8 Mustang GT motor remained stock with the ASC/McLaren – no modifications were made whatsoever and this one comes outfitted with the optional 4-speed automatic transmission.  That will likely be perceived as a detriment to many Mustang aficionados and other would-be ASC/McLaren collectors.  How much does that detract from the overall value of the car?  We’ll find out when the auction dust settles.  Of note, the seller mentions a new exhaust was recently installed and I’m curious as to what necessitated the repair.  Was the original exhaust rusted due to damp storage conditions?  That would be odd considering the original tires don’t appear to have suffered from poor storage.  It’s reported these Mustangs are prone to rust associated with the bodywork that was done to the rear quarter/trunk area.  As with any car that’s lived in the Northeast U.S., getting this one up in the air for a check underneath would be wise before bidding, don’t you think?

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  1. JP

    And….it didn’t sell

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  2. Butch Summers

    the dealership I worked at had three of these – they all were yellow. didn’t sell for a long time.

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    • Danger Dan

      Have owned one
      It got mistaken for a leBaron

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    I can’t get into these. I think they ruined an already sharp Mustang GT to make it. I knew a guy who had a mid eighties Capri with this Maclaren conversion. Same colors with recaro seats. That was a sharp car. I don’t care for this one, but the miliage is enticing.

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  4. grant

    Never understood the point of the asc cars when there was already a Mustang convertible. The modifications aren’t such that most people will notice them.

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    • Capriest

      I agree, Grant. As a foxbody guy I could never get into these. It just seemed pointless to me being that the factory had been making verts since 83. All they did was make it uglier and less useful by removing the rear seats. Why pay extra for that? On the other hand the 86 ASC Mclaren Capri non convertible is a dream car of mine. 5 speed only of course. They feel like completely different cars with the stick. WAY more fun. I’ve seen the capri convertibles for really cheap, but they just don’t do it for me either. They would be worth more if ASC never got their hands on them really as 85-86 capris don’t grow on trees.

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      • David Ulrey

        Whole heartedly agree with what you said.

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  5. Tiberius1701

    If you think the factory Mustang drop top was wiggly…

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    • Capriest

      My old 81 mustang ghia with the carriage roof option solved that issue. Looks of a convertible with the rigidity of the notchback! Between it, my brothers 86 gt vert, and my 83 capri rs hatch it was the least flexy of the bunch, and the others have subframe connectors. I can’t decide which factory modification ruined the car more between this ASC vert or my 81 pseudo vert. Both pretty darn ugly!

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  6. Bob McK

    This would be of interest if it had a manual transmission. I know some people need an automatic, but this is a sports car. For me it MUST be manual.

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    • Carleton Jefferies

      That’s the only reason I invested in mine. I have a blue and tan manual which is 1 of 6

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