Rare 1LE Package: 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 With 191 Genuine Miles!

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UPDATE 09/10/2023: We’ve seen a few classic cars reappear on our desks at Barn Finds following an unsuccessful first sales attempt. This 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is a perfect example of the trend. It failed to sell previously despite the bidding climbing to $47,400. The seller is making another attempt, and the details for this classic remain the same. It is listed here on eBay, and the bidding remains below the reserve at $33,100. Let’s cross our fingers and hope they have better luck this time.

03/24/2023: Chevrolet introduced the 1LE options combination in 1989, designed to provide Third Generation Camaro buyers with improved performance. It remained available throughout the Third Generation’s production cycle, although only a few people drove off the lot in such vehicles. This 1991 Camaro Z28 features the 1LE combination, but that isn’t its greatest claim to fame. If you think it presents superbly for its age, that could be because its odometer reads 191 genuine miles. It needs a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.

It is sometimes said that timing is everything, which could be the case with this Z28. In the past few days, Chevrolet announced that all Camaro production will end in January 2024. There are no plans for a successor as a genuine pony car, although the company hasn’t ruled out the badge gracing a future electric vehicle. I may be alone in my thinking, but if that is the plan, I would rather see the Camaro name permanently retired. We’ve seen other manufacturers follow a similar path, and I’ve always felt this sullies the heritage of a genuine icon. This 1991 model presents superbly in its original shade of Bright Red. Its presentation is flawless, with no glaring issues with its paint, panels, or plastic. The 16″ aluminum wheels with the color-coded inserts are perfect, with the same true of the glass. The car’s history is unclear, but its condition and odometer reading suggests it has spent its life in a climate-controlled environment. It could be an excellent candidate if a dealership is searching for an eye-catching display vehicle to park in their showroom to lure potential buyers. Describing this classic as being in as-new condition would not stretch credibility.

This Camaro features the LB9 version of the company’s 305ci TPI V8. It sends 230hp to the optional G92 rear end via a five-speed manual transmission. Performance is all you might expect, with this car capable of blasting through the ¼ mile in 14.9 seconds on its way to a top speed of 151mph. I previously mentioned the 1LE Performance Package, although this wasn’t a standalone option. The buyer’s decision to specify the G92 rear end triggered the package, automatically bringing an aluminum driveshaft and upgraded suspension and brake components to the table. Due to its obscurity, few Camaros emerged from the factory so equipped. From a production total of 100,838 Camaros across all derivatives in 1991, this Z28 is 1-of-478 that were 1LE-equipped. That is only part of the story because its odometer reading is extraordinarily low at 191 genuine miles. Although it doesn’t see active service, it is regularly and appropriately maintained. It runs and drives perfectly, and the winning bidder receives a collection of documentation that includes the original Build Sheet and Window Sticker.

This Camaro’s interior possesses the “wow” factor, and its condition is all you might expect from a vehicle with a low three-digit odometer reading. There is no evidence of wear or abuse, with the passenger seat and driver’s door trim retaining their factory-protective plastic. There are no aftermarket additions or changes that could adversely impact its potential value. It presents as nicely as it would have the day the original owner took delivery and ticks the boxes for those craving creature comforts. As well as the additional security of a driver’s airbag, the new owner receives leather upholstery, power windows, power locks, a rear defogger, a leather-wrapped tilt wheel, and a premium AM/FM radio and cassette player.

We’ve seen some fantastic survivors recently at Barn Finds, and this 1991 Camaro Z28 is no exception. It features a host of desirable options, with the odometer reading placing it in elite company. As usual, it poses the question of what the future has in store for this gem. My heart says it deserves to be driven and enjoyed, but my head says it is unlikely. I strongly believe in preservation, but knowing where to draw the line is tricky. The bidding sits at the top end of the market for a low-mile Z28 of this vintage, posing the question of where it could head before the hammer falls. I spotted a ’91 Z28 with a comparable odometer reading that sold last year for around $43,000, although that car featured the 5.7-liter motor. Values for the 1991 model continue climbing well above the market average, but I believe this car must be sneaking close to the reserve. One final factor to consider is the announcement in the past few days that Camaro production will end in January 2024, with no replacement planned. That will undoubtedly have a knock-on effect that will push prices higher, but how significant the impact will be is pure speculation. What do you think the winning bidder will pay for this stunning survivor?

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  1. Troy UrichMember

    The 1LE option also deleted the air conditioning.

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    • jwzg

      Actually, ordering the G92 performance axle ratio without A/C automatically triggered the 1LE package which included the baffled fuel tank, special shocks, brakes, etc. Kind of weird because you actually had to know what you were ordering (or better yet, not ordering) to get it.

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      1LE did not delete A/C, you actually you ordered the G92 performance axle ratio, then you did NOT order the optional A/C, that in turn got you the 1LE package

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  2. Big C

    191 miles? The owner probably stowed this one away in the garage, after he got whipped by a Mustang on the street.

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    • Stan

      I ran neck and neck w my 89LX bone stock, save for air silencer removed. These could move out.

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      • MTBorst

        My 87 GTA was faster. 5.7 auto.
        The big advantage with the stick was highway mileage would be pushing 27 mpg. Not a fast car by that years standards.
        And I question the 191 miles ! Look at the seat ! Drivers seat should look brand new, it is starting to break down, sag and color change or dirty !

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    • Jason

      My 86 Z28 with a 305 tuned-port use to dust the doors off the Mustang 5.0s. I called it my Mustang killer. I would race them all the time with 4 people in my Z and just the driver in the 5.0 and still smoke their butt. I really enjoyed driving that car.

      Like 6
      • Al_Bundy Al_BundyMember

        No you didn’t LMAO !!! Maybe you could have beat a 1977 Mustang with a 2 bbl 302 ?

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      • Keith

        4 people-one driver & 3 pushing?

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  3. Smokey Smokerson

    Is this really a bad asking price? One of my sons is totally into mid 1990s Supras. His 1994 NA RH drive manual cost him $43k last year. Worth about $55k today. 200hp, manual, rear wheel drive… Did I mention over 100k miles? Get the turbo flavor in a RH drive and manual tranny and the price balloons over $100k. $50k for this doesn’t seem crazy. No one likes that price, but it ain’t nuts. Get a C4 Vette if you want cheap performance.

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  4. Athena

    My absolute favorite Camaro! What a beauty!

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  5. Pasquale Bellomo

    This is truly a beautiful Camaro from an era that mostly got nit picked for everything little thing that went wrong and because the engines where undersized! But IMHO these Camaro’s where some of the best looking of the seven generations of Camaro, granted the 60s models are legendary in terms of looks and performance, the early 70s where nice cars but by the end of the 70s the Camaro was really weird looking and shamefully underpowered what the top of the line V8 in the late 70s had a whopping 170HP like the Corvette! You have to remember that in the 80s and early 90s 230HP was actually not all that bad for a 305 V8 I don’t think the 350 made much more to be honest, the 5.0 mustang STOCK was around the same HP, and I don’t think dodge had a muscle car back then. But anyhow this is a fine looking time capsule from an era that’s slowly fading away… Just enjoy it for what it is… It’s better looking then a 2023 Camaro!

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    • MTBorst

      I’m going to repeat myself. Look at the drivers seat ! 191 miles doesn’t show that much dirt, wear or breakdown ! Let’s try again.

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      • Ron

        If you are talking about the sides of the seat and the seat belt being dirty you are seeing a difference in color due to the red reflecting off of the door sill and jamb, no breakdown as all the seats have the same pattern as to how they were stitched along with probable foam deterioration in all seats, even the headrest pattern matches the front passengers seat.

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  6. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Beautiful 1LE that should probably remain in its state of suspended animation, an amazing piece after all these years….wow.


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    • Mustang Sally

      I’m a Ford fan…….but this is a beautiful car. Love it. Best looking Camaro in the world. The red helps set it off. Look how much cars are new today, something to think about. Could make me a Chevy owner…….huh?

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      • PRA4SNW

        I’m partial to the next generation. Here’s my ’99 that I sold much too early.

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

        A beautiful car for sure, but with the low miles will the new owner actually drive it? My ’97 z28 convertible has a few more hp and is a fantastic performer. I was lucky to find it though as a dyed-in-the-wool FordGuy, I had to swallow hard to buy it. No regrets, it’s a keeper.

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  7. PRA4SNW

    The seller owns 5 1LE’s and is selling 2 of them. Here is another one up for grabs – a ’92 with 2K miles.
    If you’ve got the $$ and the storage, why not collect the best examples of what you love?

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    • ClassicP

      Lose the red in the wheels otherwise sharp car. Smooth car for the years of 170-200 hp

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  8. Tracy

    I got leather seats but I just couldn’t afford the A/C! Who the hell optioned this car!

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    • Nitromusky

      Uhhh… Someone who knew exscrly what they were doing. That rear axle option and AC delete is what triggers the 1LE package

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  9. Melton Mooney

    The apex of third gen development right here thanks to the manual trans. The 89TTA guys would not agree, however.

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  10. Domenic DAlessandro

    Beautiful car, but you can’t drive without diminishing it’s value. What a waste of a beautiful car.

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    • Lost Boys Years of Fun Aged Out

      Agree. Yes one stored it .. but also wasted fun behind the wheel. The old saying “one can’t take it with you” fits here unless your buried in it. 😉


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  11. Troy

    Going off the pictures and the sellers comments its a nice car but I think the market is speaking last auction over $47k and still didn’t hit the sellers reserve. Current bidding is already $20k over what I think it’s worth but I’m not a Chevy fan either I had a 86 IROC long enough to know I’m not getting another one. This thing spent its life being a garage queen I hope whoever winds up with it doesn’t encounter the leaking seals and blowing a head gasket from lack of use

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    • Bick Banter

      I had a 1991 Z28 with the G92 package. Only mine had air conditioning, so it wasn’t a 1LE. It did have crank windows though. The thought of this as a $50,000 car is utterly absurd to me, but I guess you have to look at it from a collector’s perspective.

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      • Stan

        Can’t have been many cars ever off the line w crank windows and AC
        Very cool 😎

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  12. Rustomodrob

    It’s a show piece now. Can’t take it out….value will plummet. Just keep it in an air conditioned garage and wipe it with a diaper…as Cameron said about his dad’s 61 Ferrari 250 GT California. LOL

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  13. fox owner

    Agree with some of the comments here. How do you buy something like this and just. not. drive it? I don’t get it. It’s not wine, it doesn’t get better with age.

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  14. Bick Banter

    Even if he gets $47,000, which might not happen given interest rates, it still wasn’t a very good investment. When you factor in the original purchase price adjustment for inflation coupled with insurance, maintenance, and storage costs over 32 years, you’ll quickly realize it’s better to drive your car and invest money in things like mutual funds, property, or CDs.

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  15. Tim

    Beautiful Camaro but I’d have to agree with MTBorst, the drivers seat seems to indicate more than 191 miles

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  16. Reid Hall

    Okay unfortunately someone has removed the the Dealer Prep,Plastic,from the Driver’s side front seat 💺, hmmmm, as,fall as being preserved that kinda hurts it just alittle bit.Mileage,has to be,correct because from about 90-UP,if a Dealer and or someone unplugged the speedometer,these types of car’s would nut turn on,meaning no engine power, as far as that’s problely the sun,shinning on the,side, of the seat but who maybe someone touched it there and got dirty anway,l think this is priced just alittle to high,l can see,2-10K,and even that’s kinda a stretch.

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  17. JoeNYWF64

    This car does not have power windows.
    I wonder if the serpentine belt has any cracks in it. & if the hoses are any good by now.
    Imagine how many young people today would buy any new vehicle with no a/c & no p/w – even if it was, say, < $15000. Not one.
    Or even buy such a used vehicle for half that price. Or even get into such a vehicle belonging to someone else to get a free ride.
    Unless they lived way up north where there are hardly any really hot days.

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Nah, there’s lots of young people who appreciate classics.

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  18. Brad chipman

    To high priced with the 305. If it had the 5.7 and a/c maybe low 40’s

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  19. C Force

    Should of took the $47k,it might sell if the owner was in the real world and set a realistic price…..he may have fell and bumped his head..

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  20. Frank Drackman

    Considered getting one of these as my first real new car, but couldn’t get over the “you can get the 350 but only with an automatic” held out for the 4th Gen (and didn’t require a mullet) Thought the ILE had manual locks/windows (ordered my 94 Z28 like an 1LE, manual locks/windows but did get AC and the power seat (and awesome AM/FM Cassette!)

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