Rare Air: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

The 1964 model year marked a new sales record for Chevrolet’s Corvette as 22,229 buyers elected to park one of these gems in their driveway. The original owner of our feature car not only equipped it with a potent drivetrain combination but ticked the box on the Order Form for air conditioning. That makes it a relatively rare beast that needs a new home. The Corvette is listed for sale here on Craigslist in Pemberville, Ohio. The owner has set their sale price at $80,000, and I must thank Barn Finder Pat L. for spotting this stunning classic for us.

Following the introduction of the C2 Corvette in 1963, changes for the following model year were largely evolutionary. The most notable was the deletion of the split rear window, which was one of the defining design characteristics of the ’63 Coupe. The feature met with a lukewarm reception, prompting Chevrolet to adopt a more conventional approach for the second production year. Our feature car presents superbly in Silver Blue, although it is unclear whether the paint is original or whether the vehicle has received some prior restoration work. Whichever proves the case, it is difficult to find faults in the panels or paint. The exterior holds a consistent and deep shine, with no evidence of patchiness or other issues. The paint cloaks fiberglass showing no signs of cracking, crazing, or other problems. The seller indicates that the car has never been wrecked, and the frame is spotless. The tinted glass looks crystal clear, while the chrome sparkles as impressively as the paint. The ‘Vette rolls on a set of aluminum knock-off wheels, but it isn’t clear whether they are genuine or reproductions. If they prove the real deal, they enhance this classic’s desirability. They added a not inconsiderable $322.80 to the Coupe’s sticker price, making it easy to understand why a mere 806 buyers elected to pay an 8% premium for this option.

When you consider that every version of the 1964 Corvette Coupe could produce a sub-16-second ¼-mile ET off the showroom floor, it is fair to say that there were no slow offerings in the range. The pick of the bunch was the L84 “Fuelie” version of the 327ci V8, but since this added a whopping $538.00 to the Corvette’s price, the fact that only 1,325 buyers were willing to splash that sort of cash is understandable. A more attractive option was the L76 version. It offered 365hp versus the Fuelie’s 375hp and cost a mere $107.80. When backed by a four-speed manual transmission, it could storm the ¼ mile in 14.1. That figure and the top speed of 144mph was line-ball with the Fuelie, making it difficult to justify the added expense for fuel injection. What buyers in 1964 didn’t know was that Chevrolet was preparing to add a big-block option to the range for the following year, and that effectively killed the fuel-injected small-block. Our feature ‘Vette retains its numbers-matching L76 and four-speed combination and is in excellent mechanical health. The seller indicates it has a genuine 60,000 miles showing on its odometer, but not whether they hold verifying evidence. Taken at face value, the claim looks plausible. They say everything works as it should, suggesting it is a turnkey classic requiring nothing but a new owner.

The seller supplies limited interior shots, so determining its overall condition is challenging. What we see of the Black upholstered surfaces looks good, with no signs of wear or abuse. The dash is excellent, and the wheel has no visible wear. The original owner selected a factory AM/FM radio when ordering this classic, but it was their choice of factory air conditioning that helps this car stand out in a crowd. As with the Fuelie option, A/C was not cheap. It added $421.80 to the price, which may explain why only 1,988 buyers, or 8.9%, ticked that box on the Order Form. Once again, everything works as it should, meaning this Corvette is ready for some relaxing classic cruising on a hot day with the A/C adding to the comfort levels.

This 1964 Corvette Coupe ticks many of the right boxes for potential buyers, and with values continuing to climb, it could represent a rock-solid long-term investment. It presents beautifully, and the drivetrain combination promises a pleasurable classic motoring experience. The original owner’s decision to opt for air conditioning increases its rarity and desirability. The asking price is hardly cheap, but it is justified in the current market. It has only been on the market a short time, and I won’t be surprised if they find a buyer fairly quickly. If you had the available funds, would you find yourself tempted?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Like the man said…”stunning”!

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  2. Bob

    My only question is why would you post a car like this on Craigslist? If you posted it on Hemming’s wouldn’t you find more serious buyers and fewer tire kicker? I really don’t know so I’m curious.

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    • Mark Ruggiero Member

      Or Bring a Trailer?

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    • Sunshine

      Nagging Spouse voice, “Honey, you said that old Vette worth $75,000, and you were selling it. Have you listed it for sale anywhere? Noooo! You better list it for sale before I get back from shopping.”
      Don’t want it to sell, or too cheap to pay a selling fee = list on Craigslist.
      Serious about selling = Bringatrailer, Hemmings, Barret-Jackson, R-M Auctions.

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  3. Tony Primo

    Craigslist was originally set up for in person, local sales. If you don’t want to deal with out of State and/or out of Province buyers, it is still your best choice. Also no seller premiums to pay to anyone.

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  4. Norm Braidwood

    Great write up Adam! Brings back some really great memories of the 70’S! My brother bought the same 64 in 1972 in Ontario from the original owner for $3500.00 CDN which was a lot of money back then. He then drove it back to BC (3000+ miles). His was the same drivetrain, 4 speed and 365HP 327, but no A/C. His had the original lake pipes instead and was Royal Blue.

    He loved that car until marrage and responsibilities took hold in 1977 and the Vette became a down payment for their first house!

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  5. Mike

    I see these 60’s Vettes everyday on the web, but the last time I actually saw one in person was 4 years ago. Does anybody drive them any more?

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    • FrankD Member

      If you follow the local car drive-ins and shows I see quite a few. If you’re in the local Corvette club you see even more. Actually they are like belly buttons everyone has one. You can’t say that about a Porsche or Ferrari.

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    • Scott H Member

      I just drove mine 460 miles down the coast last week. I agree, not enough are being driven.

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  6. Greg B Greg B Member

    Lot to like here, but more detailed pictures would have been nice.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      And destroy the originality and half the value in the process.

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  7. Greg B Greg B Member

    BaT (Bring a Trailer) would bring 80k and maybe a little more if it is what it claimed.

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  8. fran

    Has signs of SCAM

  9. DonS

    Google the phone number the seller posted in the Craigslist ad. The seller has\had a car for sale here on Barnfinds. Seems legit to me. Dang nice Vette!!!

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  10. Blueovaldude

    I agree with Tony. 10 years ago I sold my 66 Hertz Shelby for top dollar on craigslist with no problems whatsoever. I think a true collector will explore all resources.

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  11. John M. Stecz

    Not positive,but the factory bolt on rims were not an option in 64,not that takes anything away from this good looking ride

    • Joel S.

      Knock offs were absolutely available for 64, 63 was the issue with leaks. Bolt on Aluminum wheels are 67. This car is very nice and I miss my first Vette a 64 Daytona Blue (dark metallic) with 4 speed and 4.11 gears. Passed most everything but a gas pump. So much fun.

  12. Mark Ruggiero Member

    Yes no doubt. I feel like HMN or BAT vet what the sell to one degree or another. If you reach B-J level it better be real deal.

  13. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


    “The tinted glass looks crystal clear”.

    Either it’s tinted, or it’s crystal clear! Ya can’t have both. It’s likely that because the car has A/C, and GM includes tinted glass in the A/C package, the car will have tinted glass unless the person ordering the car specified no tinted glass.

    If it is indeed a factory A/C car with clear glass, it’s VERY rare. The most common situation concerning an air conditioned G/M car with clear glass, was if the car was built specifically for GM, to be used either for advertising photographs or the car was to be displayed at new car events like the Motorama, because GM felt the cars looked better under the show’s glaring lights, without the tint.

    As for this car, my favorite is the ’64 thru ’67 and It’s one of the few ‘vettes I would consider buying, as my 3 basic requirements for a car in my collection is a Higher HP engine, 4-speed, and air conditioning, due to living in a 95/95 region. [95f and 95% humidity!]

    But there are also 3 reasons I’m not buying this car: $80k, I’m in my 70s, and I doubt I could get in or out of it in less than 5 minutes!

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  14. Carmanic Carmanic Member

    As the owner of a ’64 Corvette with factory A/C, I am encouraged by the asking price, however mine also came with the base 250hp 327, Powerglide & no posi (also PS & PW), which ironically makes it rarer but less valuable.

    Not complaining though.

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  15. Fran

    If selling. Let me know

    • Carmanic Carmanic Member

      I appreciate the interest, but after all I’ve been through resurrecting this car over the last 25 years, I intend to enjoy this temperamental terror until the day I expire. She owes me.

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